BNHA Compatibility : La Brava and Gentle/Sidekick and her Villain pt.3 (final)

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La Brava and Gentle Criminal, the power duo villains that touched our hearts in the last episodes of season four in Boku no Hero Academia, yet despite knowing that they are with no discussion literal partners in crime they share an even more special bond than you think.

What is it that makes the power duo tied together like this and stand up for each other in the most crucial of times?

Why of all people La Brava and Gentle Criminal in the whole series of Boku no Hero Academia? Why should they be the most compatible team?

In the following blogpost, I will give you a slight inside on each of their personality traits, types and their relationship.

Because despite the proof that they surely are a perfect match due to the events of season four, we will use the magnifying glass on their MBTI match as well!

We already covered Gentle’s personality type and in the last post we saw how La Brava’s personality works.

As for the last part of this big analysis, let’s jump to that what we have been waiting for: The relationship analysis!

Sidekick and Villain

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Now that we assessed Gentle’s and La Brava’s personality types in detail, seeing how they work in certain situations on their own, it’s time to see how both of them work together when both gears are interlocked.

We already said that La Brava is a huge fan of Gentle as she even visited him and stalked him until he heard her story, accepted her and took her in.

This little detail, accepted is important for La Brava as she lived a life where her existence and ways of acting were never seen as anything but creepy, being accepted means that from that certain point someone in her life approved of her and her existence as well as the behaviour and skills that were rejected up until now.

The girl who already gave up her life and wanted to end it found the one person who gave her hope and the will to live with his videos, promising to change the world which she firmly believed in and clung to.

But here is the clue instead of sitting and watching his videos hoping he would succeed no matter what La Brava took the initiative and wanted to do more than just being some stranger behind a screen.

It was the first proof of her being the loyal and devoted Sidekick when she knocked on his door and told him which important role Gentle had in her life, which on the other hand made her the most important role in his life.

Because Gentle who still clings deeply to his past and overshadows it by his demeanor, smile and tries to strive to derive from it by becoming Gentle Criminal needed someone like La Brava in his life. 

Despite him being already stable enough and determined to go through with his plans, and fulfilled several goals already, he was someone who had no support to begin with neither from society back then, society now nor in his activities.

With La Brava who has exceptional skills and could provide him with a mass of information through her hacking as well as take the role of filming his actions making him reach more people in a short amount of time.

Not only that but La Brava’s quirk that powers up the person she loves the most, in which case is Gentle, perfectly matches the duo as she is now united with the one who saved her life and means the most to her.

She can use her quirk to its fullest potential connected with her own inner world, which Gentle appreciates.

Gentle as well takes care of his little Sidekick and dearest Fan, despite not seeing much he is the most grateful and La Brava’s existence is a true blessing for him, the one who failed to become a hero to save anyone.

La Brava was his own starting point as she was the reason that he could believe that there was someone he could save with his videos, since everyone made either fun of didn’t take him seriously and even more his own ideals and goals.

Someone who used to want to become a hero so badly and therefore his whole life shattered, needs a person who can make him believe that those things can work out as well even if Gentle seems like he would make it on his own he needed La Brava to step up his own goals more.

Which makes La Brava not only the best Sidekick but also Gentle’s light as well who firmly believed in him when no one else did.

ENFJ x INFP matchup

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Often we see that ENFJs and INFPs are listed as an ideal matchup, while they do share a lot of similarities in the way they act upon certain values, they still see the world through different lenses.

An interesting fact is that despite both of them being in the diplomat category along with INFJs and ENFPs, who all share the same connectivity and energy they take from feelings and world around them there are still big differences when looking closer between the XNFPs and XNFJs.

For example ENFJs and INFJs are mostly very compatible due to sharing the almost identical inner world and ideals, they tend to be called minds alike and share a special bond due to finding someone who can fully understand them and their ways despite the differences in how they show and act upon them.

