BNHA Compatibility : La Brava and Gentle/Sidekick and her Villain pt.2

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La Brava and Gentle Criminal, the power duo villains that touched our hearts in the last episodes of season four in Boku no Hero Academia, yet despite knowing that they are with no discussion literal partners in crime they share an even more special bond than you think.

What is it that makes the power duo tied together like this and stand up for each other in the most crucial of times?

Why of all people La Brava and Gentle Criminal in the whole series of Boku no Hero Academia? Why should they be the most compatible team?

In the following blogpost, I will give you a slight inside on each of their personality traits, types and their relationship.

Because despite the proof that they surely are a perfect match due to the events of season four, we will use the magnifying glass on their MBTI match as well!

For those of you who never had anything to do with MBTI and what a little insight into that first while still being tied to the topic Boku No Hero Academia and personality-types, I recommend reading Nissa’s Bnha Shuffle Diplomat post that covers both INFPs and ENFJs short and clearly.

Now the second part of three, this time covering our favourite Sidekick: La Brava!

La Brava – The Mediator of love (INFP)

Art by @_natyjs on twitter

There is no better word to describe Manami Aiba also known by her Villain name “La Brava”, as the most loyal partner you can find.

Not only is she supportive and always there when Gentle ever needed her, in dire times as well as in the good times showing that she is not interested in gaining something from his “temporary” fame, but also her quirk is a perfect match for La Brava’s INFP personality.

As generally INFP have an idealistic way of thinking about things, expressing feelings and almost living in a dreamy world in their mind, it’s unique that La Brava has just a quirk that matches an expression of her feelings since INFPs are very much known to become altruistic for the person they love and go lengths to support them.

Yet unlike Gentle La Brava is someone who likes to stay on the sidelines if it isn’t for Gentle and doesn’t want to be seen in the spotlight, rather she is a much more reserved person and doesn’t prefer to be around people as we could see in her school days as well.

She has been an introvert since her school days.

INFPs also have a strong sense of morals and values, which we will see later on in the function analysis, but La Brava as well has her own values she wants to protect even when they are mainly connected to Gentle who is supposed to be her life-saver.

Another trait that is often seen in INFPs is that they usually do not think of the possibility of receiving love back or at least not in the amount they give as they deem themselves rather unworthy or low to receive it despite the fact they want it.

The example of La Brava just wanting to stay by Gentle’s side even if it meant a hard life goes without a saying, she doesn’t even expect anything back but the more Gentle shows little signs of returning the affection and support La Brava has given him she is still very emotional and surprised by that despite thinking of Gentle as someone very kind and noble.

But that was just a slight sneak peek of why La Brava shows signs of an INFP.

Not satisfied?

Don’t worry let’s look into her functions step by step and see what her inner world holds for us!

Dominant Fi:

We already saw that Gentle’s Dominant function was Fe in La Brava’s case she has the introverted Feeling function which is shown in many of her characteristics unlike Gentle.

It may be that they may differ in their traits as being Introvert and Extrovert but it also influences whether the function is on the introverted or extraverted side.

In her case La Brava’s Fi makes her judge things strongly by her own values and personal feelings as we see her not caring whether what Gentle does is morally unacceptable and contributing to crime, more or less she even encourages it since she believes Gentle is a kind and wonderful person which blinds her from seeing the fatal faults in his behaviour.

When people criticise Gentle which is against her own personal experience and values, La Brava easily gets emotionally invested as she scolds and deems those people of not understanding his art and noble character at all, she even supports his ideas in saying that he always is someone who has great ideas but people are unable to see it due to their lack of understanding.

This stems from the immature side of Fi as she sees her own feelings towards Gentle as a fact rather than thinking they could be only due to her heavy attachment to him.

Yet the wonderful side of her Fi which makes her a loyal partner as well is that she is the side that gives Gentle the approval he needs and almost forgot existed, since La Brava came with her honest feelings towards him of being a Fan and wanting to stay with him under no condition.

It may be viewed as irrational or acting on feelings only, but it is seen that La Brava is fully aware of her own feelings an inner world as her self-appraisal showed that she knew she was someone who easily expressed her feelings in different ways, f.e when she wrote a Love letter to her crush in school she never talked to only to get bullied and hurt by it, dropping out and giving up her hope to live.

