Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.08

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr

“Kenma, finish the report”

The blonde shook his head vigorously in contempt and looked back at the phone in his hands.

Akaashi was tired of rallying everyone around, especially in situations like these.

“We really need these reports from everyone who was there. Come on Kenma”, his voice was a low hum almost but his facial features showed aggravation that steadily built up with the second.

Kenma and Akaashi were both in the beta lounge, preparing for an important meeting that was supposed to take place in the next hour. 

“Akaashi”, another unassuming beta popped her head in to address the young male. 

Akaashi looked up from his own report and waited for the girl to reply. 

“The meeting was rearranged”, she almost whispered, with an apologetic look on her face? 

“Does that mean I can go?”, Kenma shit back, ready to pack his stuff and leave. 

“What do you mean?”, Akaashi asked. 

“The student council said instead of a beta committee meeting they would rather have everyone involved to answer a couple questions” 

At that exact moment, Asami slowly entered the room, her eyes trained on the girl at the door before she shuffled through and stood next to Kenma. 

“What’s going on? Isn’t the meeting happening soon?” 

“I don’t know, the council wants to meet us instead of the beta meetings I guess”, Kenma grumbled. 

“The council?”, Asami gulped, knowing she would be questioned a lot harsher about the whole incident. 

The council was known to take on bigger incidents that would occur between Alphas and Omega’s and put them on record. They weren’t as leisurely and reserved as the beta committee, who mostly just took care of the mental state of all of the involved and made sure to report it without a lot of hassle. 

The student council was the highest hierarchy at the University. This the University is a private one that is sponsored by a lot of influential people, the student council members are either exceptional students or have ties to politics or money. 

Akaashi sighed, truly more annoyed now than ever, and packed his notes into his bag. Asami leaned on the doorframe and fiddled with her thumbs as Akaashi walked past her, and Kenma only followed reluctantly a bit later. 

On their way to the floor where the council resided, the group of betas encountered Iwaizumi on his way to the same destination. 

He slowly trotted next to Kenma and Asami, all of them tense from what might happen next. 

The incident was in the past now. For some reason, all of the emotions hung heavily in the air now, bringing back the memories of what happened. 

“What about Oikawa and Mikoto?”, Asami hushed next to Iwaizumi and he shrugged. 

“I haven’t seen him since this morning, but he was in the lab with her so they are probably coming together”, his voice was low but he had a stiffness to himself. 

How would the council react when Oikawa and Mikoto entered the room together? 

It was just a matter of time before the meeting started now and the group stared forwards until the linoleum floors changed colours from beige to a dark violet that almost leaned into black.

The whole atmosphere shifted as they entered the floor of the student council. 

The walls were sterile white and the windows on the right side illuminated the long corridor beautifully. Still, what changed the atmosphere was the stark contrast of the smell.

Every inch of the hall was drenched in musky scents that overlapped over another, a stark contrast to the calming beta lounge part of the group resided in before.

Their steps echoed through the hallway and the way led them left where a receptionist working at a neatly organized table awaited them. 

The young woman wore a mask that was tucked under her nose, and she quickly drew it over upwards as she saw the group of students come in. 

According to the badge with her name on the desk, she was an alumni of the school and funnily enough, a beta.

Although there was no official guide as to what secondary gender a student council member should have, it was a known fact that most if not all of them were alphas. All of the members are hand-picked by alumni or current staff of the council, and it was rare that they chose anything but alphas, gammas or deltas for their line up.

“Who are you here to see?”, the receptionist called out with a high pitched voice and an almost fake sounding song in her intonation.

“We were called in by the council for an incident report?”, Akaashi asked lowly, for some reason automatically inclined to lead the group with him. 

Iwaizumi stood behind him and nodded in affirmation as the young woman led them in with a gesture of her arm.

“This is all so elaborate”, Asami exclaimed quietly while her eyes were glued to the intricate walls full of certificates and achievements of the council.

“I don’t like how strong the scent is”, Kenma almost whispered and she nodded in agreement.

“I’m okay if it’s the normal amount, but this just screams ‘alpha zone’”, Asami made quotation marks in the air to emphasize her point.

