Miya Twins – the curse and blessing of being a twin [Haikyuu!!]

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Some of us may hate them or adore them, yet you can’t find a middle when it comes to it.

Siblings can be important roles in our lives, for the better or for the worse in some cases.

They are some who look up to their siblings and share a strong bond, and with others there might be constant competition and comparison which makes them grow further away from siblings, others are a mix.

There is not a definite sibling relationship since each and every one is different and unique.

In Haikyuu we already saw some relationships depicted between siblings as we have the Tsukishima brothers with their problematic turn of losing trust but still respecting each other as well as trying to come to an understanding, or the example of the Tanaka siblings who may look like they have a lot in common but we see Saeko being extremely supportive and encouraging despite looking just as rough as her brother if not even more fearsome at times.

Not to forget we have Hinata Shoyo as the big brother role, who takes pride in becoming someone who his sister can be proud of despite looking a bit foolish when it comes to it.

Yet Furudate didn’t fear to put in another fascinating sibling relationship in the Haikyuu series: The Miya twins.

As we see the bickering duo enter towards the end of the first part of Haikyuu!! To the top one can immediately sense that there is a bit more to their relationship and that they look quite fascinating the way they interact with each other as they look like complete opposites when it comes to personality.

But what does it mean to be a twin?

What makes it so truly beautiful yet painfully forbidding?

In the following blogpost we will cover the curse and blessing of being a twin, with our two characters Atsumu and Osamu Miya who left a big mark in the last season!


They are not simply siblings who have the same genes, no.

As they are identical twins their DNA is almost identical, identical twins are born from the same Zygote as it’s an unusual occurrence for the Zygote to split into two before starting to divide and grow into seperate beings – in this case two separate beings with the exact same DNA.

While twins might be almost identical they are not completely, they may share the same DNA from the start but they still grow into separate individuals who can each have different eating habits, routines, different environments etc.

Considering Epigenetic (which would be too much to explain and make this post long than supposed) the DNA can still be modified through chemical changes that happen through a lot of factors which means the DNA itself still stays the same but the chemical groups can switch sequences on and off which may conclude that even in twins there are changes in appearance and physique.

Twins also have similar but not identical fingerprints.

With the Miya twins we see that at a young age before they dyed their hair they resembled each other and if not for the personalities and slight hints they are not easy to tell apart beside the way they separate their hair or Osamu’s eyes and hair having a slightly different shade of brown if looking closely.

Even as children they had a lot of individuality but they shared a lot of similarities, which stayed and manifested even to their current selves.

Despite Osamu seeming more reserved, silent and level-headed most of the team still don’t trust him for being just as impulsive as Atsumu when it comes to it. We have both Kita and Suna comment on that as they remark that in the end Osamu and Atsumu still share the same DNA, as we see Osamu being just as competitive and aggressive as his brother when it comes down to it.

The team is aware that Osamu might just turn the tables suddenly and get angry or frustrated just like his brother, he also shares his provoking nature and doesn’t let the opportunity slide to make a remark when Atsumu messed up or gets scolded and it’s the same the other way around, that’s why most of the people who know the silent Osamu do not underestimate the dangerous traits within him that his twin brother shows outwardly in full pride.

In the scene where we see Atsumu confronting his twin for not being frustrated enough about him going to the All-Youth camp but Osamu not, he also mentions that despite that it might seem differently Osamu works just as hard as he does making them both hard-working people even if it seems like Atsumu works a tad harder than him towards his goal as the best setter. Neither Osamu nor Atsumu would just say that to each other if they didn’t mean it honestly as they are brutally honest with each other considering their mistakes and bad traits which they call out loudly in front of people at times and do not care about what others think.

Which shows their deep consideration for each other as Osamu states he knows he should be frustrated but he just isn’t and Atsumu being frustrated in his place that he wasn’t chosen either as he thinks his brother is just as good as him.

Osamu being just as competitive as his brother


Like mentioned before twins might be very similar especially appearance-wise but they do not have to share everything considering their traits, personality, hobbies etc as they are still separate individuals.

We already saw their similarities, but what makes them so different?

It’s clear that Osamu appears to be visibly more reserved and silent when he is not agitated or bickering with his brother, if there is no real reason to be mad about or put in too much emotion Osamu is unlike Atsumu not easily swayed by things around him or at least he does not openly present that like his brother.

