Haikyuu Quote Time: part 10

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr

“You can fly even higher”

Kageyama Tobio

Since the first episode of Haikyuu the crows are what represent the Karasuno Volleyball team. 

Their black feathers blast past Hinata’s metaphorical vision as he first sees the little giant play. As the team that once was a powerhouse school-team, the current third years had to endure being called the “wingless crows”, the ones who were defeated.

Furudate generally is very visual when it comes to his work, the way every team is represented by some animal or symbol shows that it is very important to look into those symbolic meanings.

While Hinata is a small player who might’ve found a lot of obstacles because of his height, the one thing that he can do extremely well from the start is jumping.

Despite the fact that his technique was subpar and his only defense was his agility, almost every person is shocked to see his jump for the first time. For somebody that small, a vertical running jump height of 333cm is immense.

Hinata is the one who starts the narration of the story while explaining the “view from the top”, or what lies behind the net. Something that he can’t reach on his own. To be able to actually spike and be a valuable member of the team, he needed Kageyama in the beginning.

With his precise sets and a lot of practice, Hinata finally paved his way towards better and stronger opponents. 

We often see Hinata’s jumps compared to the flight of a crow, his arms resembling the animals wingspan and entrancing everyone around him with a unique ability to jump.

Now in season four, our protagonist is suddenly not the only one who can jump that high.

Kageyama meets Hoshiumi Korai at the japanese youth camp, another contender of the title “little giant”, which is Hinata’s ambition as well.

With some bumps in the road, Kageyama and Hinata learned to adapt to each other and became an even stronger tag team after the training camps in season four.

Kageyama tells Hinata about his sighting of the other small giant and Hinata is stunned for a second, not quite realizing he has serious competition, until Kageyama says:

“You can fly even higher”

He enunciated that Hinatas’s jump is strong and remesebles flight, but instead of adapting to Kageyama he tells him that he can and needs to improve.

He has it in him to fly even higher than ever before and higher than anyone else.

This quote is especially important coming from Kageyama,, as he is really shouting out parised and would rather do things the way he likes to. With Hinata. he found someone who he can rely on, someone who won’t take any ridicule from him.

He encourages him, tells him he is capable of reaching further heights that he might not think he was capable of, pushing his partner to give more than his best.

The communication between Kageyam and Hinata was always very direct, neither of them relenting and always speaking their minds, but to see brutal honesty and praise from Kageyama is a support that Hinata needs.

His words also insinuates that there is a long journey ahead of them, as the quote in the manga states “you’re going to be jumping even higher”.

It shows that Kageyama truly believes that Hinata will improve extremely, it almost sounds as if he had no choice but to become better, a strong sign for Hinata not to give up.

Kageyama found a person similar to Hinata, with similar strengths and maybe even better technique, but he turns back to his friend when he comes home to tell him that he will become much better.

It’s not only encouragement, but also a token of appreciation.



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