Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.07

art by @pottetto on deviantart

“You sent me the files?”

“Uh, yeah I think I did”

“Okay I’ll check that out later, we still have some time before the deadline ends”

“Alright, I have to go now!”

The conversation unfolded in front of me but I didn’t look up before the person greeted us while she stood in front of the table.

“Hi”, Asami exclaimed and sat down opposite of Iwaizumi and I.

“Hey”, Iwa replied next to me and I shot him a curious gaze. 

At first glance I wouldn’t think anything was different, but Iwa was normally very polite and distant with other girls. He was already smiling before she even said anything.

At this point I took out the right earphone and smiled as she brought out her notebooks and pencil case.

“Hi Asami”, I said and she replied with a greeting as well.

“Did you just come from class?”, I asked and caught Iwaizumi leaning a bit more forward to listen to her answer.

“Oh yeah, uhm, I was just there with Akaashi from the committee, you know”, she awkwardly laughed and I smiled at her again.

I hope I’m not making her uncomfortable anymore. 

Although after her small fit of possessiveness last week, she kind of stayed in my head. 

Someone else did too.

My curiosity was piqued, and this was just a good opportunity to maybe find out some more.

She and Iwa had been meeting up a couple of times after classes to work on a portfolio together, which was pretty standard now. 

It was mostly just those two or someone else from their shared class, but it was a mere coincidence that I wanted to revise my notes too.

Without being able to bump into their conversation as they were discussing the course material, I absent minded dazed off.

I shook my head to come back to this plane of existence and continued to go though my anatomy notes. 

After finishing the next chapter of the script and noting the most important things down, the couple next to me were getting quiet after finishing their assignment for today.

Come on Iwa-chan, don’t just stare at a piece of paper now!

I knew that Asami and Iwaizumi knew each other from before. He had mentioned they were neighbors for a while and their parents would sometimes ask for favors or converse on the daily. He never mentioned her until I saw her at the university first semester introduction.

Since then, the only thing that tied us all together was that one incident.

I almost cursed myself for remembering it again, knowing it would stay in my head for a while.

The door. The smell. Everything.

My mind drew a short blank and I didn’t even register the nudge I got from Iwa before a higher voice spoke up.


Asami’s voice was definitely concerned, and she had already drawn closer to me in worry.

“Hey”, Iwa’s voice was stern but I felt the hint of agitation behind it.

I’m letting myself go.

“Ah, sorry! I was just thinking about something!” 

I laughed it off and the calming smell of rosewater crawled towards me.

Even Iwaizumi next shifted and inhaled sharply as Asami rubbed her wrists together.

“Is it better now?”she asked and looked at Iwaizumi with questioning eyes.

“Yes thank you” he gently pushed her hands away from us both and gave a quick side smile, “thats enough”, he finished and I stared at his side to think about his gesture.

A smile curled on my features and the beta scent cleared my head.




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