10 reasons why Kageyama’s and Hinata’s relationship is underrated

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Our most favourite freak duo, excelling in most of the matches and bringing us surprises just like the opponents start gawking when they see their notorious quick attack.

Despite the fact that we know Kageyama and Hinata are sure the best Duo there exists, it’s often seen from a standpoint inside of the court and not based on other factors.

In today’s blogpost I want to present you 10 reasons why Kageyama and Hinata’s friendship is underrated and what more there is behind the amazing duo.

1.) Rivals 

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Yes, rivals despite that we started this blogpost with friendship, teammates and duos Kageyama and Hinata’s relationship goes beyond the normal and simple friendship as seen in the later episodes.

They already started off as rivals but over time were forced to become a team, putting their rivalry aside seemingly being friends, yet the rivalry which they started off with never disappeared completely. Rather it was molded into something more complex as the grudge and negative feelings as well as the respect towards each other grew into a brighter light.

The rivalry that was casted aside still lingers in both of them and took another form, the respect that both of them do not show openly to the other person is the thing that drives them to always compete against each other and  not wanting to fall behind despite that they both need each other in a game as like two gears that interlock.

Even in season four Kageyama is only seen to show his competitive side towards Hinata as he utters the words “I am going ahead” to Hinata prompting and challenging him as he left for the All Japan youth camp, which Hinata didn’t take as boasting but accepted the challenge and made sure to do something on his own as well.

Both of them show us the healthy amount of being rivals yet friends in a friendship that drives them to not sit down, but rather compete and always be the best versions of themselves in front of the other, starting from rivals on different sides and developing into rivals that work on the same team, pushing through their limits.

2.) Partners

@kkumri on instagram

Rivals and friends is something we already established now, but there is one more thing that represents the relationship of Hinata and Kageyama, partners.

As Hinata mentioned in season two when he and Kageyama were fighting, he explained that he didn’t simply see Kageyama as a friend or teammate but rather as a partner he never had before.

Partner is a strong word that Hinata used to emphasize their relationship, because partners go beyond friendship, people who understand each other and seem to have close ties as they do not simply hang out with each other but are a big part of the other person’s life.

Which can be very accurate in their case, Kageyama was able to find a place he belongs to through Karasuno, but in order to completely fit into that place he mainly needed Hinata to do so since Hinata seemed like someone who didn’t take Volleyball seriously proved that he can be a very useful asset to Kageyama.

And from being an asset he became a valuable partner that helped him develop into something much more that opened his eyes, in the post where we talked about Kindaichi and Kageyama we already established why Kageyama failed to become a proper teammate in Kitagawa Daiichi and why it was possible he actually could in Karasuno.

Now to Hinata, he was someone who didn’t have a proper team nor a setter who could make him use his full potential, in Kageyama he found that very person who could give him wings to fly and use his abilities.

Not only that but in other times Kageyama even encouraged him as we see later in the blogpost, that he is just as valuable as the other teammates.

In the end we can see the development in Kageyama and Hinata going into the same direction as Iwaizumi and Oikawa, the ones who ended up like Iwaizumi said, “the partner I can boast.”

3.) Do as you say (not)

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Why is this point less mentioned than the others?

Because it is an important aspect in friendship to not always follow or do what a friend tells you no matter how much you respect him or how more experienced he looks.

Which is one of the many reasons why Hinata was able to help Kageyama find his footage next to him and become a proper member of Karasuno’s Volleyball team.

Kageyama’s nature of wanting to control everything, commanding people around and make them follow his ways was not possible even from the start in Karasuno, one of them was Hinata who was heavily dependant on Kageyama but still didn’t let him do as he pleases as Hinata is a free-spirit who doesn’t like to get commanded around especially by Kageyama who he started off with in a not so pleasant manner.

The whole fact that even later in season four when Kageyama was having an unstable mind due to him slowly going back to his king of the court mannerism, Hinata did not do as he said until he himself confirmed that they were according to his own match.

Something that may seem as rude mannerism is meaningful for Kageyama because firstly it showed him that there is no need to always come on to an understanding which in the end leads to new possibilities as we saw throughout the series.

Secondly it was more comforting for him to know that they may not listen to him but still accept him as a valuable player who has a sense for things making him an equal rather than putting him on the top of things and spoiling him.

Lastly it takes away the fear of being left behind yet again, since that very mannerism caused his former teammates from Kitagawa Daiichi to leave him alone on the court which made Kageyama deeply afraid of it happening again but since all Hinata does is not caring at all and even start bickering with him that fear was taken from him as he accepted that despite his mistakes or rude behaviour the worst that could happen would be a comment or sarcasm.

Vice versa, Hinata sometimes has weird and impulsive ideas which Kageyama ignores at times for the better, since the former tends to want all the quicks and balls for himself when emerging into a game, letting him forget that he is not the only one there to spike.

Hinata doesn’t have bad intentions; it’s simply that he wants to play as much as possible but needs to know his limits as well, as a team consists of 6 people.

