Journal Journey – a Haikyuu Fan-Fiction -Chapter 03

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Chapter 03 :Just assumptions

“Chihaya!”, I stormed into the classroom and almost toppled over until I reached Chihaya’s desk and huffed for air.

“Lunch break just started and your classroom is not far from here, why are you running?”, she narrowed her eyes to hide the surprised face she had earlier when she was about to stand before I crashed in.

Still huffing for air and leaning back to stretch I handed her my notebook.

Only a suspicious look before she took it cautiously and knew exactly where to open it.

“I am not your editor, you know I am not good at that stuff”, she muttered lowly.

“Haya-chii”, she shot me a glare when I realized her classmates were eyeing us.

Ah, she is the kind of girl who wants to be cool and composed in her class, right?

I already messed up my image.

“Oh you added sketches to the techniques”, Chihaya heaved an eyebrow as she propped her head against her hand and scanned the pages carefully.

She was so immersed in reading that she didn’t even realize I took a chair and sat close to her, peeking into the notebook as well.

My braids that covered the notebook now made her look up and face me.

She sure is too considerate, reading it with all honesty.

Chihaya is so cute!

Which means-

“You really sucked up that much information?”, she pointed at the notebook.

I shook my head and my braids moved along, Chihaya held them up into the air so they wouldn’t move.

“Those are just assumptions, I cannot confirm them yet but-”, a smile crept up my face and my friend pulled my braids in each direction causing my scalp to sting.


“I-I didn’t say anything”, I glared at her and she gave me a judging stare.

“Okay, then talk.”

“But if I would have the chance to go there myself today, that could change”, there was a silence between my uneasy smile and Chihaya’s cold expression.

“No”, she repeated herself while clapping the notebook shut. I claimed it back and checked if there were any folds in my precious data collection that I had treasured so much.

I hate folds or wrinkles, please be safe, please be safe!

“Calm down I didn’t push it that–”, my heart broke into pieces and I probably made that clear by the sound I let out which made Chihaya drop her cold expression and exchanged it with a regretful one. With caution I tried to straighten some of the folds that Chihaya caused, one of my most painful quirk, organized and neat notes.

“Miya-chii I am sorry, I didn’t-”, I cut her off and dropped my head wondering how much time it will take to either straighten them completely to no avail or just learn to overcome it. Latter would take much more time and energy usage.

“It’s fine. I am going now,lunch break is almost over”, I couldn’t even sugar-coat my sadness anymore and went back.

For some people it may not be a big deal, I didn’t care if people would do that with my other notes, but these are precious for me as well as my study notes. Anything I give effort in shall be neat and organized, no matter what it just pains me to see the order I maintained for long to be crushed so easily.

Still I should learn to be less sensitive, Chihaya would blame herself… but I can’t help it anyway, pushing my hobby on her is not much better either I should have known.

“Wait for me at the schoolgates”, I heard her yell behind me and saw a glare that dared me to follow her instruction.

I should apologize anyway for making a fuss.

While overthinking what Chihaya was possibly planning out, I even made an escape plan if she was ready enough to scold me, and in a blink of an eye our lessons ended for the day. All the well-planned quick visit to Aoba Johsai was probably in vain now.

Heavy bag for nothing, Haya-chii is in a bad mood, and I am in a dip as well.

As I reached the school-gates I saw Chihaya already leaning against the brick wall, waiting with a frown on her face, obviously overthinking as well.

She caught my glance and didn’t change her expression at all.

“Follow me, we are heading to my place”, and with that she stomped ahead.

But I wanted to head to-

She turned around and glared at me, I just nodded and followed her.

If Haya-chii is so adamant about it then I can’t help it, it’s a rare chance actually!

With a new spirit and the determination to gain more information from Chihaya’s new renovated room and family life, my side-quest of observing Chihaya for the day started,

Since she lived a mere ten-minute walk from school which I envied deeply considering the fact I had to take two busses to arrive here, we arrived quickly.

“It’s been a month, did you get used to it?”, I gave her a side-glance and she narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“I know that whatever I say will end up in your creep-book, so I am phrasing it as vague as possible: I miss biking to school”, that was indeed vague but still useful in a way.

This answer alone had a big presence.

Note it down later, if her Mum sees me like that I may get viewed as weird or rude.

On top of it this is not something I would simply forget.

We rushed to her room, Chihaya threw her bag to the side and grabbed another one.

She disappeared quickly.

Does she need to take a dump?

My eye flung over to the simple decorations in the room, then to her half-organized desk and some plushies that were sorted on the bed.

Despite her cold attitude and cool demeanor, she still has an elegant and girly side.

So the act must have been a little bit pure-hearted last time.

I need to see more, more girly Chihaya!

As if she caught me red-handed she stormed back into the room. I didn’t move an inch from where I sat before she left. I only had observed from my place, I am not suicidal enough to go around and search under her bed. At least not before finals.

