Haikyuu!! Merry Go Round of Life [Hinata]

Haikyuu Hinata Shoyo spike @melo9ba

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I was falling, the gush of air that made my whole dress become almost blanket like or even an umbrella depending from where one would look from.

It was the usual, I only wanted to jump down the hill, fill myself with a bit of adrenaline between my lazy and daily routine to feel alive.

But this time I didn’t feel my feet touching the ground with a hard impact, the moment before I saw the green meadow touch my feet a sudden gust swept me away.

Not the kind of gust that would make your head fly away, it was as if a force was pulling me back up from where I came but still I didn’t land back on the hill I started from instead I tried to hold my dress in order to keep people’s eyes away from my undergarment who gawked from below as I hovered with no control into a certain direction.

“A little closer, a little closer”, I heard a energetic voice of someone far away on the other side of the village, when I tried to open my eyes but the resistance of the gust made it hard to see things clearly.

“Almost there, oh oh! Ah- wait oh no!”, the voice that was so happy about something suddenly turned into a frantic panic and at the same time I felt a shift in my body as my body started to descend with too much force.

I widened my eyes as I saw the stone pavement drawing closer in rapid speed and already started to see how my head would be split into pieces as I closed my eyes.

As I felt my knee scraping against the rough pavement the feeling of my body suddenly flipping and a relieved sigh mingled with a twist in my guts.

“Got you”, as I opened my eyes I saw ginger-colored hair that was messy through the little breeze that was left.

Still in the air I looked down to see that he was holding me in an embrace as we still stood in the air, little leaves dancing up and down.

“H-Hinata? What is this?”, as I looked down as if frozen in a picture.

I looked back to the smiling but a bit flustered face of the man as he looked around.

“I always see you doing the same thing on the hill so I took the liberty to show you something more amazing than a simple jump. I have watched you a lot, I exactly know on which days you are off and at what time you ascend the hill. You tend to jump two to three times before you lose interest and go back-”, I interrupted him worrying that his enthusiastic explanation about my daily routine would make us drop right to the floor.

He was someone I saw frequently at the flower shop I worked at, as he sometimes just dropped by to smell on some of them and on other days he told me that he bought some for his sister and yet I never would have thought that he could pull off such tricks nor that he was watching me.

The smile and blush on his face, as well as the obvious excitement on his face made me wonder if he did enjoy the little flight we were having.

“Are you the one holding us up?”

I looked back down and the memories of the stone pavement made me shiver as I felt him pulling me closer to his body.

“Don’t worry, I might have”, and he paused averting his gaze upwards with a helpless smile, “ehh… well I might have made a mistake with the timing but look now it’s fine! It’s amazing right? I practiced a lot to show you this”, he then started to take my hand and turn me around showing me the view of the big village, humans moving like colorful dots and the flowers we used for our shop looked like a little artwork as they grew in certain patterns.

“It’s cool, right?!”, he almost yelled in my ear and I couldn’t help but nod and mutter a yes as I only now realized we were slowly walking through the air.

Hinata was the first one to set foot on the stone pavement of the village before he caught me in an embrace and twirled me around, making me blush and worry.

“You will fall, stop that”, I said and held back a laughter as he turned me around another time.

“Oh come on I caught you before you hit the ground but this time-”, as he swung me around while he said that I saw his expression change before the world turned upside-down.

I looked to my side as I saw that he had fallen over just as I predicted and was lying under me as he caught my fall as well.

“You should… really listen”, I muttered seeing his dizzy face as he shook his head to sit up and face me.

“I am sorry, next time I’ll do it better”, he rubbed his head and ruffled through his hair while I started laughing at the miserable attempt.

“H-Hey, why are you laughing?!”

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