Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt. 15

Art by @elydraws on tumblr

“Okay, Asami truth or dare”

The green bottle turned its head towards the beta and she groaned, because the person who just asked her was no other than Mikoto.

“oooh”, Shiro exclaimed with a tone that insinuated incoming trouble.

The beta adjusted her face scrub and winced as she almost dropped some on the floor they were sitting on.

“Truth I guess”, she mumbled and Mikoto let out a villainous laugh.

“You will regret that”, Shirochimed and Asami gave her a half-hearted smack.

The three of them were sitting in Shiro’s dorm with the led lights set on a calming light purple. All of them were wearing some sort of pajamas with old baggy t-shirts and skin care items displayed all around them.

Wiggling around on her spot, the omega pressed her hands together in thought until she snickered again.

“Do you have a crush on someone?”

Exasperated, the beat huffed out a long breath before she answered, “you know the answer to that question”

Mikoto giggled again while Shiro only looked appalled, “Hey! What crush? I don’t know about no crush?”, and Asami looked at her in disbelief.

“Oh, that crush”, Shiro made a face and grinned while the beta started to shift around uncomfortably.

Mikoto looked at her for a second, catching her unease, “Okay then~” she clapped her hands a couple of times to bring both sets of eyes towards her.

“If you would choose any other guy”, and she wiggled her fingers, “who would it be?”

“oof”, Shiro choked out.

Asami on the other hands didn’t even have to think about it that much before she spat out a name.


“What?!”, Shiro gasped and Asami just shrugged.
“We’re talking about hypotheticals right? He’s quiet, cute and can cook. Solid ain’t he?”

“Oh Asami, I didn’t expect you to have such a quick answer on you”, Mikoto mused with a grin.

“Well what about you then?”

“Me?”, Mikoto asked herself and placed her head onto her palm.

“I don’t need men, they disappoint me”, she brought up with a poker face until all of the girls suddenly started laughing.

Heaving in breaths as they slowly started to lose themselves in the continuous laugh cycle it took them a while before they stopped and calmed themselves. Their heads were spinning, a short moment in which they could just detach themselves from the stress of university and just be girls.


“Huh”, Shiro whipped her head around to find Asami and Mikoto looking at her with the same knowing face, and she instantly looked disgusted, “why are you looking at me like that?”

“Come on~ Tell us!”, Mikoto chimed and slowly moved towards the sigma.

Asami lightly shoved the arm of the youngest, to which her annoyance only grew until she groaned and relented.

“Fine! I don’t really have a crush though”, she muttered.

“Yeah whatever, but who do you find cute?”, Asami sipped a little from her drink and Mikoto nodded to encourage her.

“Cute? Uhm, no. Not cute, but if we’re talking about built”, and she flexed her arms which made both o f the girls giggle, “the guy that runs the council or whatever”.

Asami almost spat out her soda, coughing and choking while Mikoto only looked at the youngest with a gaping mouth.

“Ushijima?”, the omega rasped out and Asami aggressively sipped more on her drink to stop choking.

“Yeah that dude!”, Shiro nodded to herself.

“I don’t know what’s worse”, Asami placed down the cup and leaned over to look at the sigma, “the fact that you find that guy attractive, or the fact that you didn’t even know his name!”

“ I don’t remember the name, only the fit”, she concluded with a grin on her face.
“Wow”, Asami said and gave Mikoto a look.

The omega looked back at her with confusion displayed on her features.

“What”, she spat out and Asami just kept staring at her with pursed lips.

“I think I got dirt on you too”, she whispered while moving around weirdly, her arms flailing.

“What do you mean?”, and Mikoto turned cautious, her head tilting to the side.

The beta took that as an opportunity to continue and she put her head on top of her palms.

“I told you guys how I met Osamu last week, and you told me how you met Atsumu right?”

“Yeah, and you already have a crush on Osamu, so?”, Mikoto retorted and Asami shook her head while stifling a grin.

“Don’t distract me now! You know that’s not true!”, the beta composed herself and looked a bit more serious as she continued, “I told you both that I met him on campus at a tour guide right?”

“And where is your point?”, Mikoto asked with a smile that looked a little intimidating.

“So tell us the story of how you met Atsumu!”

“I did?”, the omega tilted her head back and looked in between the two girls.

“Well, you just said that Osamu seemingly has a brother, and that you met him. That was it. I feel like normally you would tell us more about your impression on him”, Asami thought aloud and her gaze trailed across the room, “feels like you don’t wanna tell us something”.

