Haikyuu!! Quest AU

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As we rested for a while calming down from our long journey, I took the leather bag and let the water slip into my throat letting my sword lie in my lap watching Kageyama, Hinata, Kindaichi and Sugawara carefully.

Sugawara bandaged Hinata who took severe damage from the last fight against the iron wall tribe.

I sighed and watched Kindaichi cleaning his own wounds instead of asking Kageyama to do so. In the end they all strived to take the king, it’s no wonder they are competitive.

I closed my eyes for a second to try and avoid looking a bit nervous in front of them tapping a rhythm on the metall armor on my leg. 


Hinata’s scream was like a lightning that struck through me as I turned around after slaying down the persistent smallest of them. 

They all had tried to get in the way of reaching the castle and I couldn’t deny that their defense was strong but I had realized that when I saw Hinata’s eyes in shock on Kageyama’s broken saber as his eyes widened in shock, the man covered in metal towering over him grabbing his throat and heaving him up.

Sugawara was frozen in his place, his legs shivering but his face showed that he was angry. 

“Not again”, he muttered to himself, a weird expression distorting it into an almost hurtful paining experience.

Unlike Hinata he is much more calculative but he rushed into the giant who immediately hit his neck letting go of Kageyama with one hand and shoving his elbow with full force against Sugawara’s neck before the latter coughed and his eyes rolled back losing consciousness. 

“Asahi…”, were his last words as he sagged down on the dusty floor. 

“Sugawara!”, Hinata had grabbed his claymore that was double his size tightly and jumped into the air turning it around before bringing it down, but the giant used both of his arms to stop him which seemed to have a big impact. 

“…”, the titan heaved his leg up pushing Hinata into the guts who spit out some fluid but still kept pushing his claymore down. 

“Aone!!”, he screamed which seemed to have taken the titan aback and I rushed in with no hesitation swinging my two-handed sword full force against his head, causing his helmet to fly off revealing white hair and the dizzy expression from the impact of my sword.

Kageyama who recovered still coughing shoved the stump side of his saber against his head making him fall unconscious.

“I wonder why they don’t want us to reach the king, who is he?”,Kageyama muttered, rubbing his throat, his voice still shaky.

art by @miu_akatsuki on instagram

I opened my eyes again seeing the others already assembled in front of me with a smile. I stood up and heaved the sword over my shoulder, “time to face the king”, and they all nodded going for the hill where we already met his troops slaying them down one by one. 

“Aone was much worse than this, keep coming!”, Hinata screamed but he missed one that almost jumped on top of him before Sugawara hit him on the head with one of his arrows staying in position.

I gave him a thumb up and he nodded, focusing back on the back rows. 

“I see, how annoying but you guys have guts”, a sly voice was the only man facing us on the top of the hill with a wide grin, covered in red clothes, he pulled out two daggers in each hand below the pile of woven fabric.

Kindaichi rushed forward, closing his eyes for a second before he turned towards us, 

“I-I can handle it”, but he was cut off by me. 

“Kindaichi don’t be ridiculous, let’s-” 

“Iwaizumi, please- I couldn’t do much against Aone. I… I want to fight too on my own ”, a serious and lonely expression was on his face. Despite the weird feeling of not wanting him to get hurt I felt the way he faced this situation. 

“I want to fight on my own too!”, the flashback of a young boy rushing through my head and I frowned. 

“Alright but as soon as you see you can’t do it anymore run away, got it?”

With a big smile he nodded and faced Kuroo fully. 

“Oho~ I don’t mind taking you all on”, he looked behind his back and then faced me with the worst grin ever, “but I guess the King is already waiting.”

Kageyama was the first one rushing in. 

“Oi, Kageyama, stop!”, but he didn’t listen as I ran after him and Hinata.

“I will stay here and take care if things get out of hand”, Sugawara whispered hiding in the bushes as it seemed like he didn’t want to hurt Kindaichi’s pride. I nodded and felt a bit relieved before rushing to see that Kageyama was already standing in front of a tall man, covered in a white cape and attire which made him seem more like a prince than a king but the big crown almost like vines around his head before they naturally became a crown on top. 

My heart dropped as I saw the red eyes of a familiar face. I tried to gulp down but my throat tightened. 

“O-Oikawa?”, seeing the boy who used to live in the same village standing there a lonely aura engulfing him. His eyes despite the constant smile on his face bore a sad burden. 

“I see, you finally came”, he chuckled. 

With a smooth movement he removed his cape and threw it to the side, as he grabbed the hilt of his blue glowing saber with gold accents pulling it out and pointing it at Kageyama. 

“It’s time to end this game”, he heaved his chin up and Kageyama as well pulled out his new saber. I was the first one rushing in while they were still talking but he just parried it without even moving his head. 

“I won’t go down easily after having sacrificed so much”, he pushed harder throwing me off balance. His red eyes glowing with that grin on his face. 

“Are you an idiot?! Why did you go down this path when you were so close to becoming a Knight?!”, I screamed not recognizing the usual friendly and genuine face of the boy who used to train until his hands got full of scars. 

“I was never supposed to be one. They chose everyone but me. I worked so hard and yet what did I get out of it?”, his eyes trailed over to Kageyama who stood there still awed by the smooth movements and quick-witted steps that the King needed to take me down. 

He gulped and adjusted his stance. I won’t lose that easily. With a forceful kick I threw him off in the right moment pushing him to the ground but he didn’t hesitate to stab into my side, suddenly the warmth spread and I saw the metal armor cracking like an egg shell to the ground. 

Blood dripping down. 

“I really didn’t want to do that”, he heaved himself up on his saber and watched me crouch down. 

“You were a dear friend”, he wanted to turn around but I grabbed his leg as Kageyama finally landed a hit on him making his saber fall and they struggled against each other. 

“Move!”, he yelled and Kageyama shook his head. 

“In order for me to become the best I need to defeat you!”, was the only thing coming out of his mouth as he was in the advantage and reaching for his crown with an almost eerie gaze. 

“I want to be king…”, Kageyama muttered, lost in something but reality.

“Kaaaageyaaama!!!!”, Hinata pushed himself along with the claymore against Kageyama making him fall before he could grasp the crown. 

“Are you stupid? You wanted to take the crown ? Do you want to become a solitary king just like him?!”, Hinata huffed and wanted to get up before there was only a weird sound as  Oikawa stabbed him at a not vital part of his body, he used his foot to remove the saber from Hinata’s body but the crown fell off when an arrow shot it down the red eyes turning into brown. 

“Huh?”, I looked behind me, seeing Sugawara’s bow still ready to shoot more arrows. 

“Hinata you moron!”, Kageyama shook him but he seemed down. 

“Ugh!”, he rushed to Oikawa who was on the floor and pointed his saber towards his face, the tip almost touching it. 

“Do something about this?! You are supposed to be the King everyone looks up to, I wanted to beat you! But look at you!”, Kageyama’s anger rushed and I was afraid he would do something. 

I forced myself to crouch next to him and stood up leaning against him. 

I took his saber and kicked away Oikawa’s. 

“You already defeated me. But you know what”, there was a smug face, “I may be a king but there is still an Emperor you didn’t think about”, and suddenly white eagles covered the sky as the young king looked up and chuckled sadly.

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