Haikyuu Quote Time: part 11

“Hinata Shoyo came here to create a chance he wasn’t given.”

– Ushijima Wakatoshi Ep.3 Season 4

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Ballboy arc, we already heard about it in another blogpost and are aware how much of an impact it had on Hinata.

This time we will take a quote that is part of the ballboy arc yet doesn’t concern what Hinata learned or what resulted from that arc, but what Hinata did in order to make that arc such a roller coaster of feelings and very special in his case.

The young man who became a ball boy, let’s start with what led him to acknowledge that title.

Hinata who showed immense development over the whole series up until season 4, amazing skills and hard-work defined the number 10 we know so well only for him to be the one being left behind by Kageyama and on top of that Tsukishima.

Despite Tsukishima showing high intellect and also a lot of effort towards the end of season 2 one might still think it is quite unfair, that Hinata who worked from the first day to become an essential part of the Volleyball club and took it seriously ever since he started was easily outshadowed by Tsukishima who didn’t care at all in the beginning.

Any other person would be frustrated, depressed or feel like being left behind and so did Hinata, yet what is the difference between Hinata and other people?

That’s right, Hinata sucked it up and found another way to improve instead of wasting a week of simple training, he believed that his struggle up until now was worth to be acknowledged as well and if it wasn’t for Yamaguchi who told Tsukishima in a small talk about getting arrested if someone tried to infiltrate the Japan youth camp, Hinata would have even went all the way there.

Yet he ended up at Shiratorizawa’s trainingscamp with no regret and a lot of determination.

It’s not that Hinata was completely unwelcome there, as the Assistant coach of Coach Washijo explained that he also recommended inviting Hinata but the latter rejected that idea.

Again, Coach Washijo also could have thrown Hinata out in an instant as we know he isn’t someone who simply gives chances or tolerates people who slack and don’t work hard.

Here we see the actual meaning much clearer: “Hinata Shoyo came here”, which means Ushijima stated a clear fact, he emphasized he came here which makes the impressions he actually shouldn’t be here no matter how others may view this situation.

Through that he was also scolded by many for this seemingly foolish attempt which may seemed only an impulsive act from Hinata’s side as many are used to him act on a whim from time to time, but we also saw many times that Hinata is able to make logical decisions in which he has full control and insight of what he does, especially towards the end of the ballboy arc.

And now comes the part which explains why Washijo didn’t kick out Hinata in the first place, but wanted to test his willpower and patience, also the determination to go through and take something with him from this lesson, “to create a chance he wasn’t given.

Ushijima knows how Washijo thinks, and he also knows that if Washijo kept Hinata here it must have been because of a certain something which probably no one knows besides Washijo maybe not even Washijo himself.

We also saw many times in season three that Washijo sees his younger self in Hinata but the difference was that he was unlike Hinata not able to use his lacking height to his advantage as he gave up easily after being told he was too small.

Young Washijo is the exact opposite of Hinata in that case he didn’t create the chance he wasn’t given, he left things as they were.

And if Hinata could show that he was being serious about this he would even accept the humiliation of being a ballboy next to his peers which he even defeated in real matches.

But it was a chance indeed since Hinata suddenly was aware of many things he instinctively did and is now seeing from a different perspective.

Ushijima fully knew since told Hinata what he would do if his technique was clumsy too, implying he needed to compensate his height with something else. Washijo likes raw power and height therefore Ushijima is something like a role model Volleyball player in his eyes but Hinata is the exact opposite.

In the end Hinata was a ballboy even through his last days, but he didn’t mind it was something he made valuable for himself despite the humiliation, frustration and anxiety of feeling left behind.

Hinata is the perfect example of showing us that despite what looks like chances and that they are not given to anyone, you are able to create your own chance that you weren’t given if you can handle the consequences resulting from them.

Ushijima saw that potential in Hinata as well, that he doesn’t simply sit there silently but if there is no chance he will make one.

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