Goodbye my dream part 16 [END]

Everything seemed so very clear this time.

It was like I had full control, there was nothing that had shaken me, nothing that made me wonder why it was right at that place.

As I saw the familiar vending machines on a way up to the hill, the city slowly vanished as I walked on before the figure I already expected to meet came into my sight.

The sun that was setting inked the sky into a crimson red with a slight hint of orange and pink, the smell of meadow, flowers and even crop that was aligned carefully on the fields on each side of the road made me realize it was the things I had all seen and recalled at this point.

Stepping closer while having my arms folded behind my back and leaning to the side to face the figure I smiled and called out his name, “Ushiwaka-chan, nice to see you so eager.”

There was a slight sound of realization as his stoic features didn’t show any sight of surprise but a frown was placed on his face as he said, “Don’t call me that.”

He rubbed the sweat under the farmer hat that was covering his head and I looked back to him in surprise.

“A farmer hat?”, I already knew the answer to it but I wanted to hear him saying it.

A slight glance up to the edge of the hat and then on his usual tracksuit indicated he was from the Shiratorizawa Volleyballclub before he pushed the shovel into the ground and took the hat off.

He dusted it while watching it closely, “this is your cognition of me, I suppose that my words from last time must have made you see something similar to an agriculturalist in whatever way it made you think that”, he stared at me and I giggled.

Someone who lacks the fundamental basics is like a seedling that nourishes itself from low mineral earth, weak and unable to flourish properly, slowly developing almost as if its growth is obstructed”, I imitated his words with a glare and he turned around completely his eyes wandering to the sky in thought.

“Yes, those are the exact words I told you the other day”, another stare up and down before he fixed his gaze on me, “but I must admit there is a little bit of growth, let me correct myself you have changed immensely since the last time we met, you are a seedling no longer.”

He stopped fumbling on the hat and placed it with a bit of force on my head as I adjusted it. I could only see his slight grin due to the hat obstructing my sight.

“Wakatoshi?”, I simply asked as I didn’t understand the gesture but he looked back to the sky.

“You have now reached the next stage in the circle of life as you can now pass on to a new dimension waiting for you”, in response to those melancholic sounding words I gave him a confused stare.

I know what he means but-

“It sounds like I am about to die”, I muttered and he watched me from the corner of his eyes.

“I simply said you evolved”, there was an eerie silence before I asked him a last question that had bothered me since my dreams started.

It felt like a big burden and the panic in me grew, my guts felt like twisting but I still masked the fear and anxiety badly with a shaking smile like Yachi would do.

I walked up to him and he turned his face with a questioning look.

“Wakatoshi… are you real? Would I be able to meet you in reality one day?”, I felt the tears dwelling into my eyes thinking that there could be an answer that won’t make this dream end well.

He stopped completely and I almost thought that the dreams would shatter before he started moving again showing he was deep in thought.

“That question is not something the mind shall answer, but it is answered with the heart”, and he pointed at his own chest, “if I had to take Tendou’s words that is”, the sun that was setting now vanished and I saw Wakatoshi smiling like I did never before.

Unlike other smiles it was just a bit more than a grin but he stared down the hill where another group of familiar faces waited.

“I guess sooner or later, every dream ends and I have to say goodbye everytime but the dreams I had were the most special memories I ever made. Let’s meet soon”, another voice I never heard before whispered into my ear with nobody to bear it.

Who are you?

“Maybe I am just another dream… ”


-Ushijima Wakatoshi- END

art by @nanaboodraws on twitter

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