Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.09

art by @miu_akatsuki on instagram

“Should I get one or two of the ramen?”, Asami asked Mikoto with two packs of instant ramen in her hand. 

“Well, I mean you should know. You think you’ll finish two?”, Mikoto replied, while she help her own packet of ramen in her hands. 

They both stood an aisle next to me at the instant ramen station. A huge dispensary with all sorts of ramen flavors and toppings, as well as a cooking station in front of it. 

“I’m gonna take one with toppings, and if I want more I can still get another”, the beta mused to herself with a smile that caught my eye. 

After the whole disaster of that meeting with the council, and a grumbling stomach that indicated it, the whole group went to the next 7/11 that was close to campus to get food together. 

Oikawa was somewhere in another aisle when I lost track of him, so I turned around and walked through the store to keep an eye out. 

The memory alone of earth shattering alpha voice Ushijima used made me clench my teeth, and I instinctively balled my fists together to release some tension. 

What a mess. 

It was a blessing that we had Kenma and Akaashi with us, or we might be in a whole other situation now. 

I stepped out of an aisle two find Kenma, Oikawa and Akaashi looking at the same shelves. 

“Kenma-chan, what do you want? I owe you one for saving me earlier!”, Oikawa’s voice chimed and I sighed at his demeanor. 

For someone who was in the hot seat earlier, he sure knew how to flip the switch quickly. 

“It’s fine,” Kenma replied, almost lackluster as he tapped away on his phone.

I shook my head as I walked towards them, my hands in my pockets.

“Ah, Iwa-chan there you are!”, Oikawa smiled and I brought out nothing but a grumble.

This guy will always get himself worked up whatever the situation. How long until something really bad happens? 

While the three still chatted about we all walked slowly towards the cash register, while my thoughts ran through my head.

A couple of moments before we all walked through the campus over here, and most of the walk was pretty quiet. 

The groups had scattered into smaller ones, Akaashi and Kenma were walking quietly while Oikawa and I had trailed behind them.

Both of the betas kept scenting the air, their fragrance drifting through the air, jasmine and vanilla mingling together.

I had glanced to the side where Oikawa was walking next to me, his eyes focused on something that wasn’t really there. 

He thinks too much.

Sometimes there was a giggle heard from behind me, where Mikoto and Asami were conversing on their own. 

Mikoto’s caramel scent had turned back to its original sweet self, after smelling almost burned during the meeting. Even Asami smelled normal again, and I had realised that when she was stressed her beta scent would practically turn non existent. The freshness of the rosewater scent morphing into a withering rose odour.

The meeting had started in the afternoon, but since then the time had passed quickly and the sun started dipping into the horizon. 

The streetlamps had started to flicker on, while our steps echoed through the quieter area we walked through.   

I remembered how I-

“Iwaizumi”, the beta’s voice shook me from my musings and my head shot up to meet Asami’s gaze. 

“We’re done paying, can you tell the other we’re sitting right here?”, she gestured towards a table farther to the back behind the cashiers, while Oikawa, Kenma and Akaashi were still paying for their food.

“Uh, yeah, yeah we’ll meet you there”, I answered and she glanced to the floor with an unreadable expression before turning around and skipping towards her friend who wasn’t far from from her.

They ushered something to each other and I focused my attention back to the group paying.

“Are you guys done?”, I asked and Oikawa replied with an exaggerated sigh.

“Why so impatient Iwa-chan?”

“Huh?”, I replied with a little force to my voice and the other alpha squeaked in response.

Kissing my teeth, I started to take off to our designated table while the others slowly kept behind me.

The table was the closest to the glass windows, showing the violet sky and the headlights illuminating the parking lot. Sometimes a gust of wind would scatter the dead leaves around and I strode towards the beta and omega already sitting down waiting for us.

The seats were mostly empty, a few stray students or elderly sitting and quietly enjoying their food.

I paid no mind to them until I got closer to our table and walked past some occupied seats, as the overwhelming scent of incense smoke polluted my every nerve. It was quickly over as I kept walking, but there was something about the aroma that was eerie.

Sandalwood and Musk.

Something about it felt strange, almost surreal.

But there was no time to wonder about it. 

I briskly pushed the lingering thoughts away and took the last couple of steps towards our table.

Quickly enough, the rest of the group arrived and we all sat down together. 

Conversations started to bubble up slowly, when Oikawa started to complain about Ushijima and his antics.

“I mean who does he think he is?”, Oikawa shook his head exasperated and grabbed his drink to take a sip.

“I know what you mean, it felt like he was looking down on us”, Mikoto replied with a nod.

“He has a lot of power in his seat though”, I stated, “which makes it all the more annoying”.

Fishing out a piece of meat with my chopsticks I look up with blowing a little on it before shoving it in my mouth.

“He’s just generally scary”, Asami chimed.

“You find everything scary”, Akaashi shot back and I chuckled.

She looked embarrassed but tried to play down her amusement, “Akkashi that’s not true!”.

“You were shaking as he interrogated you”, the beta male continued.

“Oh my god Akaashi is right, you sounded even more suspicious as you tried to explain yourself”, Mikoto earned herself a nudge from Asami with that comment and another round of laughter erupted.

At least the group was less tense now. 

It didn’t feel like we were complete strangers now.

“Akaashi your phone is blinking”, Kenma noted his hand right holding a piece of pie while his left tapped continuously on his phone.

“Oh”, the beta uttered, his fingers clasping around the phone to check the display.

His face shifted from the usual distant and cold expression to a quick surprise as his eyebrows shot up. I observed as he quickly typed in something and set his phone back down.

Concerned I propped my elbow onto the table and leaned closer to him, “Everything alright?”.

He looked back at me with a slight smile and nodded, “I just got a text from Bokuto”.

“Is he coming back soon?”, Mikoto shot her head up and grinned, her caramel scent enveloping the whole table.

“Yes”, Akaashi muttered, “Tomorrow”.



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