Quote Time: Demon Slayer pt.01

“If you can only do one thing, hone it to perfection. Hone it to the utmost limit.”

Jigoro Kuwajima

art by @Ruttika_Shin on twitter

Zenitsu Agatsuma, one of the main characters of Demon Slayer and a very peculiar character next to his peers come with a very interesting set of character traits in the popular anime.

Next to Tanjiro’s empathy and high resolve and Inosuke’s raw drive to fight he pales in comparison. Constantly whining and being afraid of every fight, screaming his life out at the doom that awaits them. He stays away from all conflicts and is the first to run away or complain about his seemingly horrible fate.

Often enough it is mentioned how someone like him can even be part of the Demon Slayer corps. His tactics and technique seem unusually lacking, and no one can actually get him to stay put.

He relies heavily on his newfound friend Tanjiro and begs him to save him, to which the other can only scowl. 

Needless to say, upon seeing Zenitsu for the first time one might think he’s a useless character with no abilities.

He runs after any kind of woman, trying to marry quickly and actually tries to get his life into control in his own ways. Sadly, with his impulsive and rash atmosphere he scares every woman away which leads him to fall into despair everytime.

Being called a coward and a nuisance by the people around him, mentioning himself that he is only a part of the Demon Slayer corps as he was forced to by his teacher, the first impression he gives off really isn’t the most profound.

There is no heroism or bravery in his bones it seems, yet everything changes when his past is revealed.

Jigoro Kuwajima was the teacher and father figure that helped Zenitsu out of his severe debt as long as he let himself be trained to become part of the Demon Slayer corps. Zenitsu accepted his fate and started the grueling training, but ran off whenever he could, trying to escape the hellish trials he had to face.

He was constantly hit by Jigoro, who Zenitsu endearingly called jii-chan and was sure to never get his training done properly.

But his teacher never wavered in his trust in Zenitsu. 

He even told him it was okay to run away or take time for himself, he assured him that he would be able to succeed so long as he doesn’t ever give up.

Out of the sheer feeling of owning his teacher his current life, he kept doing exactly that, training hard to be accepted as valuable enough to become a Demon Slayer. Zenitsu still whined everyday about it and couldn’t help but complain, but there was one thing he never did.

He never gave up.

As he lay unconscious after fighting off the spider son demon, he repaculates what his teacher has taught him, that he didn’t need countless intricate attacks.

He needed only one, one thing, and hone it to perfection.

Jigoro always supported his pupil, making sure to teach him his own techniques in a way that Zenitsu could adopt them, and surely he became a strong character through it. Even though he might start off as a comedic relief character, we can actually see that the one breathing style he learned was a terrifyingly strong asset.

Because at the end of the day, he needed only the thunderclap and flash to succeed, and only one blade in his arsenal to conquer his enemies. 

Jigoro stayed behind Zenistu’s abilities and saw something that maybe even the young man couldn’t see in himself. It shows that the right support system can make anyone succeed in life. 

Never give up, keep working through your struggles and at some point you will find yourself with the fruits of your labour. Just never succumb to your fear, and only look forward.

In the end, it’s not about being the best at everything, but having one ability that one pushes to the utmost limit, one thing you absolutely perfect.

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