Games for you to play despite having no time -pt.2

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Sometimes while we lose ourselves in the rush of the world and our heads already full with the workload of what to do next, we seek to pull the brakes and calm down even if it is for a mere thirty minutes.

This is the second game in the series of games you are able to play even if the rush of life

takes you away sometimes, take a deep breath and start today’s recommendation:

Alter Ego.

I am starting off with a little disclaimer here: this game is a self-discovery game in any case you are easily triggered by things that might hit close to home or make you uncomfortable due to many personal reasons or poor mental health please refrain from playing it by yourself or at all because it is brutally honest and accurate when you answer it earnestly.

Starting off, this game is mainly a clicker-game in which the player starts a journey of self-discovery. Weirdly enough despite the fact that one is aware that it might lead to some truths that would be revealed or even for people who already discovered a lot about themselves this game will still surprise you in many ways.

As mentioned it is a clicker-game in which the player can increase the rate of gaining so-called Ego which is needed for interaction and discovery.

There are two main characters first would be the stone wall you meet at the beginning called Ego-Rex who introduces itself as the administrator of the place as he tells you what to do in your first steps and also comes after every chapter to hint in which of the three routes you are heading to. He gives you either advice as he warns you or praises you and tells you to continue on the path you are choosing.

The other character is Es and for those who might have asked themselves by now, hey this is really familiar to something I may have forgotten…

Es and Ego-Rex are an implication on Sigmund Freud if not even the personification of his theory, as Ego-Rex represents the superego (in german: Über-ich) led by norms and morals, and Es like the german word represents the Id led by instincts, which makes the player the Ego (in german: ich) who is in charge of making decisions and contemplating between Id and Superego being the mediator of the two.

The funny thing is that the game has three different endings which represents each router and each outcome named after Sigmund Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego.

How do you proceed?

The game’s clicker feature is used to gain ego which can be used to read books written by real-life authors that all have something to do with self-discovery or at least questioning one’s identity for example Osamu Dazai’s No longer human or even books like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

The books increase the auto-gain ego while interacting with Es can both increase the clicked Ego and auto-gained one’s which makes the game perfect to play in-between as you can collect Ego while being offline and simply wait for it to accumulate, you don’t even need to open the app for that.

To interact with Es you’ll occasionally have to wait for ego to accumulate to a certain amount to talk to her as she will ask you questions you need to answer, tells you a story in which you interpret it or take a quiz, especially the latter ones will give you a glass piece that will reveal many things about yourself depending on how you answer.

That is why it is better to choose as close to reality as possible to get the best outcome as the results are eerily accurate if you answer them, of course you can retake them by watching a video or replaying the game from new.

The first gameplay is longer than the others as after the first ending you receive the game has a multiplier which makes collecting Ego swift and easy in the next run-throughs.

It’s a game that depends on your choices while it returns a reflection of yourself through a mirror.

If you are interested in more choices-based games that may cost you more time but are definitely worth it read Nissa’s blogpost on the topic.

In the record room you can re-read the books you unlocked and read, seeing the little paragraphs and quotes, as well as the mirror which contains all the results of the quizzes you took in the current run offering you an alter view showing you the key words.

That’s all I want to show you for the game as I want you to feel the same surprise effect as I had playing through it, especially with the quizzes and endings.

Here is the trailer if you are interested:

Did you ever play self-discovery game close to Alter Ego or even Alter Ego?

Or do you prefer games more detached from reality?

I would love to hear your opinion!

Until the next game~

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