But due to Gentle’s videos and he himself she found the light to live and devoted herself to be useful to him, as she is someone coming from a similar background being forced out of the norms of society and sees him as a person who could help many others just like he helped her find her joy in life back.

Auxiliary Ne-Tertiary Si:

Unlike Gentle La Brava has Ne but not Ni which means her intuition is on the extraverted side while Gentle’s is on the introverted one.

Again this little difference is important since connected with her Fi and tertiary Si it changes the way she acts upon them.

In her earlier years right after dropping out of school she is seen to waste her daily-life as a shut-in, unable to face the world any longer.

When INFPs get into confrontational or emotionally-damaging situations they tend to shut themselves into a fictional world detaching themselves from the current reality and worldly concerns since they are just too much to handle for them.

They also tend to be not attentive to the most basic things like their own needs, which is also seen in her case living in a room full of trash, not getting enough sleep and more, withdrawing herself from the most worldly needs as she indulges into watching videos and spending time on the internet.

For La Brava this is the case as well, not only that but the amazing computer skills that she acquired in that time, as she tried to indulge into something to get her mind off her track and also investing her feelings on something else than herself as she gave up on her life, hope and dreams before Gentle came into her life.

On the other hand, when she started to watch his videos and found that so-called hope she wanted to invest her emotions in and devote herself to make that person much more happy, encouraging his path and the things he does stemming from her Fi.

Her Ne that comes in makes her want to accomplish that by any means as she immediately makes her way, finding his address through her hacking skills and wants to help him fulfill his dreams since they align with her personal interest to make him as happy as she can and show his noble cause that saved her to everyone else.

Again those are her personal values meaning that despite Gentle being a Criminal in the eyes of society it doesn’t matter for La Brava, for her no matter what he is the light of the future and a hope that can bring people like her out of misery. 

Gentle who was amazed by her skills and listened to her story was the only one believing in her and not belittling her feelings, something La Brava forgot existed.

She changed completely as she found a new joy in life, and even more ideas along with Gentle striving to support him and be as much of a help.

Due to someone believing in her and accepting her, she developed into a person that could face life again and even more than that being the one who encourages Gentle that he can become someone whose name will be in history.

Also her quirk which is shown to power-up and activate when she tells the person she loves the most the words I love you, shows the integration of both Fi and Ne putting all her might to support and contribute, as well as devote herself to the person that matters the most to her.

With that it also shows her Si that comes out when her Ne is unbalanced, showing that her lack of Ne is shown when she was a Shut-in as well as when Gentle got arrested.

She thinks back on the past and feels like everything she tried was for nothing, labelling everyone the same and defying trust.

Why even try if it doesn’t work out anyway?

It’s a typical thought seen when INFPs Ne is lacking and they do not succeed in what they do which is a natural human thing to fail from time to time, yet they tend to stop trying as the effort put in not being released into a result will haunt them even in the next tasks and the future.

That leads them to stick to their habits and comfortzone, doing things in a specific way and irrational exaggerating when something is not working like they planned to since their protected zone is being attacked by outside influences.

So when someone even dares to attack their cherish values or morals they can become defensive to an extent of shutting one out, dismiss any criticism or let that and the failures build up fear which they tend to leave unresolved.

Again here we see many traits La Brava holds, when Gentle was being arrested and she was even given an opportunity to work with higher-ups due to her amazing computer skills she refused to accept a precious chance to derive from her path as Villain deeming everything that has nothing to do with Gentle as worthless.

She mentions that all she does is for him and it has no meaning doing it for another cause, as she sticks to her values, missing new chances and resisting change followed by new ideas.

Which in the end makes her the most loyal partner, rational or not.

Inferior Te and P:

The inferior Te, shown when the dominant function is missing.

In La Brava’s case this is even more visible over several parts of the anime than Gentle.

When La Brava’s Te is in charge it’s a different thing than when someone like ESTJs or ENTJs who have the Te as a dominant function.

Remember when we discussed Gentle’s inferior Ti? 

It’s the description you would give someone when they are not themselves.

Meaning the inferior Te in her case would come out when Fi is lacking and the other functions cannot balance it out properly, especially when her Te is underdeveloped and misused which we clearly see especially towards the end.

The missing Te in La Brava’s case tried to take over an overwhelming situation as when Gentle was about to lose, she tried to control it despite it being too overwhelming for her to handle. 

