Horimiya – Let me see your other side [Breakfast anime]


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Another anime that recently ended this season in our breakfast anime series. 

This time be ready for some romance and comedy with one of the animes that probably captured the hearts of many people and was anticipated by many who read the manga for a while now.

Last time we covered Hataraku Saibou and Kai Byoui Ramune, but this time let’s get back to a bit of Slife-of-life.

In today’s blogpost we will cover the heart-warming but also touching story of Horimiya, again keeping it spoiler-free just for you!


As mentioned Horimiya or also known as Hori-san to Miyamura-kun is a slice-of-life romcom anime revolving around, like the title states, Hori Kyoko and Miyamura Izumi.

With a total of 13 Episodes the anime is on the shorter side of this season, yet managed to cover a lot of plot nonetheless.

The series starts with the fateful encounter of Hori and Miyamura outside of school, while both seem like total different people in their private lives it’s similarity they share despite being so different personality-wise.

Hori who is a popular, beautiful girl who seems laid-back turns out to be a very mature, feisty, serious housewife at home taking care of her younger brother and doing all kinds of chores which makes her skip on usual after school activities with her peers.

On the other hand we have  Miyamura who looks like a gloomy outcast, and is even labeled as a weirdo and Otaku as he keeps his distance from everyone. Being curt and unapproachable we get to see a much more drastic switch when he suddenly brings Hori’s brother home and both of them encounter the other in their school-off mode.

And this is where the story begins, the story of Miyamura and Hori’s relationship – is what you thought it would be but surprisingly while the whole series seems to revolve around those two it’s much more than that. 

In the beginning the focus is much more on Hori and Miyamura but over the course of the storyline and as the plot progresses one almost forgets that little detail as many characters follow and connect into the story, every and each of them getting their time to shine.

The plot mostly focuses on romantic aspects of the characters life but also many complicated feelings such as jealousy, loneliness, the desire to belong somewhere and so on.

A realistic coming of age story with all its negative and positive sides.


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As mentioned before Hori Kyoko is one of the two main characters which the plot revolves around. 

Hard-working with good grades, pretty and popular she seems like the perfect and most lucky girl ever. Yet outside of school she is quite different as she becomes a literal personification of a housewife with a much more mature but cozy atmosphere around her she takes care of the household while both of her parents are away due to work most of the time. She loves her little brother dearly and even passes opportunities to spend time outside or with friends outside of school as she rushes home to rule the household and make her brother feel appreciated and safe.

She is not someone who immediately judges people, as we see her becoming a very important role in Miyamura’s life due to her stubborn and caring attitude, she on the other side also doesn’t want anyone beside Miyamura to know about her other side at school, keeping her image intact.

On the other hand she also finds Miyamura oddly interesting as he is unlike her completely different personality and appearance-wise outside of school and gets to know his quirky and lovable side as well.

Despite her having many people around her and being adored by most of the people it seems like she feels connected to Miyamura due to them sharing a secret side as she trusts him with many things and doesn’t shy away to show him her faulty sides as well.


Lonely, gloomy, weird are the words that people describe him with. Long hair that hide his face as much as possible, glasses that make him look plain and him avoiding contact as much as possible.

The chance of being talked to is already low, and even if he gets talked to he keeps it short if possible devoid of emotions to not get close to anyone.

But as the fateful encounter brought him to Hori’s doorway his caring and considerate nature that helped her younger brother out ended up into a much more complicated situation than he wanted to.

When he started to talk to Hori he never thought that it would last for more than mere minutes but wondered when she also started to talk to him at school despite him being a bit distant.

For him it was the first time someone didn’t judge him by his cover.

Unlike his looks Miyamura is actually a very funny, daring and naive guy who lives a different life outside of school, weirdly nobody would recognize him due to the extreme contrast of his flashy looks.

While Hori is much more quick to get attached to Miyamura he is still a bit reluctant but enjoys Hori’s company as both of them yet so different share the similarity of being someone else in school.

It’s the start of a new world for Miyamura as his lonely highschool days start to fill with many new memories.


To keep it as spoiler-free as possible I won’t go into detail about each character since many appear much later.

But one of the interesting things about Horimiya is the variety of characters representing problems and stories so different but relatable. Love, friendship, Rivalry everything is there but unlike in usual Romance plots the rivalry part here is much more different and less stereotypical.

Each character gets their own story told and we see them develop despite having only 13 Episodes to cover the story, we get an insight into many aspects for example unrequited love or jealousy all ending in a much unexpected way.

Usually in anime we can already predict who will end up with whom or how the story plays out in the end but at some points in Horimiya there were uncertainties that made you think I really ship those two but will they actually come together?

Or even have bad feelings as the characters are really relatable whether you ship one character with your favourite one or the rival.

Even the most trivial character has a story, emotions and development we see in 13 Episodes.


The Animation of Horimiya is very unique in terms of depicting emotions in an interesting way. 

While the colors are very dazzling and saturated giving off the vibe of a slice-of-life cozy romance anime, and the adorable artstyle with many different designs for each character we also see the contrast in the opening of the anime as it slowly changes bit by bit depending on how far the relationships and story has progressed.

As the greyish colors start to take a colorful burst of nostalgia in the opening occasionally we can see the emotions being emphasized in the anime as well.

Whenever a strong emotion such as jealousy, relief, and others are depicted the interesting frame appears when a shadow in a different color of the characters is casted and slowly moves according to the mood and emotion played. It makes the viewer stop for a bit and take that emotion in instead of getting an immediate response by any other event occuring in the anime which is an unusual yet amazing feature including emotions more visually.

All in all the anime’s atmosphere still never made you feel uneasy even when heavy topics are in play.


Koki Uchiyama already impressed us with many voices and lately we hear him in many anime, but this time he voiced Miyamura as a much softer and innocent character that you only could adore, unlike his latest role in the airing anime the World Ends With You (voicing Neku) that shows his contrast of many voices like Tsukishima from Haikyuu or Shigaraki from My Hero Academia and many more.

With our other main character being Hori we have another big voice actress Haruka Tomatsu known for her voicing Asuna from Sword Art Online, Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx and Haru Okumura from Persona 5. She shows us the many facets of her voice as we see Hori’s two sides being perfectly depicted by her when she is either serious or totally laid-back.

We have many more characters that are voiced by Nobuhiko (Bakugo from My Hero Academia) , Seiichiro (Kakeru from Orange), Daiki (Deku from My Hero Academia), Daisuke Ono (Sebastian from Black Butler) and many more.

Seeing the voices we already adore and know so well in a new refreshing romcom setting just feels different every time it happens, like a soft Nobuhiko or a super peppy Daiki!


Horimiya is a perfect breakfast anime due to its light-hearted atmosphere that switches to serious matters from time to time. The story is beautifully presented and the focus which is not mainly on the protagonists gives the viewer variety, leaving no one out with the many characters, their stories and relatable problems.

Colorful and cheerful, with many comedy aspects and heartwarming moments yet still covering many sad and heartbreaking topics as well that make us realize yet again; every human is different and there are ups and downs in life that everyone has to go through.

With Horimiya being one of this season’s favourites it sure lives up its reputation as it goes against the stereotype of typical romance animes and shows us the many aspects of what it means to maintain relationships whether they are romantic or platonic.

With that I hope you as well will enjoy your breakfast with Horimiya!

Until then, see you next time ~


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