Kai Byoui Ramune – Are you having a mysterious disease as well? [Breakfast Anime]

Stress, obsession and worries. 

As long as the human has the heart inside of his body is bound to suffer sooner or later, at least once humans experience distress in their life at some point.

But what if that very distress manifests into an illness, worse what if it’s not just any illness but a mysterious disease?

And what about those who suffer from those bizarre diseases which nobody can explain?

In today’s blogpost it’s all about Kai Byoui Ramune, about a young doctor and his apprentice who are going to show us through a world of mysterious diseases!

Again holding it spoiler-free for you to enjoy the show yourself!


Kai Byoui Ramune, also known by the english title “Dr. Ramune Mysterious Diseases Specialist” revolves around the life of Dr. Ramune and his apprentice as we see them encountering many people with mysterious diseases throughout the 12 Episodes of the series.

Sounds simple, right?

Another doctor series in anime form – well no.

The anime adapted from the Manga with the same name ended on March 28th 2021 which means the anime is still one of the seasonal ones, currently with COVID still being a part of our daily lives the topic of the mental state of a human being manifesting and becoming disease that is shown on the body is not far away from our reality as well.

In every episode we encounter several patients, some of them even getting two episodes to cover their cases as we see the many aspects that a human being can be plagued with.

Regardless of the mysterious diseases we also get to see many other characters, things revolving around mysterious items, items that need a certain condition or choose their user wisely to cure them but most of the time they do not serve that one purpose only.

Since the genre involves psychological and supernatural, the connection between those two is really close.

The supernatural phenomena of mental diseases manifesting due to the root being something that presses the mind and heart to its limits and also serving a warning the body gives off to stop the human being from going any further than that.


It’s actually not that different considering that stress and obsessing about worries, as well as trauma and other psychological factors influence our body sooner or later, every human is different therefore every body reacts differently to those factors.

One might get a stomachache the other gets dizzy, some might become even more forgetful due to repressing memories or the overwhelming stress.

Our body is the one who sends the signal when the mind starts to ignore them and so in Kai Byoui Ramune we also see it happen.

Starting with someone who cries condiments to others having chilli pepper fingernails, everything related to the root of their problems that they chose to ignore until it attracted a mysterious disease.

Another aspect is the nature of the Doctor himself as he is not like your usual Doctor but is a very free-spirited nature solving the problems of his patients even more eagerly than he would solve his own, the overly empathetic nature of – simply said- someone who cares too much.

In contrast we have his apprentice who serves as the one who asks the questions and makes the viewer understand some hints, definitions and aspects of the mysterious diseases or items.

We often see series who cover mental health or problems, but Kai Byoui Ramune definitely is unique as it mirrors visually the inside of the human being and also talks about many deep topics later on, some might even leave you a bit dumbfounded how realistic they are kept or how close they can hit to home, regardless how fictional the transformation of body parts into food might seem.


Doctor Ramune

Rude, loud and foul-mouthed.

The first impression and words to describe the young doctor and one of our main characters who is seen since Episode one and also after the show is named.

Everybody calls him either “Doctor”, “Ramu-chan” or “Ramune”, others even “that idiot.”

Despite his laid-back attitude and weird get-up, the doctor having his clinic at a shrine sure knows what he is doing most of the time even if he doesn’t.

Next to his childish attitude that can be almost regarded as reckless considering the drastic ways and methods he uses to cure his patients Ramune’s intentions are always pure as the thing he always wants to reach at last is the patient’s happiness.

In the series we often see that Ramune plays dumb at first or even oblivious until his apprentince either remark something or notices that Ramune already is aware of many indicators that point at the root of the problem, but it’s quite the opposite Ramune is often one step ahead and contrary to his mischeveous surface is a kind-hearted soul with a slight twist that urges or rather even forces his ways upon his patients more often than not also Kuro and those around him.

He seems to have a skill for cooking and is often seen to cook various dishes matching the episode’s title or the disease.