Suddenly she stiffened and stood still for a moment before continuing her walk towards an open door that exuded a certain scent. 

“You okay?”, Iwaizumi walked a bit slower but stayed in front of her, only craning his neck back and frowning.

She nodded with a crooked smile and shook her head to keep a calm demeanor.

The alpha nodded and looked back ahead, his own scent flaring up around the group. The air filled with the smell of agarwood and it pushed away every other scent for a mere second before they all got closer to the door.

A sliver of the room was now visible, and in a mere couple of steps they arrived at their destination.

There were tables pushed together in the shape of a rectangle in the middle of the room. Violet chairs adorned with velvet seat covers stood empty for them. Somehow, nobody sat down, following Akaashi’s example as he stood close to the door.

Awaiting some kind of invitation, everyone just stared at some of the council members who were visible from a side room but nobody said anything.

Quick steps approached from the hallway, and heads snapped into the direction of the sound to see Oikawa and Mikoto darting into the room.

“Are we late?”, Mikoto asked the group with visible confusion on her face.

Asami immediately shuffled next to her and shook her head, while she also acknowledged Oikawa’s presence with a nod and a smile.

“His scent is so strong it pisses me off”, he grumbled while gritting his teeth and smiling lightly, but his smile wasn’t a pleasant one.

“So you’ve arrived”, a booming voice broke through their ranks with an indescribable force that left everyone shocked for a moment.

Heads slowly and raggedly turned towards the owner of that voice that didn’t ask but commanded respect.

Ushijima Wakatoshi, the first head and representative of the student council entered the room, the strong and overwhelming scent of Mahogany rippled through the room knocking every other scent out of the way.

“Sit”, his voice was now even stronger than before. Not louder, but more demanding and intimidating. 

Impossible to deny.

Asami scrambled to the next seat with a hurry, while Kenma quickly hushed to one of the seats in the back and curled in his seat.

Akaashi’s fists were bald and his eyes closed shut for a second before he took big and quick strides towards his seat.

Iwaizumi almost popped a vein right then and there, the influence of another alpha’s command impossible to deny yet crushing for his pride in an instant. 

Stiff and almost too aggressive, he pushed back a stool and sat down while gripping the seat with his right hand.

Mikoto and Oikawa still stood glued to the ground where they were from the beginning, and Ushijima’s gaze landed on both of them.

“The meeting will start soon”, a yelp was heard from the table and an annoyed groan from the back of the room as the Alpha used his commanding voice again.

The omega was filled to the brim with all kinds of mixed feelings. 

Her heart rate increased as she felt humiliated in front of her colleagues and friends and she shakily took a step, cursing herself to be affected by such a rude and unseemly command. The fear in her battled with the urge to obey but was restricted by the absolute rage that bubbled in her core as she felt her fingers twitch.

She couldn’t see the features on the face of the man behind her, but if she could she would’ve seen the almost bizarre expression that was plastered on his face. Emotions he could only barely hold in rumored inside him wanting to break out.

To be honest, he could’ve just jumped at the council head at that second, every fiber in his body screamed for him to do so, but he knew of the consequences.

In the end, for him it felt like it was all his fault that they were all in here anyways, so he gulped down his anger and restrained himself. With a feather touch he placed his fingers on the omegas shoulder and she immediately shot up and moved to a seat next to her beta friend. 

The beta grabbed the omegas’ hands with urgency and the omega couldn’t reciprocate the gesture fully, but made sure to look back at her friend with a seemingly reassuring expression.

“Is he going to use his alpha voice the whole time?”, Asami whispered into her ear, her eyes darting to Ushijima who sat down at the end of the long table with two alpha’s next to him.

“I don’t know, but are you okay?”, Mikoto dipped her head closer to Asami and made sure that she really was fine.

“Yeah, I’m sure he’ll stop soon though”.

Mikoto hoped for the same, but was more concerned about the group around her and their reactions. 

In history, the alpha voice was a trigger used by alpha’s to talk over huge crowds of people and packs to establish dominance or to fend off other people. It was a very traditional way of thinking if it’s still used in these modern times, and Ushijima was all for tradition.