4.) One brain

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We know that fundamentally Hinata and Kageyama are totally different in the way they approach people, problems and also their characteristics, still in many occasions we see that they act as if they share one brain.

In any other friendships you may find one friend being the logical one and the other being the idiot sometimes, with Kageyama it seems like he is the logical part of the duo which is not wrong since we see that he mostly relies on the facts and what he sees, in this blogpost you get to know more about how Kageyama works in depth but for this blogpost we won’t use the MBTI as indicator for their relationship.

That Kageyama is not as logical as we see him on the court is clearly visible when exams come around, which Hinata also commented as Kindaichi asked him how Kageyama is doing and he answered that he is fine as long as there are no exams.

But also when it comes to common sense Hinata and Kageyama do look like they share the same thought process and easily agree as they share the same opinion and way of handling things.

For example, they do not get as nervous when a strong opponent approaches as they grow rather excited and take up the challenge, which they also state simultaneously sometimes or contribute their affiliation to what the other says when talking to the other team members.

In other cases Kageyama even states that Hinata doesn’t need to tell him certain things since he already knows and thinks the same way too.

Considering the academic career they both are more on the athletic side instead of using their brain muscles, so both of them react the same way when they have supplementary classes (which they also have to attend together), don’t get complex explanations as seen when Takeda talks in metaphors or visualizes something through his words, as well as they easily misunderstand things sly people try to tell them in order to provoke them but they simply don’t get them.

Concluding that despite their constant bickering, Hinata and Kageyama are much more similar than one thinks.

5.) Without words

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Did you ever experience being in a room with your friend or someone you are close with, and instead of openly saying what is going in your head there are no words needed before you see them react to your reaction?

Kageyama and Hinata no matter how loud they may seem at times have several moments in which they are completely silent and only need their expressions or gazes to interact with each other.

May it be the urge for an attack, the feeling of excitement as they see a new challenger or going for a competition.

All they need is a gaze of affirmation and a nod to get going.

This is only possible if both are aware how the other feels and thinks about several processes, meaning that only in an established friendship where mutual understanding exists there can be exchange without words needed.

Hinata knows how strongly Kageyama feels about his pride and how competitive he is and also Kageyama knows how important it is for Hinata to play and be in constant movement, wanting to be seen as well as he without Hinata mentioning starts to talk about how important the strongest decoy is since he knew from one look what Hinata was thinking.

A way of communication that is often overseen when looking at the loud duo and very important in a friendship.

6.) Your enemy is my friend

art by @nanaboodraws on twitter

Just like they get along very well at times, Kageyama and Hinata are most likely to be found bickering or making fun of each other.

When an additional party enters the discussion it is very often seen that one of the two suddenly switches sides when the other gets attacked and only waits for an opportunity to make fun of each other.

Examples would be when Tsukishima is being sarcastic and starts bickering with Kageyama as Hinata is ready to add another slight comment to it or even push the drama.

But not only inside of Karasuno it is seen that either Kageyama or Hinata sides with another person, as seen in season four Kageyama joins in his little chit chat and uses it to make fun of Hinata and talk about the things he doesn’t like about him right in front of him leaving Hinata no chance to retort despite Atsumu being an enemy.

Still it never causes any grave damage but is a way to communicate with others as well as taking advantage of being able to shoot their friend down once in a while.

7.) Push the limit

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If a friend is not there to push you once in a while, who would do it then?

Challenging oneself is one thing but being challenged by someone you respect and view highly is another.

Kageyama and Hinata are very competitive and in constant competition against each other despite being in the same team as we saw before, but still there is a slight difference in the way they compete.

Of course, they want to be the one who wins in the end but if the challenger is not giving enough effort, where would be the fun?

Kageyama who saw Hoshiumi’s jump was impressed but not surprised since he already saw how Hinata jumps, yet he uses Hoshiumi as a reference and tells Hinata about him, so he could learn from it and become even better.

He describes the jump to him and they both are about to learn how to make use of it in order to enhance Hinata’s jumping ability which Hinata himself may not have realized that he could develop further but due to Kageyama giving him that push was even an option to begin with.

It was not only that time but many others where Kageyama wanted for Hinata to go beyond his own abilities, for example using his agility to become the best decoy or learning how to use the quick attack.

On the other hand, Hinata who already viewed Kageyama is making quick and big progress which everyone is watching, he fears that stopping for a moment would make him lose his head-start in his Volleyball career.

Hinata’s fierce nature, happy-go-lucky attitude and many other characteristics is something that Kageyama observes and we often see him being a bit irritated if he cannot communicate like Hinata does, example would be Tsukishima who is also a first-year and in the same team.

Through Hinata wanting to become more independent in how he spikes the ball Kageyama also learned valuable information as he pushed forward for Hinata’s sake and enhanced his own accuracy and ball handling to be able to properly toss the way Hinata wants it.

8.) Even if you are not there

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There is a saying that a true friend is the one who even defends you when you are not there.

