Haikyuu Quote Time: part 12

“I am built upon the small things I do every day, and the end results are no more than a byproduct of that”

– Kita Shinsuke

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr

Our past molds our present, and our present builds our future.

We live to correct and learn from our pasts, work hard and diligently in the present to get into a new and shinier future. We want to become better ideally, and strive to leave something behind us that has meaning. 

Still, every person is different. 

Some of us work hard to forget the past, we live in the present to forget and drown ourselves in the current time. Living only in the now, one can forget that all of our actions have consequences, and that the future slips away like sand dissipating through your fingers.

Others only see the future. They work their hardest every day to attain a certain goal. They see the future as bright and new, untainted from the present and detached from their current situation. A world full of hope.

While none of these approaches to life are perfect, in Haikyuu!! season four we find a character who has a very special mindset when it comes to life.

Kita Shinsuke seems to be a very wise and mature person. As the captain of Inarizaki, he is shown to talk to the interviewers very calmly but with confidence in his friends’ abilities. No cocky attitude or excessive boasting, Kita reps his team as what it is, and has a tight leash on all of them.

Inarizaki all in itself is a force to be reckoned with. 

They use all of their abilities and even incorporate their marching band into their playstyle. It’s all a part of their scheme, and most players, especially Miya Atsumu lives under that kind of reputation.

Kita doesn’t play in the first part of the game, even though he is the captain and we have seen that all the other captains so far have played a huge role in their teams from the start as starting players. 

Calmly, he observed the game from the sidelines until his motivations and ambitions were shown in recaps in his mind. 

He works very diligently everyday, a set routine and minute tasks are not only important to Kita because of their obvious benefit, but he states that he enjoys the peace and joy it brings him.  He understands that the small things he works hard on every day are what build him. What made him who he is today. 

“I am built upon the small things I do every day[…]” 

This is a very mature mindset, he is not blinded by other people’s perception or a construct of results in life, so he knows that there is a lot more to his menial tasks than what they might seem like.

This also comes from his grandma’s routine cleaning and wisdom of taking care of the small things in life. Even though Kita might not have understood at that point, he now exhibits the same calm and wise attitude. 

“[…]and the end results are no more than a byproduct of that” 

What his words mean, is that the goal is not his goal.

If he works hard everyday, uses routines to keep his mind and body in shape and take care of himself, his friends and surroundings, that alone is enough. That is the goal he needs and wants to pursue. 

If he wins a game after doing his exercises every day and practicing hard, that is just a nice extra he will enjoy. 

The beautiful thing about Kita’s mindset is the fact that even if he fails, it does not change the case that he worked his very best. It matters that he stood to his tasks and routines in a diligent way and enjoyed them.

Yes, it is still frustrating to lose, and nobody wants to lose truly.

But with a healthy mindset like Kita’s, no matter how grueling the loss or how euphoric the win, if you focus on the process towards the goal, life might work out better than before.

The way to the goal is the goal itself.


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