“Oh oh”, Shiro chimed while Mikoto could only scoff.

“It’s nothing important”, the omega concluded but Asami didn’t let off.

“I’m not saying it was! Just maybe, might be leaving something interesting out?”

A staring contest began between Mikoto and Asami, while the beta was visibly uncomfortable she tried to start the conversation differently.

“Okay look, when I met Osamu last week he told me that he had just moved here, that he was a culinary arts major, he was also very like”, Asami moved her fingers around the air as if she was trying to feel something invisible, “quiet and aloof? Still very nice though, and cute!”

“You’re repeating yourself. Do you even have a crush on-”

“AND”, Asami shouted to overrule Mikoto’s thrown in comments before she could continue.
The beta cleared her throat.

“What I’m saying is, I met the guy last week and I immediately told you about him, to which you said and I quote”, she placed air quotations with her hands, “Oh, I think he has a brother because I met someone called Miya Atsumu a couple of days before”.

“So I did tell you about him!”, Mikoto shot back her hand outstretched and close enough for Asami to grab onto.

“Yes, but that was it! Did he say nothing? Do nothing? I need observations! Details!”

Mikoto slapped away her hand and hummed lowly, “For someone who can’t stop stuttering in front of strangers you really keep tabs on all the men around us hm?”

Playfully nudging the beta she hoped the comment wasn’t too harsh, as her friend frequently got things misunderstood, but Asami merely chuckled darkly.

“The more you keep straying away from the topic by insulting me, the more I think you’re hiding something. Out with it!”

Shiro sat next to the girls with one hand in a bag of chips and the other tapping away at her phone, she looked up at both of the other girls and grinned to herself before snickering a little bit.

“I don’t know why you’re making a big deal out of it you drama queen”, and Asami waved her off and motioned to continue, until Mikoto sighed, ”Fine. Atsumu is trying out for varsity. I met him because he was talking to Oikawa before we had our lecture together”.

Asami scoffed, but when Mikoto raised her shoulders the beta started pouting.

“Is that everything? No small-talk? Not even a talk about the weather?”

“No! No small-talk!”, she groaned.

“Impossible for someone like you”, Asami babbled on and let herself flop onto her side, while she looked at the snacks and faking whimpers, “I thought something interesting might happen.

Mikoto kept looking at the moping beta, her eyebrows scrunching in annoyance.

“Fine”, she sighed out.


“I think he’s a philosophy major, I saw him walk out of a seminar once where I wanted to meet a colleague”, Mikoto shifted into another position,”He seemed to be nice, pretty childish”.

“Oh see! There’s the details!”, Asami shot back up again, grabbing the bag of crisps and munched on the snacks with a nod.

“He also sniffed my neck”.

Dead silence fell across the room after Asami dropped the chips bag and some of them fell on the carpet.

Shiro threw her phone onto the bed and leaned forwards, her face displaying absolute shock but contrary to the beta, she was grinning.

“He what?”, Asami grunted out, suddenly feeling very awake and responsive, her scent drawing out and clouding the room with the scent of rose water.

“See, you’re being dramatic. Nothing happened! It was his first time meeting an omega and he was curious about my scent”, Mikoto drew out and Asami couldn’t seem to fully relax.

“Did he touch you?”, Shiro asked after coming down from the initial shock and Mikoto shook her head heavily.

“No. And Oikawa was there too it was all fine, but he was so giddy and excited I really didn’t mind”, and with that sentence even the beta relaxed back into her original state, but not before she drew her arm out and ruffled through the omega’s hair.

“Did you just scent mark me?”, Mikoto asked with slight irritation.

“Yep!”, the beta let herself fall back onto some pillows that were scattered on the floor, “so what do you think of him?”

“Uh, honestly he was hard to read. I saw him talk with Oikawa as they approached me and he was like more serious?”

“So?”, Shiro pushed for more information.

“So, when he talked to me he was all skittish, he didn’t think that caramel was possible as a scent it was interesting”, Mikoto finished with a somber look on her features, slightly unfocused while thinking.

“Well, I guess you guys have similar taste”, Shiro grumbled while still on her phone.

“I didn’t say I liked him!”, Asami retorted.

“Yeah, I just said his reaction was interesting!”, Mikoto backed her up.

The sigma only shook her head and showed the other girls her display.

It was an instagram post, with two men standing next to each other.

“Oh yeah that’s him”, Mikoto mused.

“Yeah, Osamu is the one with the-”, Asami stopped for a second.

“They’re twins?!”

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