Now that two alpha’s have joined him, one of them the notorious Kenjiro Shirabu who was here to lead the protocol and make sure that everything went as it should be in the standards of the council, and Semi Eita who was one of the resident assistants and therefore acquainted with most of the school population, Ushjima leaned off of using his debilitating voice anymore.

“We’re starting now with the incident report”, multiple sighs of relief were heard across the room as Ushijima uttered these words with a normal voice. 

It was still as firm and stern as before, with an almost lackluster tone behind it, but it no longer had any effect on the students around him.

“Why are we doing this here though?”, Iwaizumi was clearly annoyed, but the first to pose the question that was in everyone’s head.

“Normally we fill out the reports and send them to you, why the sudden change?”

“We already filled them out and dent them in”, Akaashi remarked while pulling out the reports from his bag, “you asked us to make another report today and then hold a beta committee meeting”

“We should let Ushijima continue”, Shirabu reminded them, a stern look on his face as he cleared his throat.

Oikawa gave a disbelieving huff but kept quiet as Ushijima continued.

“This incident was brought to us before, that is correct. Still, as you should know the students council taked liberty in re-investigating every incident that comes in”, his hands hovered over a progress report that Asami recognized to be hers.

It was the first report that was documented immediately after the incident. 

Cringing at the uncomfortable memory, she shook her head and threw a questioning glance to Akaashi.

He barely reacted, keeping his calm demeanor and focus that shifted between Asami and Ushijima. His hands were clasped over each other on the table, one finger tapping on his palm.

“So, as you state in your report the incident was accidental?”, Ushijima’s olive eyes pierced through Mikoto who tensed as she was addressed.

“Yes of course”, she exclaimed, her nervousness bubbling over into annoyance at the rude question.

“What kind of question is that?”, Asami leaned forward to look at the alpha, “is this going to be an interview?”, but as she finished her sentence ushijimas attention drifted towards the beta.

“I’m simply trying to confirm all information. So Asami you were the one who got the beta committee involved?”

“Yes, but it was-”

“You were the first responder then?”, he blatantly finished his questions with no regard of the beta’s stuttered explanations.

“Yeah, but-”

“How did you know that your friend would be in heat?”, he pressed again.

“Uh- wait”, Asami quickly brought her hands to her face to calm herself, “that’s really personal I shouldn’t-”

“Did you know her cycle schedule?”

A loud cough reverberated through the meeting and Ushijima looked where it came from but stayed on his course.

“You detected it?”, he finally asked and the beta nodded shakily.

Shirabu scribbled something down on his notepad and an underlying pressure filled the atmosphere around them.

“The incident could’ve been avoided then?”

“Huh?”, Asami choked out in disbelief, the accusation hanging in the air.

“Woah, wait a minute”, Iwaizumi started, and Mikoto rose from her seat about to start as well but Ushijima held up his hand before anyone could defend themselves.

This action left both the shorter alpha and the omega boiling inside, but the council heads eyes were trained on someone else.

“Oikawa Tooru”

The brunette stood tall and his eyes were aflame with anger, waiting for Ushijima’s next words.

“The same goes for you”.

Two scents overlapped and almost fought through the air, as the wooden smell clashed with the fragrance of stale coffee beans. Both were diluted and distorted by anger, as Oikawa stepped forward towards Ushijima with a feverish look on his face.

“Oi, Oikawa-”, Iwaizumi interjected, but not nearly close enough to stop his friend.

“How dare you say that to him?”, a firm yet high voice made everyone stop and look at Mikoto who had a bewildered expression on her features that hinted to her growing annoyance, “he hasn’t done anything wrong, it’s my fault for forgetting my suppressants isn’t it?”

“It’s nobody’s fault okay?”, Asami shot back while looking at Mikoto, still with a fearsome worry that clouded her eyes.

“Mikoto Ohara”, Ushijima spoke with his eyes fixed on the omega, “you are not at fault here. It would be unreasonable to blame a defenseless omega for such a thing. It’s the alpha’s and beta’s who should’ve acted. You’re the victim here”

“I’m the victim?”, Mikoto’s voice fell down a pitch and it felt like ice around her, as her gaze pierced through the alpha in front of her.

