Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.13

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr

With a stumble to her step, Asami bolted out of her bed and scrambled for her glasses.

Cursing under her breath as she nearly stepped on them, she quickly stepped into some sweats that were lying on the floor.

Her heart was beating fast, her mind still too numb to process all of this, but she could feel the urgency through the texts that Mikoto sent her.

Something is happening.

Is she in heat again?

Is someone else in rut?

Is it Bokuto?

Her hair was an absolute mess, resembling more sheeps wool than anything was swept out of her face with a quick motion.

Nt caring how she would look like to the people around her, only focused on the fear that grew steadily in her mind she crashed through the door of her dormitory and dashed forwards.

It’s probably not that bad!

No caps, no emojis, and an emergency.


No this is definitely bad.

Breathing heavily, she bolted into the door with the correct label.


No response, but a giggle underneath the bed sheets.


Walking in, Asami kept her guard up as she went closer to the bundle on the bed.

“Mikoto? Are you okay? It’s like 9 am on a saturday?”

“BOO!”, the omega suddenly screamed and emerged from her fortress of blankets and the beta quite literally almost peed her pants.

“OH MY GOD! Wait, Bokuto?”

The alpha shot up from the end of the bed with tousled hair and a pout on his face.

“Is this the emergency? I thought something happened!”, she yelled in frustration, her heart rate calming a little.

“Oh something happened! And it is veeery important!”, Mikoto nodded with a smile.

Bokuto, still pouting, pressed his eyes together to emulate his sadness, “Akaashi is mad at me”.

“And?”, the beta asked.

“And! We need your help”.

The beta sighed, crestfallen at the precious hours of sleep that were now wasted.

“You guys do know that I’ve been awake until like”, she paused and stared at the wall for a couple of seconds, “uh- four in the morning?”

Rubbing her eyes she set her eyes on the desk chair, took a couple of steps until she reached it and sat down with a sigh.

“Oh, come on Asami please! We really need you!”, Bokuto whined and got up from under the bed where he was hiding.

“Just to be clear, If you would’ve done your essay beforehand you wouldn’t have to stay up so late”, Mikoto scolded the beta, to which Asami just groaned and buried her face in her arms.

“So what do you guys want?” She mumbled almost asleep on the chair but snapped her head up at another whine from Bokuto.

“Ok so here’s the situation!”, Mikoto got up from the bed and pushed her chin up with her hand, “the mission is called: Akaashi is mad”.

The beta visibly shook for a moment, her eyes almost popping out of her sockets.

Akaashi was a reserved and maybe occasionally snarky person. For the average eye the traits he first exhibits are a hard working nature, an interest in art and his position in the beta committee. Some people who know him from his classes mind find out that his retorts are pretty deadly, and that he really likes rice balls.

But there was one thing that was rarely seen with Akaashi.


Not saying that the beta is always happy-go-lucky and never gets angry, quite the contrary. Thanks to the chaotic duo that was Bokuto and Mikoto, the committee meetings and reigning Kenma in, Alpha’s snarking at him left and right and not to forget he was an actual student at this university, aggravation was not a new feeling for the man.

Still, Akaashi is someone who internalises his anger. Never someone who acts out on it. Maybe it was his personality or just from his beta nature but even then he distracted himself with work or tried to push past it all.

It’s the serenity of Akaashi’s anger that is so terrifying, and Asami gulped when she thought of the times she got on his nerves.

“Is he mad? Or like, mad, mad?”

“I don’t knoooww”, Bokuto slurred, but quickly held himself up again, “He was fine yesterday when he was studying, but when I went to his dorm today we was all gloomy in his room”, the alpha gestured weirdly.

“Gloomy?”, Asami asked.

“Yeah! And then he was like”, and Bokuto’s shoulders slouched down to emulate Akaashi hanging over his desk, “Bokuto, not now. Go away.”

Mikoto made an “oof” sound and pretended to be shot in the heart, her torso flopping over dramatically.

“So, I conclude that you woke me up to talk to Akaashi?”, Asami looked in disbelief and shook her head, “I am the last person that should get there. I get on his nerves just as much. Mikoto, you should go!”

To that the omega pursed her lips as if she were disappointed and fished out her phone to show her friend a message.

She had been spamming him with messages, but had been left on delivered.

Stifling a laugh and getting a glare from Mikoto, Asami thought about what she could o to subdue the beta.

“I mean he probably is just busy and you guys caught him at a bad time”, she mused, “maybe he just wants to be left alone”.

“If he’s cooped up in his room though I’m scared he might overwork himself again”, Mikoto brought up a valid point.

“I hope he’s eating and drinking well, he tends to forget to do anything else”, Asami stood up again and ushered the other two to get their stuff, “Come on guys. We’re going to get him something to munch, maybe onigiri will help”.

After a couple of moments, the trio was a bit better dressed and on their way to the stores outside. Bokuto and Mikoto sandwiched Asami between them who tended to cling to Mikoto with her arm grazing her friends occasionally.

Half an hour and too many jokes later, they all made their way back to Akaashi’s dorm room.

Tired eyes focusing on the bag of rice balls and a Starbucks refresher in her hands, Asami felt a deep sense of sudden peace. In another part of her life, waking her up early to get something would’ve disrupted her whole day, but right now she was almost kind of glad she got dragged out by these raging extraverts.

As they arrived at Akaashi’s door which was locked from the inside, which Bokuto checked beforehand as he was excited, they set down the bag in front of the door and Mikoto knocked softly.


“Wait, now he’s not gonna open the door like that!”, Asami grimaced and knocked again, “Akaashi, we brought you a snack!”.

“Yeah! Gotta eat properly if ya wanna use those brain muscles!”, Bokuto roared and Mikoto snickered.

“Brain muscles?”, Asami grinned and Bokuto nodded fiercely.

There was still no reply from inside, but some shuffling to be heard.

Paper or something probably.

“Eat something Akaashi! Also, don’t leave me on delivered!”, Mikoto shot at the door and looked at it for a lingering moment.

“I think that went well”.

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