She stared at me with a flushed face and I stared back seeing her hair just like on the day of the game.

“Haya-chii”, I muttered and couldn’t hold back a grin, scanning her in Johsai’s tracksuit.

“I didn’t know you were into cosplay.”

Immediately her whole face went red and she pointed at my bag, “You wanted to go, didn’t you?! Grab your full-bag and get changed in the bathroom already! This is the first and last time I am getting dragged around by you!”

I tilted my head and grabbed my bag as I passed by, “hey, hey don’t give me that look I didn’t force you to come along. Talk about analysing you are one little creep yourself.”

“Didn’t I tell you to at least explain to me if you are planning on doing something stupid?” 

It’s not really something stupid… 

A kick from Chihaya forced me to drop the topic and head to the bathroom, changing clothes and opening my braids. I took the spray and made the ends of my hair lighter than the other parts before I hid my precious glasses in a case and went out.

“You took too long”, which wasn’t true, it was mere fifteen minutes but I didn’t want another kick in my beloved bum. As Chihaya went over my hair one last time, apparently the girly side that liked to fix hair came out, I wondered if she felt guilty for my notebook. 

I better keep my mouth shut or I won’t ever set foot on the grounds of either Aoba Johsai or her house again.

With a slight comment from her mother and some made up excuses we left the house and walked towards the next bus stop. 

“You know if you wanted to wear those twintails so badly, why not pretend to be in the drama club?”, I smiled widely only to get my cheeks pulled in different directions, “okay I am sorry, I was just curious.”

Note to myself, Chihaya likes them a lot but doesn’t want anyone to know.

Tsundere-type confirmed.

“I am only coming today, since it’s the first time and I don’t like the idea of you being in a bad mood and heading there”, she just muttered avoiding my gaze.

“Do you think it will take long?”, I watched the bus hold in front of us Chihaya heading in first and I stumbled in after her.

“I think Fubuki said it’s a twenty-five minute bus ride from here”, she sat down at the windowside and I took the chance to stick as close to her as I could with the excuse of no space.

“Do you think I could change at your place whenever I want to head there?”

“The idea alone that you are planning several trips makes me want to decline”, she dropped her frown and sighed, “but this is not the matter, I think firstly my mother would suspect anything if this goes on for any longer and secondly people who live close-by as well would see you coming in in Karasuno’s uniform and out with another one if this will become frequent”, I didn’t think of that at all, that’s a logic person for you.

“Haya-chii, you are so smart, I didn’t think that far ahead.”

“You did think of visiting until winter, but not about how you are going to do it?”, she heaved an eyebrow while I shook my head.

I am more a person of raw action than how the action is done, improvising is always an option too.

“Heading home and coming back would take too much time, I need to find a place”, I muttered to myself and another sigh from Chihaya followed.

“Mall”, she simply said.

“Mall?”, I wrinkled my eyebrows.

“Change in the bathroom of a mall, or better in different malls so there wouldn’t be anyone making an advertisement searching for a suspicious person”, she didn’t even face me this time but my happiness must have swept over to her.

It didn’t last long since I fell asleep somewhere in between causing her to wake me up not as gently as I took she would do, but I wondered why she would care to wake me up anyway instead of just making an excuse that I fell asleep and go back.

That thought didn’t need much dwelling anymore when Aoba Johsai’s school grounds were in my vision, filling me with the hope and excitement of being one step closer to fill my mere assumptions with observations that would make them a fact.

I basically ran out, waited for Chihaya who changed her expression to a cheerful smile and we went in.

“Where are you going?”, she asked me, much more friendly than she usually would as some girls passed by not even giving us a second glance.

It seems we are acting natural enough.

“Volleyball club”, I spun my pen around already ready to write down the most important things.

“And you know where it is?”, she heaved an eyebrow and I shook my head.

“Then why are you going ahead and walking as you please?”, she pulled me back by my sweater and took the lead from me, hiding her annoyed face.

“H-Hey, I had a gut feeling where it could be”, she gave me the worst judging expression I could ever receive from her.

“You? Gut? Orientation? Did you forget what happened last time when you combined those words?”, and with that we closed-off the topic, leaving the task of finding the club to Chihaya.

Despite her usual cold meanor, she seemed very cute and friendly, making other students help her with a smile as she asked where the volleyball club was today.

Using the renovation rumour as an excuse was perfect to hide the suspicion, you are quite the sly phantom thief Haya-chii!

Finally arriving at the designated and fateful place, hearing the soles of sneakers squeaking and the sound of volleyballs hitting the floor. We ascended the stairs where some other students and club members were watching the practice session of the aqua-colored team wearing green shirts on top of.

We approached the railing just like the other students and the court was much more visible from here, every single member of the game from back then standing there and even more others who weren’t on the court that day.