As a child Osamu seemed also more observant and didn’t shout out anything that came to his mind like Atsumu, as we see in Aran’s flashback. He thinks of ways to counter his brother as he knows what would tick him off and doesn’t show that he is bothered when Atsumu was chosen as either Spiker or Setter, talking himself out in a clever way which would make Atsumu mad.

In the same flashback Aran also mentioned that he thought Osamu was slightly better than Atsumu if he had to say that, assuming Aran was right or considering he mentioned at that time Osamu was better than Atsumu it shows that having the same body structure appearance-wise doesn’t make twins the same skill-wise even if they are in the same environment and under the same conditions.

Kita also mentioned in one of his quotes where he talked about that the process matters more than the results, a child wouldn’t understand it as Atsumu came to his mind at that very moment. Not only those Kita view Atsumu as a child but Osamu mentioned as well that Atsumu tends to become very childish especially during a game as he said he regresses back about five years when they are in a match indicating his easily affected behavioural pattern. 

We also get to see that Atsumu is a bit more vulnerable than Osamu, at least showing that vulnerability quicker than his brother but it doesn’t make Osamu less vulnerable as Atsumu is generally just more bluntly showcasing his feelings and sometimes even laying out his ambiguous attention. Since Atsumu doesn’t care about what people think of him or what they say about him people often get irritated, annoyed or intimidated by him unlike Osamu who consciously tried to avoid becoming hated by his peers in middle-school like Atsumu as he talked to them and tried to befriend them.

For Osamu it was simply bothersome to get into the situation Atsumu throws himself in as he tries to avoid conflict when it’s not needed and also is shown to be a bit more sly about things than his brother as he learned to think more before acting out like his brother for the reasons stated above, yet ironically the only one who can bring out the loud and childish side in Osamu is Atsumu himself which he avoided to resemble in order to not end up like him.

Atsumu also seems more flashy than his brother and doesn’t miss an opportunity to show off his talent, skills and what he can bring out during a match making him a bit more daring than Osamu, but Osamu also goes along with his brother’s daring side which could make him just as daring yet not basically the one who takes the initiative first.

Atsumu not caring about being hated unlike Osamu


As we saw their similarities and differences it is just a matter of time that problems arise with both of them.

What is the supposed curse of being a twin?

For that there is one important thing Aran mentions as he talks about the Miyas.

“The biggest blessing that Atsumu has isn’t his physique or his various talents. It’s actually Osamu.”

Yes, this quote obviously is meant in a positive way but still can have an ambiguous meaning as we take it a bit further.

Therefore we ignore the blessing part for a moment and focus on the part “isn’t his physique or various talents.”

That short sentence tells us a lot more than that Atsumu having his brother is a good feature only which we see later, but Aran obviously is stating that considering his twin Atsumu is not unique in either physique or his various talents since Osamu obviously shares very similar traits.

The fact that Aran is the one mentioning this is that he was the one who grew up with the twins as he saw them develop since they were children and first started to play Volleyball earnestly at that point. He also is the one who probably understands them the most next to Kita.

Aran is telling us that Atsumu himself is physically and on a skill-level just as talented as Osamu as we also see that in the flashbacks and throughout season 4.

Which means people who consider Atsumu being blessed with those things, those blessings are not his alone but he shares them with his brother who is pretty much almost identical DNA-wise which makes him probably one of his biggest threats.

Now imagine finding it pretty much annoying to get compared to your friends by your parents or those around you, even worse when you have siblings who are older or younger. Being compared to someone is not something that is regarded as a positive thing especially when people do it in a condescending or negative way.

“His older brother got better marks when he was in my class.”

“Your younger sister is better than you despite the age gap.”

Humans tend to compare themselves internally and subconsciously most of the time even if they don’t want to do it, it’s a natural process and can come in handy when it’s done in a healthy way but not when others constantly compare you and even tell you how much better the other is.

The other way around if someone already knows how it feels to be compared and knows how hard-working the other person is, they also don’t want them to be the one who they are compared to even if it would flatter them since they know how it feels to be on the other side.