Our second main character Kuromori Toru.

Ramune’s so-called apprentice, a young boy who goes to a private Junior Highschool often mistaken as an elementary school student due to his small stature.

Calm and collected people are often surprised how oddly mature Kuro is in comparison to the much older Ramune who is supposed to be his teacher yet lacks the maturity Kuro depicts in his mannerism and way of thinking.

Very observant, with a good judgement and often quiet he doesn’t seem to have many people around him despite his teacher, but exactly the latter brings out his more aggressive side as he constantly gets teased by Ramune for several things.

He still trusts Ramune deeply as regardless of his scoldings considering his teacher’s fickle and unpredictable nature he still knows that everything he does is for a greater good and is somewhere aligned with a well-thought plan.

Still Kuro is often misunderstood or hardly readable due to his cold and reserved demeanor additionally wearing a poker face all the time.

He always stops by after school to visit Ramune’s clinic and observe his work.

Side Characters

As this series is mostly about the human heart and what affects it (here mental health) we also get to see many different characters with diverse problems.

But next to the many patients ranging from younger kids to adults there are also some side characters that are close to our main characters as we already see them in the first episodes and on the cover of the Anime.

While Evoery character seems to have nothing to do with the other when we speak about the patients, there are still correlations between some of them if one looks closely you can see them interact in the background or in several other scenes which might be much more relevant in later episodes.

What they all have in common (beside the few directly connected to Ramune or Kuro outside of his clinic) is that they are plagued by a mysterious disease which they want to get rid of in the beginning at least.

Yet Ramune always gives them the choice: whether to do something to get cured or just push the disease like you used to do.

What each patient needs to do or chooses… that’s something you must find out yourself.


Unlike the serious themes that are depicted next to the comedy aspects the art style is quite colorful and a bit different than other 2021 animes we have seen this season.

The Animation is not something that would be the main reason why to watch the series, yet it’s still refreshing to see a topic and the atmosphere depicted in the way Kai Byoui Ramune did with its colorfulness.

While the cute art would make one feel comfortable or unguarded at first it’s very odd how it still can unsettle you from the viewer’s perspective whenever a more “darker” case is depicted.


In this anime we also have some amazing voice actors fitting the characters perfectly.

While this time again Nobuhiko as Nico-nii shows off his much more gentle and cute voice in a support role and Ayumu voicing the weird-yet-adorable Aona perfectly with his more boyish and high voice. Uchida Yuuma who amazed us with his voice for Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen and Kyo from Fruits Basket, did another wonderful job on Ramune being the loud, annoying yet heartwarming and intelligent Doctor you just cannot hate.

Kuro’s voice actor didn’t voice that many known characters but his way of depicting the calm yet very complex Kuro with his many sides could have been no better match, Takuma Nagatsuka who also voiced Koji from Boku no Hero Academia, sure deserves more credit especially after this role.

We also have Suwabe Junichi (known for Aizawa Shouta and Grimmjow) , Ueda Kana (Rin Tohsaka) and many others as the supporting characters that keep the show even more lively with their beautiful voices!


For a change of pace and something different than the usual considering atmosphere and Plot, Kai Byoui Ramune is a must-watch for those of you who crave something more psychological but also light-hearted to watch, thus it makes it a really good breakfast anime to enjoy while doing something in your morning routine.

With the many cases that each and every one needs a different approach, many different characters that never make you feel bored and 12 episodes that can fit in your schedule very easily this anime is something you can enjoy to calm down but also try to see things in a different perspective.

It shows us how important our mental health is, how easily we can shove it off until it’s almost too late and how it can metaphorically affect our bodies if our mind and heart represses the problems existing in our lives.

Just like Cells at work!! showed us how we physically need to take care of our body, this series focuses more on the mind affecting our body in the aftermath.

Trailer if you want to visit Ramune:

Until then, before my fingers turn into sausages-

  • Makii

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