5 Anime recommendations with a twist!

art by @Ruttika_Shin on Twitter

When we watch anime, we watch it for a reason.

Either someone recommended it to you, you saw a snippet of it in a video or you are deliberately searching for a new series that will captivate you! Even having no reason to start a series is in fact a reason, as long as that first episode starts to play!

It often happens that one starts an anime with certain intentions, until you’re suddenly shocked by the immediate change from what you’ve expected!

When you get that craving for a romance anime, you will obviously not expect hardcore splatter right? And when you start a new episode of your favorite generic shounen, a heartfelt romance that isn’t just glorified fanservice would surprise you, right?

Well, if you’re interested in those sudden mood changes and having your socks knocked off of you, you will hopefully enjoy this list of anime that really aren’t what you expected!

To be frank,for this list to hopefully leave you shocked at least in a minute sense, I will try to keep this list spoiler-free and may trick you a little bit in the synopsis for your enjoyment! 

Also another tip for extra shock value: 

if you decide to watch any of these anime, do it without googling them beforehand. Just dive in!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

Madoka Kaname is a young and cheerful student that loves to spend time with her friends. She has a lovely and supporting family with a bit of a weird dynamic and is sure to capture your eye with her pink twin-tails. As she admires her friends around her that show extraordinary strength in their everyday lives, she strives to be just like them! But her fate suddenly changes when the magical being Kyubey grants her one wish for the exchange of becoming a magical girl. 

A magical girl anime that you will surely enjoy! Or will you?

The Promised Neverland:

A huge mansion, long and green fields with chattering kids everywhere. The Promised Neverland shows us the story of young kids in an orphanage, ready to find a new and lovely foster family. Isabella, the so called mother is the supporting role of the kids in the orphanage. Young Emma and her friends couldn’t be any closer, and as they played a game of catch everyday, they were sure to have a great childhood before they would be adopted.

But finally getting adopted by a nurturing family, is that really the best event in the life of an orphan? 

Mirai Nikki:

Yukiteru Amano is young and an outcast. His diary of daily occurrences is something that keeps him from feeling too lonely. He lives his lonely life day by day, trying to accompany himself in his own thoughts. Due to a sudden change of events, he finds new friends and even one particular partner that he will never be able to forget. Learning what it means to be young and in love, battling every-day challenges and hoping to survive each day, all of that and more things to come for the young Amano.

Still, do you think he can do it all alone?

Neon Genesis Evangelion:

Shinji Ikari has a very strained relationship with his father. He is never acknowledged by him and his late mother isn’t there to help the tension rising. The old animation meeting a new and interesting setting shows us a young man who is battling hardships everyday and has to learn what it’s like to put other people first. Unbeknownst to himself, the world needs him a lot more than he thinks. A tale about adolescence and the finding of your true identity. What is your true calling? Why is life the way it is? All questions that Neon Genesis tackles in a very special way.

Because what is a true hero? Find out and watch for yourself!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood:

Brotherhood. As the anime already states, this anime is about the strong and unwavering bond of two brothers. Edward and Alphonse Elric have been inseparable since birth, and their intellect and curiosity brings them into new and challenging situations from the start of the series. Together, they wish to find answers and solutions to their questions first hand and meet all kinds of people on their journey. 

The biggest question we beg to ask ourselves; what is life and what is its worth?

As you might have realised by now, I have premised these anime in a very vague way, trying to keep the story to speak for itself without truly speaking much about the genre or synopsis. You will find that all of the descriptions are true to the anime in a sense, but hopefully give you a different perspective than a complete summary.

If you have watched one of the mentioned anime, I would love to see what your first impression of said anime was and what kind of experience you had throughout it all!

Leave it all in the comments if you will, I’m sure we can start an interesting ‘tea time’ ourselves!

Until then~

This tea is shockingly delicious! *sip*


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