The omega took in for a moment what the alpha had just said before she realized what his implication was.

“Don’t liste-”, but before Asami could hold her friends arm in reassurance she backed away and took another step towards the council head.

“Don’t you dare use me in your little scheme here”, her voice rose and kept rising in volume, her eyes darting from place to place as she tried to keep calm,”If it’s anyone’s fault it is mine! I won’t stand here and let you make your own story up, I can speak for myself!”


The omega turned around with a quick motion and silenced the beta’s reassurance with a single look before whipping her head back around to Ushijima.

“Who do you think you are? Shifting blame where you want to to make us all anxious and relive a memory we would much rather forget? You use your voice to make us submit, then you put Asami in a pinch, then you blame Oikawa and then you talk to me as if I’m some helpless person that can’t talk for herself?!”, short and high-pitched squeaks infiltrated Mikoto’s rant as she took a quick and hard breath before the scent of vanilla filled her senses and her shoulders slumped.

Her head focused on something on the floor while she held a finger up that pointed at nothing in particular before she craned her head back up and tried to start again, but another figure passed both Mikoto and Asami and walked towards Ushijima.

Akaashi’s jasmine scent enveloped everyone in the room as he walked and stood still after reaching the end of the table. His hands clasped over the stack of papers he now placed in front of the council members.

“As the head of the beta committee”, and his voice was almost as soothing as his scent, “I am asking you to accept this extensive secondary report. Everyone involved has explained the incident in detail here”.

His inquiry sounded more like a threat, but with Akaashi’s calm demeanor it was difficult to tell. Nobody saw it, but inside he was boiling with all kinds of emotions. He knew better than to be feisty in this situation, and all he wanted was to get out of this room. There were too many scents and too many things happening at once, and he was close to getting to his breaking point.

“But that’s why we brought you here”, Shirabu shot back with a glare before Ushijima nodded to himself and gestured that he accepted.

“Alright. I see that there are many emotions at play here”, his eyes found the figure of Oikawa behind Asami and Mikoto, and the two of them turned around to find something they definitely didn’t expect.

The vanilla scent that Kenma had exuded wasn’t made for the room intentionally, but in that moment only for one particular Alpha that had left the road of stability. 

Kenma still had his arm stretched upwards so that his wrist dangled in front of Oikawa’s face, as the taller man held his head in his hand trying to hold himself back from just slumping into the chair. 

The beta had an almost disgusted look on his face, like he hated what he was doing.

“Can we leave now?”, Kenma’s bored voice was an extreme contrast to all of the commotion from before, and he started moving as Ushjima gave the signal that they could leave.

Oikawa staggered behind the beta while Iwaizumi found himself next to Kenma, drinking in the more than soothing atmosphere.

As if in slow motion, everyone moved out of the room, leaving Akaashi as the last one to close the door of the meeting room behind him. 

The stark scent of the council alpha’s in the room did not help the situation, and as the group walked through the violet coloured floor nobody uttered a word.

Only when they left the domain of the council and a staircase leading downwards appeared the group slumped down into the stairs and took some breaths before anyone could say anything.

Kenma sat down and whipped out his phone immediately, Iwaizumi held the rails of the stairway and pushed out a much needed groan that was followed by a violent shake of his head.

Oikawa and Mikoto both sat down by themselves and took separate steps to calm themselves for a short minute, the omega heaving in some breaths before settling down and the alpha merely massaging his temples and quietly sighing to himself.

Asami waited sometime while wringing her hands with a little more force than needed until Mikoto looked up to her and ushered her to sit next to her. With a hurry the beta sat next to her and whispered something before the omega gave her a weak smile and nodding. The beta slumped her head onto her shoulder until she started to sniff.

A low laugh came from Mikoto as she rubbed her back and called her beta friend a drama queen, and Asami replied with a sound that was half laughter half sob.

“You know what’s really stupid?”, Asami sniffed and sat up straight with a goofy smile.

“What?”, Mikoto asked meekly.

“I want to eat now”

“Asami”, the omega replied with a shake of her head but laughed nonetheless.

“What? I get sad then I eat!”

Mikoto looked at the taller girl with a knowing smile, “you want ramen?”




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