Unlike INFPs who are more focussed on what is going on in their own personal world of feelings, ENFJs for example focus on the world around them ignoring the personal world of feelings almost completely to an extent that is unhealthy or even leads to breakdowns when forced to take care of them.

In general they are both idealists who may not have identical values like their cousins who only differ in the Extroversion or Introversion part, but still as both of them respect, prioritize and hold values deeply they are much more understanding and fascinated to find someone who also shares them.

Gentle who seeks to make the world a better place with his videos and wanting to leave his name in history may have a different set of value than La Brava who only wants to support him and make him happy, yet they both respect the other’s values as they see how much they mean to the other person.

Hence, Gentle respecting and accepting the values La Brava set for herself also concludes La Brava doing the same, which turns into a cycle of also molding the values slightly to match the other person’s needs while keeping them fundamental in their core.

Another important thing is the authenticity and honesty both personality types hold dearly, as it’s one of the most prioritized trait they search in relationship therefore both ENFJ and INFP will not lie to each other about their feelings rather in dire situations is they either keep quiet about them or drop little hints, which makes them a genuine partner.

Here again it’s a core element of La Brava’s and Gentle’s relationship: La Brava who came to Gentle with her honest feelings and even told him her whole story despite not knowing much about him and his general person, he as well listened to her with all his honesty because he is someone who respects the feelings of the others why else would he want to change society while minimizing the damage as he is a Villain?

Which also tells us that both of them value emotional connections, they do not let people fully in and share anything if not needed, especially Gentle is even more isolated in sharing his inner world since his Fe makes him seek to connect with the external world and wants him to be part of something much bigger, a cause that benefits many and we also see it how much the incident before he completely gave up to become a hero impacted him.

La Brava may have a dominant Fi which makes her more focussed on her inner world, but since her inner world is directly connected to Gentle making him her most beloved person she wants to support and share her feelings with it automatically creates a connection, one who needs to take care of the feelings of others while the latter choose to connect her own feelings and reciprocate them on the one who treats her with more care than others.

Since La Brava’s Fi always keeps her connected with her own feelings which makes her self-aware if something is not okay and plays a big part of how she makes sense of her own identity but makes her often unaware of other people’s feelings as she sees her own feeling as an indicator.

Gentle is oblivious to his own feelings which we also see towards the end when he finally realizes what he actually wanted, ENFJs tend to push negative feelings away as they do not approve of them and do not want to let them in unlike INFPs who see good and negative emotions both as important for their decision-making.

We already established that La Brava’s inner world is very tied to Gentle as he is a dear asset which she devoted her life too, in order to support him as much as she can, La Brava thinks that she should help Gentle no matter what the situation is as he doesn’t show his negative feelings but only his good sides to La Brava.

La Brava could have stopped or tried to discuss with Gentle if possible but since she didn’t realize what was lying deep inside of him or rather she turned a blind eye to it, she tried to encourage him and fuel the motivation to his goal.

Whether it was a smart decision is another thing, since La Brava blindly believed in her Gentle, an INFP trait which makes them dream of a much brighter future and having a lot of hope in people they trust and believe in, almost euphemising their actions when needed.

Gentle on the other hand knows how much La Brava cares about him and he simply cannot 

make her worry, remember the crucial part which is the core of an ENFJ?

Giving love, caring about people and if needed hold themselves back to make the other person happy (when not in a breakdown).

And Gentle shows us all of that ENFJ traits, he saw that La Brava was insecure about her dark circles and immediately drew some himself, making them match.

He was also the one who chose her name, which is an important gesture for La Brava it shows that Gentle made her part of his life which she did not expect because INFPs tend to love much but they do not directly expect that love to come back for them, and even less in the amount they invested.

Gentle and La Brava who share both sad backstories found hope in the other, as acceptance is both the most important for ENFJs and INFPs, especially ENFJs since it is part of their balance system even if they do not demand it verbally, they need approval as they are often trying to disconnect themselves from their own feelings leaving self-acceptance almost completely out of their vision.