Treasures, much more of them,

“Will he toss to every single one of them? Isn’t it hard when you aren’t playing constantly with the same members?”, Chihaya rubbed her chin watching the court with focussed eyes as well.

She doesn’t want to admit it but she is already hooked as well, sadly she would do the exact opposite if it means to show me it’s clearly not.

I followed her gaze watching the green shirt labeled number 13 tossing to different people in short time periods.

“It must be… you would need to adapt very quickly to each style which requires a lot of observation skills and fast processing”, it dawned upon me that this must be an important piece of information to note down, almost forgetting that I was here for notes in the first place.

Seeing such an amazing team playing with so many and versatile players, it’s hard to look away even for writing.

“Is it your first time watching Oikawa?”, a girl with short hair and a jacket were Aoba Johsai girls’ VBC labelled on asked us, a smirk plastered on her face as she pointed on the court.

Both of us nodded.

“I was always a bit too shy to come here, but my friend and I took our courage to finally see their practice for ourselves!”, Chihaya’s timid voice almost made me choke due to restraining my laughter, she was a whole different person. I wondered why she never officially joined the drama club. Before she secretly hit my ribs a bit too hard for my standards.

Alright I am going to keep it for myself.

Another girl popped her head in next to us, her eyes wide and almost dazzling as she held Chihaya’s hands, “I felt the same when I came here first, it’s totally normal but don’t worry we are all the same. Come as often as you want they would never say anything!”

I had to move away to not break out in laughter as Chihaya was now engaged in a conversation with some girls covering up our infiltration mission.

How much I need a video footage of this, this is amazing.

Even Chihaya’s patterns were swiftly written down in my rose notebook as I giggled as lowly as possible, too close to the railing to hear some voices muttering.

“Iwaizumi, look aren’t those the ones from that day?”, the familiar voice of the dangerous number two from that day stopped me in my tracks, secretly looking down as both the supposed Iwaizumi and number two were looking up to the railing over their shoulders.

“Are they? They look familiar but I don’t remember every single person sticking to that jerk…”, Iwaizumi narrowed his eyes and looked closer scratching his head.

Iwaizumi… the ace… number four.

Quickly scribbling down the information I looked over to Chihaya who finally joined me, her face looking strained from the forced smile and cute act.

“Last time, never going to join you ever again, You can die here alone I wouldn’t care for this humiliation you brought upon me”, she hissed through her gritted teeth her smile not vanishing but here eyes looking devoid of any emotion.

“You are so harsh on yourself Haya-chii”, I giggled and she pulled my ear making me whine with a smile on her face.

“Don’t worry, instead of being harsh on myself I will be more harsh towards you, how would you like that, Miya-chii?”, the repressed anger in her voice was even scarier when she usually showed it directly.

Almost forgetting what I observed my gaze wandered back to the guys where Oikawa joined.

“Oh you came here to hear what they were saying?”, she asked me and loosened her grasp leaning against the railing.

“Not really…”, I muttered hiding the fact I came closer to hide my amusement due to her act.

“Mattsun, Iwa-chan! What are you looking at? Is something wrong?”, he glanced up and followed their gazes.

“I already told you Iwa-chan, trying so hard to get girls watching you won’t work for you”, as he said those words with a smile he noticed something or at least it seemed like that.

“Hide your notebook”, Chihaya hissed before moving her hands towards her mouth to shout.

“Oikawa-kun~!”, she yelled in a really cute and girly voice , nudging me while I was hiding the notebook behind my back, not taking the hint. Another nudge before I looked up seeing him smile at us and the other girls before waving. Afraid of the guy called Mattsun I hesitantly brought up my hand to wave back before he turned back to practice shoving the both of them back but getting a kick from Iwaizumi.

“Did you see he waved?!”, Chihaya pretended to be swooned by Oikawa and dragged me into the act as well until Mattsun was out of sight.

She covered us well…

“Crappykawa, I already told you to stop fooling around during practice!”


Slightly I pulled out my notebook writing down the facts, not leaving them out of sight.

Crappykawa… they look close enough to take it easy…

Suddenly Chihaya tugged my sleeve and moved her head, signalling that we have to go.

“B-But-”, this time she took my notebook gently and the pen, placing them in my bag and dragged me down the stairs before practice was over.

“This is bad, that number two is watching. We need to go and pretend we were only curious and wanted to watch, then we supposedly head to our clubs or whatever. Dodge him no matter what”, she whispered close to my ear pulling me close.

But I was only getting started, it looked fun…

“Okay”, I just muttered fully aware that Chihaya was right and looking back one last time before she could pull me out of the door, only to make my heart drop to my feet due to my surprise.

Everyone was engaged in practice, but the last thing I saw before the door closed behind us our backs facing the gymnasium, was Oikawa narrowing his eyes as if he observed something closely only to change the direction and facing us with that stare.



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