Games for you to play despite having no time -pt.1

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Stray Cat Doors

Sometimes while we lose ourselves in the rush of the world and our heads already full with the workload of what to do next, we seek to pull the brakes and calm down even if it is for a mere thirty minutes.

Exams, work and other stuff keep us so busy that we forget to rest sometimes and deprive the need of enjoying ourselves for some minutes in-between.

For those among you who seek a little refuge in their little breaks between the day but cannot find the time to play games with a long and heavy story-line, I present you a little refresher that you can play even if you have no time.

Stray Cat Doors.

It’s a game that you can download freely on your phone whether you have an IOS or Android one, it does take mere minutes before you can immediately start playing it.

The game is an escape game with puzzle features, now for all of those who are thinking? Those mystery dark ones?

Nope, not at all!

Stray Cat Doors is a game with cute in-game characters, calm and soothing music as well as many little aspects that makes your mind feel calm but at the same time doesn’t fail to challenge it.

The puzzles are more challenging the more you proceed and even at the last stage it is possible to solve them without spending any money at all.

It consists of six stages which makes the game really short and easily playable since you can play one stage and continue later if your break is over or you are in a rush.

Not having any internet connection is no problem as well since it’s an offline game, meaning if the boredom took the better of you there is no fear of sitting there and staring at the dull train ceiling but make your time on the train much more enjoyable.

Now even though it is a very cute game to look at it, it still tells us a certain story and journey which we follow through the different stages and levels.

Your task is to pick up the right items and observe where to use them or in which combination, also many of the puzzles correlate which means that solving one puzzle sometimes is only possible if you solved the one before but you have to find the order by yourself.

The little pictures,items, animations and animals have their own designs since every stage has its own theme.

When you finish a stage the start-screen which serves as the room of the girl starts to liven up and fills itself with the many items of the stage giving the player a cozy feeling and accomplishments that are seen at first sight.

Already finished the game?

Don’t worry after your first run you are able to unlock many extras in the very same stages just in different variety.

But if you are not sick of cute cats and puzzle-solving with the cat girl you are able to continue your journey in Stray Cat Doors 2.

I personally played the game while studying for exams and since it was a stressful time where I couldn’t go for more time-consuming games I chose to play a game that has been waiting on my wishlist for long.

The design made me want to keep looking and find the items that would fill the room next, it also made me forget about the pressure and stress as the stages may have been short but sometimes could take up until a whole lunch break which wasn’t as long as usual games but enough time to calm myself down along with the BGM, sounds and animations that filled my heart.

The story was not something that would be called far-fetched or complex but it still had a very relaxing and friendly meaning behind it which I personally thought it may be a small message in our everyday lives.

Stages didn’t have any save points which meant you either finished the stage or restart it at a later point but after finishing it the next door would open, it would let you stay even for the short amount of time it took forcing you to relax and go along with the flow.

A Game that truly made me relax in my stressful days and treasure deeply, I even downloaded the sequel and am looking forward for the small changes in gameplay.

Stay tuned for the next game in our: Games for you to play despite having no time- series.

If you want a little peek into the game itself instead of plain description here is a trailer for the switch version that came out later than the smartphone versions:

Silently searching for her own cats,

  • Makii

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