Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.06

art by @ruttika_shin on twitter

Class was about to start and my eyes were trained on the door.

My feet slowly tapped a steady rhythm while my hands twiddled with my pen.

This class was a lot smaller than most others and more like a seminar than a lecture. The room only had enough places for about thirty people and most of the time not every person showed up.

I opened my notebook and started filling in the date and looked at the reading for this lesson. Even though I went over it yesterday, the material was a lot more cryptic than I thought.

My eyes stayed on the paper until I heard the squeaking sound of shoes shuffling into the room. 

Here we go.

The figure wore an oversized lack hoodie and grey jeans with her signature black boots.

I waved a little as she looked up and she smiled as her pace quickened like my pulse.

I buried the feeling as quickly as possible and pulled the chair back a little as she arrived.

“Good morning Iwaizumi”, she chimed and I smiled back a little.

“Morning”, I rested my head on my hand as I watched her shuffle through her bag and get ready for class.

Her stacks of paper were a mess and she grunted while searching for something specific.

“Oh my god”, she sighed into her hand and she closed her eyes.

I scooted over to her a little in worry and asked what was wrong.

She smiled again but this time a bit distant as she shook her head.

“I forgot to print out the reading, I did it on my phone this morning”, she dipped to the side to get her phone presumably.

“Wait-”, she shot up and looked at me with a question in her eyes.

I shoved the stack of paper in front of me to the middle of the table so she could look at it as well.

“Oh. Thanks!”, she smiled again and immediately drowned herself into the text.

“No worries”, I mumbled.

This wasn’t the first time she forgot her reading, I knew that she did whenever she got out her laptop instead or squeezed her eyes shut to decipher the text on her phone. 

It was the first time she smiled at me and accepted the help instead of awkwardly averting her gaze and taking her phone anyways. 

She took out her notebook now and started to quickly jot down words and sentences with a black pen. 

The words had something to do with the text I was sure, but there was no structure or proper order to it. 

My eyes trailed to her hands that touched parts of the text and then her notes as she worked her way through the text. 

I stopped dead in my tracks when our eyes met suddenly, and I looked back to the paper with a probably creepy smile. 

When I looked back, she kept eyeing me herself and tried not to smile. 

She was less aloof today. 

“Did you find the reading hard this week?” I tried to start the conversation and my hand gripped my thigh in suspense. 

She hummed in response and leaned back a little in her chair. 

“It wasn’t hard more than it was vague”, she mumbled. 

She found it vague? 

“What do you mean?”, I prompted her and she turned around to me with a serious look on her face. 

“It was way too boring I mean”, she concluded with a slight smile and her eyes darted to the side quickly, which felt to me like she was anxious about her joke. 

My belly made a flip and I chuckled, which in turn made her smile genuinely and it made me think for a second too long. 


“Uh, ye-yeah! I found everything pretty cryptic too. I like having practical answers to things”.

She relaxed and went back to her notebook. 

“Well, in social and language studies that’s most of the material”, she jotted down a last word before dramatically letting the pen fall on the table, “this is just a class for your minor right?” 

How did she know? I mean we do talk a lot in class but we haven’t been talking about my studies have we? 

Or did she remember that from our introductions in class?

“Yeah, I actually major in architecture”, I replied. 

She made a face of disgust and I looked at her confused. 

“Math”, she grimaced and I smiled. 

I wasn’t sure if she was just playing around more than usual or opening up to me, but I liked that her reactions were so natural. 

She was kind of reclusive which bugged me, but it was a change of pace from my normally very loud classes thanks to Oikawa and the others. 

“You don’t like math?”, I asked with a curious smile and she shook her head fiercely. 

“I stay far away from it! But people who are good in stem fields amaze me!” 

I gulped and my scent flared out at the disguised compliment. 

That’s a compliment right? 

Was it? 

Before I could say anything the professor walked in with a greeting and Asami pulled out a small bottle with a retractable straw. 

She started sipping on it as I turned my head back to the front where the professor told us to look at the reading in pairs of our choice. 

I looked at her again and she caught my gaze with the straw in her mouth. 

“Wanna be partners?”, I promoted and she nodded with a smile in her eyes.



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