That is already a burden for itself, but imagine even worse: having someone being almost a copy of you.

Twins experience-wise tend to get compared sooner or later and especially since the occurence of twins is still fascinating given the chance that only 3-4 of 1000 births result in identical twins naturally. Since they seem like they are a copy of each other people set their standards towards twins differently as the cliche of twins being the same still exists.

Even in the anime we see that Aran while telling us about the Miya twins in the past obviously compared them too, even when he didn’t mean any harm by it and also as the viewer we get to see that from Karasuno’s point of view and the audience often measure Osamu’s standard according to Atsumu.

What one of them does, the other is supposed to do it just as good technically speaking.

An old-fashioned way to view them but still very wide-spread.

We also see that Osamu who wants to spike more since his childhood is often tested out for the setter position as well by his coach, as they take turns on Osamu and Atsumu.

The wish that both of them want to play different positions is often connected with people expecting that they are just as good at what the other does. Osamu is indeed good as a setter too as we see him switching really fast during the Karasuno vs Inarizaki game or also as child when he was chosen to play setter from time to time instead of his brother who wanted to play the position, but he clearly stated that he liked spiking which shows the different wishes and goals both of them have. 

Atsumu is also seen to have powerful spikes and serving with a lot of force is not a challenge for him either, but Osamu approaches serves differently than his brother for example as he uses the time on his hand yet is capable of hitting the ball just as hard as Atsumu, we get to know this while they were bickering about that Osamu is slacking.

If it had been any other pairing they might have gotten sick of being compared or even used as fuel against each other but there is one thing that makes them different and doesn’t let people’s words get to them as we will see in the following paragraph.


“The biggest blessing that Atsumu has isn’t his physique or his various talents. It’s actually Osamu.”

Now we saw the one way one could interpret if analysed a bit more deeply but the common and probably simple meaning behind this sentence is if we take it as it is.

Osamu is the biggest blessing Atsumu has, because Osamu is the only one who can physically, skill-wise and according to talent be the only one who fully competes against Atsumu in every aspect of life.

It’s quite similar to the first way we mentioned earlier but the outcome here is different, because they are so similar they are the only ones who can push each other.

If there is nobody to catch up to, they are the ones left challenging each other because who understands his brother the best? 

The one and only twin he has.

We already saw how Atsumu understands his brother and Osamu also knows what is going through Atsumu’s head.

Osamu didn’t have to take consideration when Atsumu was sitting alone during Volleyball breaks but he still mocked his brother to lighten the mood and make him bicker with him in order for other people to see how funny they can be, and that even Atsumu has a different side to him.

He knows that his brother is hard-working and therefore just wants the best so when Atsumu is insulting Osamu that he plays badly even though he was frustrated about it too, it’s because Atsumu does know how skilled his brother is, it’s the only one who could be on par with him so he knows if his brother is putting his best effort or not. 

Therefore Atsumu provoking Osamu during matches and outside is because he wants to push him to do more, because he has high-expectations  for his brother knowing that he is indeed someone who slacks from time to time, and Osamu understands that too as he as well accepts the challenges of his brother instead of ignoring them.

They do not listen to the comparison of other people in order to fuel them more, they fuel each other already which makes them the perfect duo.

This deep understanding leads them to do things without needing much communication.

Atsumu’s reckless and childish behaviour, Osamu’s reserved and slacking nature both of them contemplate each other.

Best competitors for each other but on the same team they also challenge each other to become even stronger together as seen when they didn’t hesitate to try the minus tempo quick on the court, this is possible due to their mutual understanding. Osamu might say he does not really trust Atsumu as he is someone who might be not reliable outside of the court but he knows that if his brother sets something in his head it will definitely work out because he will make sure it will be perfect.

Osamu contemplating if he trusts Atsumu

Same goes for Atsumu, he knows if he chooses Osamu he won’t back off to try it and that Osamu knows best what he is capable of. Out of everyone his brother is probably one of the few who do not get easily surprised by Atsumu’s sudden change in moods when it comes to new plays.

Both of them know what the other is thinking, angle, mood, expression, speech they can read each other very well.

Aran says that in the end the more those two compete the stronger they get.

Not Osamu, not Atsumu. Both of them.

Which makes them the best competitors and a blessing for each other.

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