If we take that and look at Hinata and Kageyama we often see that despite their bickering, insults and differences there were often times where the other had to talk about the one who is absent.

When Hinata is not there Kageyama might drop one mean comment or two, but he will always make sure and appreciate that he has Hinata around him when he is absent, he uses other people even as reference as he thinks of Hinata and how he could help him.

He also mentions he knows someone who can jump even higher and can match his tosses, as he in his own way praises Hinata.

The same goes for our smaller crow, when Kageyama is not around he may imitate him and describe him in ways where people would consider if that Kageyama he is talking about is really such a good person but he also will always state how amazing he is and that he is one of the best setters he had ever met, nobody matching him in his eyes.

One instance would be Kenma in season one when Hinata met him for the first time and talked about how he plays Volleyball with an amazing setter.

All in all, they may not be honest when facing each other but when the other is not around Hinata and Kageyama do not shy away to praise and compliment their friend, even if the other one is not aware.

9.) Ultimate trust

@a-zebra-was-here on deviantart

Closing one’s eyes and putting your trust into that person is the next point that literally involves our two crows.

Hinata’s full trust in Kageyama was seen as he hit the ball with closed eyes only jumping and leaving the rest to Kageyama as he delivered the ball right to his palm.

Does only Hinata trust Kageyama then?

No, Kageyama couldn’t do that if he wouldn’t believe and firmly know that Hinata would jump the fastest and highest with all his might to be there at the right moment.

The freak quick that we see in the first two seasons is something that was only possible because both of them trusted each other and couldn’t be handled otherwise.

Even later on when they changed the quick and it became a much more individual training in which both of them had to give their best in order to make it work, Kageyama needed to learn a special way of tossing the ball so it would be easier to hit for Hinata.

Hinata stated that he believed that Kageyama surely would do it and that he doesn’t doubt that fact even if he needed a bit of time.

Kageyama also is sure that Hinata would work hard and do his best to not miss a ball or chance to hit his tosses.

It’s also seen whenever Kageyama needs a bit of time to get used to a match like in season four Hinata is waiting with anticipation until he is ready not getting tired of waiting since trusts that Kageyama would surely come back to them.

When Hinata told Kageyama he was a ballyboy while he was in Youth camp, Kageyama simply grinned fully aware and believed that Hinata did a lot more than being a ballboy since he knew his partner very well that he cannot sit down.

That’s why in the end when it comes to ultimate trust, Hinata and Kageyama are one of the best duos that implement it.

10.) Perspective shift

@a-zebra-was-here on deviantart

Last but not least, shifting one’s perspective.

If humans constantly interact but have no impact on each other it would be quite confusing to see that someone has no effect on another person especially when considered as a partner.

Same goes for Hinata and Kageyama.

Let’s start with our human tangerine first, someone who was not able to play in a team before, lacked technique and never imagined he could possibly stay so long on the court despite having such a big dream and working hard.

But with Kageyama as Hinata said, he was able to fly since he sends him the perfect tosses he needs and also made it possible for him to become an asset for Karasuno not only in agility but also after seeing how much he can bring out of himself having Kageyama around working on his own abilities from season two onwards.

With Kageyama leaving him for a week in season four and seeing how much he still lacked was as well a realization that hit Hinata hard, he firstly started to realize his own weaknesses through Kageyama once in middle-school and again in the ballboy arc, secondly the appreciation and fun he had with Kageyama was now something he is much more aware of.

Turning the wheel and looking at Tobio Kageyama, we also see a big difference from what he was and what he became.

We already made clear that he stopped being the former middle-school dictator but there was another major shift that he gained through meeting Hinata as he asked Oikawa for advice.

Setter, the one who touches the ball the most, the one who is in control.

Yet it’s not like he thought it was supposed to be, the setter is in control and everyone has to adapt, Oikawa made it clear as he as well affirmed that through Hinata Kageyama started to change seeing a big difference from his junior, but there was a problem in how Kageyama viewed his position.

“There is one thing you are wrong about, the shrimp is the one in control, not you.”

Those exact words were one of the most important things that made Kageyama review what he actually had to do as a setter and made him develop even more quickly than he already was, polishing not only his relationships with the people around him but accepting the fact that he should be the one accommodating the players around him.

Which he needs communication for and also understanding, something that Kageyama ignored up until that point making him much more open and chatty even a bit more considering when it comes to his teammates.

Something he may have acquired through Oikawa but only because Hinata was at his side in the first place he fully understood those words as he saw the limits despite Hinata being the only one who could hit the balls like he wanted them.

Concluding, Hinata’s and Kageyama’s relationship is much more complex and important than a simple teammate or friend, it is something valuable in which both strive to become their best selves yet need the other to come to that point of understanding which was lacking.

Fundamentally they are both completely different, yet so similar and simple when they want to come to an understanding.

In the end close to Iwaizumi and Oikawa or Akaashi and Bokuto, Hinata and Kageyama sure are the best duo but not only for skills but as we saw in this blogpost for far more reasons.


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