And the saddest part we can also see in Gentle’s case is that ENFJs tend to see themselves more of a sacrifice or support role for someone, he pushed all the negative feelings inside of him and didn’t reach out to La Brava not once.

Despite La Brava being shown to talk more than Gentle about those feelings, she as well kept some thoughts inside not wanting to destroy his dreams and achievements by her own worries.

La Brava and Gentle are also different in their organization, while La Brava is a P type she doesn’t focus too much on staying organized or planning ahead too much as she sees the chances of opportunity for Gentle in many ways, it also makes her wonder why Gentle wants to go through with his plans in the end despite being in a dire situation as she stated he could simply run away like he usually does.

Gentle on the other hand is somehow a perfectionist and as a J type structure in a way or other is important to him, we see that he thoroughly plans ahead and even chooses the sort of tea he drinks for a mission, which he explains to La Brava as an important matter for him to do so.

Also he planned several ways into U.A, considering the pro heros in the air and around to avoid them as much as possible, because for ENFJs being aware for whatever risk there is and preparing for it is important so they can assess the situation wholey and make specified solutions if the plan derives from a certain point.

We see that La Brava does not prepare as much if something goes wrong, yet due to Gentle’s prior planning in which he included her she played a big role hacking into the system.

P and J may have conflicts sometimes as INFPs can see ENFJs as rather controlling or oversensitive considering their laid-back behaviour on the other hand that laid-back behaviour can make ENFJs sometimes step down and take it easy.

Yet in their case, they perfected that dynamic in which Gentle listens to La Brava’s prompt callouts to back off in the missions prior and also La Brava going through detailed planning which she seemed to enjoy and brings out most of her full potential.

The NF connects their idealistic traits, the J and P balances out if the a good fundamental is built up.

There is another trait which makes INFPs drawn to but also overwhelmed at times when it comes to ENFJs, the Extroversion which ENFJs show by showing much affection, being much more energized in longer periods of times in Gentle’s case he is an overly eccentric, loud and positive man who emits extroversion.

In times it can be overwhelming or too much but when connected deeply the energy levels are often also a way of compensating and balancing what the other lacks.

La Brava is a bit more reserved in general but as an INFP being with her favourite person she is shown to be much more energized and not getting sick of Gentle as she also derives positive energy from his extroversion.

Same goes for Gentle, her introversion is a nice balance to his eccentric and openness, as La Brava is shown to be very thoughtful and deep telling him exactly what she finds so interesting about the things he does, how they affect her and her silence when she is deep in thought making him feel listened too.

It’s a necessary act for an ENFJ to feel listened to and the other person actually thinking deeply about it which shows that the other person cares and gives them the feeling of leaving a mark somewhere or at least placing a bit of oneself’s ideas in another person.

The funny thing is ENFJs like any extroverts get irritated when someone is too quiet and makes them feel like they are the only one’s carrying the conversation which makes them jump to the conclusion that they are either boring the other person or they are not listening, but when being with  an INFP for example who think deeply about everything someone asks them about as they take the other person seriously even the silence which is sometimes annoying can indicate a thorough thought process if they know each other well.

And we again see that, when La Brava talks to Gentle he carefully listens to her and when he talks she is taking mental notes of everything.

They show an INFP and ENFJ relationship that was established and balances out the others traits, as of course like in any relationship they are shown to not always communicate their feelings in the end they are an ideal match due to the stated points.

It makes them the Gentleman Thief and Loving Sidekick, not only in name but also in theory.

La Brava and Gentle show us that in fact ENFJs and INFPs are potentially ideal partners.

Do you have a La Brava or Gentle in life? 

dude, i hate to say this but if allah takes me when he does, u have always been my gentle ok done. gonna go cry now

What is your experience from a ENFJ and INFP relationship?

Drop it in the comments.

Until then, I am as well searching for the next Gentleman post

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