Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt. 12

Art by @pottetto on Instagram

“No, I haven’t tried it out yet. I’m thinking of doing a blind playthrough”, I muttered into the mic after catching the question about an upcoming game in the chat.

My eyes flickered over the messages that were incoming quickly, but most of them were just reactions or weird requests, so I took a sip from the energy drink on my table and kept my eyes on the monitor.

“Shirois joining us for Among us later, you guys can ping her on the server”, I stifled a smile because I knew she was going to get spammed, but it was technically her fault for being late again.

I had the feeling that I heard someone come in, so I retracted one side of my headset from my ears to catch who it was.

“Who is it?”, annoyance in my voice as I was pretty sure I hung up my ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.

“Who do you think it is?”, Kuroo’s voice boomed through the room, not caring for a second that people might see him.

“Ah guys, it’s just Kuroo”

“What do you mean just Kuroo?”, he stepped closer to tower over my chair and leaned in closer to read the chat box, “Oho? That’s a lot of people! Hello~”, he chimed and grinned into the camera.

“Alright, alright nobody missed you, go away!”, I grumbled, looking at the chat filling with messages for Kuroo now instead. Hearts everywhere.

“Hmm~”, he got closer again, his hands clasping my shoulders on each side.

I knew he wanted to get a reaction out of me, that idiot, but I’m not going to give him what he wants.

“Looks like I’m more popular than you want to admit!”

He pushed his weight onto me and I almost slumped into the chair, I forgot how massive that dude is. Annoying

With a direct movement, I shoved my elbow somewhere into his direction as I heard a gasp followed by a low groan.

Confused, I looked at the chat typing ‘oh’s and ‘shit’s as I turned around to find Kuroo clutching his shoulder with an expression that looked foreign to me.

With s quick motion I pressed the button to disable my camera and muted my mic.

Kuroos face tried to quickly turn into a grin as he rubbed his shoulder, but the strained muscles of his arm showed me something different.

I scented the air and normally I would be met with the warmth of apples and cinnamon, a scent I found way too intense since childhood, but all that was left of it was a stressed and fouled apple. The cinnamon became so intense to a point that it hurt my nose and I stood up from my chair.

With a couple of clicks I ended the stream prematurely, and my head snapped to the alpha still holding his shoulder.

“Why did you end the stream?”, with a last hope of not starting this conversation he glued his eyes to the now black monitor.

“What happened”, I snapped, sounding more angry than scared or confused. But I felt all of those emotions.

Was it as bad as I thought? Maybe it was just a sprain? But the shoulder is such an important part of playing volleyball.

Kuroo opened his mouth without looking at me and I shook my head, “look at me”.

Reluctantly, he matched my gaze and I hoped my tired expression would overshadow my anxious mind.

“It was a couple of weeks ago”.

I kept quiet, urging him to continue.

He sighed and sat down on the bed, his arm still supporting his shoulder.

“I was just a small sprain in the beginning, the coach told me I could keep training. We played mock games a lot and had some matches outside of training. I think I either sprained it again or it got worse some other way, beacuse when I went for a block one day my arm was pushed back”.

I winced and made a face and Kuroo nodded.

“The athletic trainer and the doctors said it’s just inflamed, but that means no hard training for a month”

A month.

That’s way too long.

“What about the tryouts?”, I mumbled.

“I don’t know, I don’t think I can make it till then ya know”, he tilted his head back and a loose laugh came out of him, “Tryout are next week, I don’t think my shoulder will suddenly be all buddy buddy with me”.

My eyes stayed on his shoulder, and I just now realised I actually hit him directly into it.

My vanilla scent stifled, and Kuroo caught that.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore. Just when I move it too much”, a grin etched onto him, “or when I get hit into it”.

My pity for him dissipated for a moment.

Cracking jokes now, is he even an adult?

“I guess I’m sorry”, I grumbled with a disgusted expression.

“Hm”, he huffed out and his demeanor shifted back into a serious one.

“Bokuto doesn’t know anything”.

“Hah?! How?”, I took my headphones off completely and turned my chair closer to the alpha.

“We were in different teams that day, the camp was almost over so I just sayd to him that I would train something else”.

I.slumoed back into the chair.

“Let me guess, yiu were actually doing physical therapy right?”

Kuroo nodded, his head snapping to the door as someone came in.

White chocolate wafted into the room as she walked in, her eyes trained on Kuroos shoulder.

“Shiro”, I chimed.

Her face contorted into a mix of no emotion and too much emotion, as she sat down next to Kuroo and kept looking at his injury.

Slowly, she touched just above his collar bone, leaving the alpha to twitch a little and press his teeth together.

“You”, clasped her hand on her mouth and stood up again.

Walking toward me with a vacant expression and her scent getting almost mouldy she stood still and took in a deep breath.


“HOW MANY TIMES DO I TELL YOU TO BE CAREFUL? HUH?”, her voice feeding into a screech and Kuroo winced and ducked his head.

Her voice was not only angry, but incredibly soothing to me. Yet for Kuroo, it felt like nails on chalkboard.

Sigma voice.

Designed to let alphas have a taste of their own medicine and the only feature of voice thta calms betas.

I almost snorted if it weren’t for the situation.

Serves him right.

“It was an accident”, Kuroo whisper yelled.

“Then don’t get into accidents!”

“That’s doesn’t make sense!”

She huffed and plopped herself back onto the bed.

“I really wanna hit you”.

“Oh, go ahead Kenma already had his turn!”, Kuroo snickered and I groaned.

A sudden silence fell over us, as we all contemplated what would happen next.

It was pretty obvious that Kuroo would have to varsity out this semester. Technically, that wasn’t too bad.

Still I knew that Kuroo would beat himself up anyway. Especially when Bokuto finds out, as they had both been roaring about the fact they could finally be in the same team.

If the doctors estimate was correct, his shoulder should be better in one or two weeks, it would still not be the best idea to start a training as hard as varsity.

“So, what are you going to do?”, Shiroasked, her voice calming down to her natural base.

Exasperated, Kuro pushed his hands through his mess of a hair, pausing for a moment.

“I’ll have to find something else to do for the meantime”.

“What if you talk to the coach? They might let you try out later?”, Shiroinquired, but I already knew how Kuroo would react to that.

First of all, the coach wouldn’t agree to that. Not he was overly mean or strict, but he was sure to give out few chances and not let others in whenever they wanted to.

When the try-outs are over, they are over.

And taken by Kuroo’s puzzled expression I was correct in my assessment.

Kuroo won’t take pity chances.

“The coach won’t do that anyways”, I muttered.

“Exactly”, Kuroo let himself fall down onto the bed, “I’ll just try next semester”.

“That sucks, I really wanted to watch the games”, Shirogrumbled and quickly caught her mistake as we both snapped our head towards her.

“Oho~ So you like watching me hm?”

“Stop I didn’t mean it like that!”, She shrieked as Kuroo loomed over her with his left arm spread out imitating some sort of monster.

“I will fight you!”, Shiroput her hands up and readied herself.

“Okay, you both forget that the big nerd is injured”.


“Yeah right”

Shaking my head I turned around in my chair, trying to leave the gnawing feeling of anxiousness behind me as I turned on my computer again.

Let’s start this stream again.

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