Unlike someone like Bakugo or Endeavor who have a dominant Te and are used to using it as they are naturals in handling situations which are dire due to composure, structure, organisation and a clear head since emotions do not interfere immediately with their decision-making.

La Brava’s Fi usually is closely tied to her morals, values and what she sees as important to encourage and support, meaning she usually acts upon her inner-world feelings but when those are missing and her values, or rather here Gentle who is the most important to her are about to fall into ruins she tries to shut off her Fi and mistreats her Te to jump in.

As Gentle was fighting and all she could do was watch, she immediately ran away after realizing to buy some time, trying to hack into the system to somehow make the plan work, a structure she wanted to hold together but couldn’t.

She struggles as she firstly needed a lot of time to get herself together and do something, showing her missing sense of judgement.

In the end when nothing worked like she wanted to and saw her precious Gentle being in a pinch instead of doing something by her own she seeks for Gentle’s help but sees him on the floor dropping anything she could.

La Brava was burnt out by that situation since usually she knew Gentle would pull off and flee when a plan doesn’t go as he plans to, meaning she relies on Gentle’s judgement instead of her own, the overwhelming feeling of having to decide for herself this time made her review her lacking self-confidence to deal with this heavy burden of wanting to make Gentle’s goal work out in the end.

In the end La Brava showed signs before the whole situation escalated to retreat and avoid any more conflict unlike Gentle, yet she doubts herself in any decision-making which she clearly leaves to Gentle like mentioned, as she sees him in a much brighter light and higher position than herself.

Te inferior traits are also shown when someone aggressively tries to correct a problem or act unreasonably resentful when INFPs feel wronged as they even lash out on the person who wronged them.

Rings a bell?


Deku is the one who wronged La Brava and even more Gentle in her eyes, she was not seeing what Gentle saw in Deku, but she still believed that someone like Deku could never understand and with a dry attempt tried to hit him to get him off Gentle even if it was a harmless pat for Deku.

She criticizes Deku for his definition of values set by himself and society as she clearly states that Gentle is her only light, whether it seems unreasonable to others or not.

Which makes La Brava undeniably blinded by her love and devotion towards Gentle, she even refused to take a turn for a better life if it meant to not have Gentle in her life.

Since La Brava has the P trait and not J, she is always looking at the present and past, we clearly see that it doesn’t matter to her as long as she can be with Gentle right now and also reflects on what was as she doesn’t want to go back there and repeat that nightmares of hers.

She also doesn’t think too far ahead into the future and therefore doesn’t understand the persistence Gentle showed in his last plan to reach his goals, as she is sure that many more opportunities can come any time and that somehow a way will open up for Gentle whether now or whenever.

INFPs tend to overlook many mistakes, wrong-doings and bad habits if it is a person they love and cherish, since it is that person so it might be fine.

It makes them prone to toxic relationships, in which case if it wouldn’t have been Gentle who took in La Brava things could have turned out very different for her.

But not only that INFPs are very diverse and genuine self-expression is what makes them interesting and lovable which is also shown when La Brava was filming the videos and commenting making people wonder who she is due to her behaviour.

They are honest with their own feelings and do not have a problem to assess them, so does our little mediator of love as well, not fearing to show her love and appreciation as well as her raw feelings of how she views the world around her.

In comparison to Tamaki from the big three it’s easier to spot their many similarities.

Tamaki feels like he is in the shadow of his friend and unworthy to stand next to him despite the fact he feels safe, yet he also gives Mirio the support and approval he secretly needs.

La Brava is the same as Mirio is the ENFJ friend for Tamaki, La Brava is the INFP partner for Gentle, they both in different ways try to encourage the other party as they are their biggest fans and supporter knowing how hard they work and recognize their effort from the very start.

Tamaki remembers every hardship Mirio had to go through and also wants to see him succeed more than he wants to succeed, just like La Brava wants Gentle to be happy and fulfill his dreams.

They may be both more on the sidelines but they clearly are the biggest support-system for both of the ones they appreciate and cherish, an INFP trait that is undeniably seen in the Boku no Hero Academia series when we count in Rei Todoroki who wanted her son to become a wonderful hero as well.

Now that we covered both personality types, next time we will finally dive into the relationship and view the general aspect as well as the MBTI part.

Stay tuned, as for me I am still not seeing my royal flush…


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