Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt. 16

Art by @nadaboodraws on twitter

“Why don’t you tell me something about omegas and how you react to them”.

The phrasing maybe wasn’t that ambiguous, but the words were spat out with poisonous intention. Words that should enter your head and linger for a while not until one realizes they consume you.

At least that was my intention on that day.

I’ve heard enough times that those kinds of mind games were allegedly ‘horrible’ and ‘insulting’, but I never understood what the big deal was. It’s not like I’m taking away a toy from a child.

We are all adults here, and life isn’t about who is the nicest. It’s about who succeeds. And if some little mind game is what gives me the head start.

I’ll do it.

Albeit possibly that I lost my chances to be friends with Oikawa, I must admit my words to him were pretty harsh, I felt like he took it well.

Which isn’t good.

He wasn’t fazed by it at all, I had noticed his smile maybe twitching a little but he only retorted with a smart explanation of how natural pheromones worked and made me look like an idiot country bumpkin.

I still remembered his smile as he asked me if I understood what he meant, and maybe I was just angrier than usual but I could swear he was being all smug about it too.

So I found someone who was willing to play the same game as me.


The other interesting thing on that day, which keeps replaying in my head, was that omega girl.

It was honestly shocking to scent an omega for the first time. My curiosity ran with it and I was glad she was fine with me being so close, I have heard stories in which omegas retorted with less ‘accommodating’ ways.

I even caught her gaze after a lecture of mine, but she didn’t budge and I wasn’t up for conversation. Still, the way she looked at me after coming for Oikawa was insane.

She didn’t yell or tried to fight me, she didn’t shy away either.

She just looked at me.

And it was terrifying.

Her eyes were piercing through me as if to provoke me to continue, her scent had doubled up in intensity which I wasn’t expecting at all, and her sweet caramel scent suddenly burnt to crisp.

Her voice was sharp but not too emotional, it was distinct for me to listen to.

“I would ask you to mind your own business”.

Stone cold, I gotta say.

It made me take a step back and raise my arms in defense with a smile and the situation immediately deescalated, Oikawa had caught her scent and was just as aggravated and I realised the rumours I had heard were partly true, but the incident seemed a lot more severe than I had imagined.

I mean it was the first thing I heard when I came here, it was on social media and every other first year told me the same thing.

“It’s good you’re an alpha, the rest don’t have it easy here”.

Maybe I really shouldn’t have meddled too much, it’s still a school I really wanted to go to and Osamu is here as well, so I really shouldn’t destroy my own chances that much.

The caramel girl was technically right, I should mind my own business.

But was that fun?


The door creaked open as what I would assume could only be my brother entered the dorm room I was in.

“Samu!”, I chimed excitedly.

I only pushed in the door a little bit and already heard my brother squeak my name.

“Samu!”, he chimed and I entered the dorm with a greeting.

“Ossu”, I placed the plastic bag with some utensils I needed for my classes on my bed and looked at Atsumu sprawled on his side.

The dorm room we were given was actually quite small. I was used to having a bit more space to myself, but with the scholarship I was glad I atleast got a twin room with my brother.

Although when I looked at him I sometimes thought differently.

The two beds were pushed to the far end of the room and to the walls on the sides, a desk separating the space in between. In front of Atsumu’s bed, which was the one on the right, the other desk was situated which was supposed to be mine.

I remember when we moved in here the dorm looked horrendous, but with enough cleaning and the right duvets and covers it felt a lot better.

And of course my side was a lot neater than his.

“S’that my shirt?”, I recognized the pattern on the front and he merely scoffed at me.

“Uh, no?”


“Uh”, he intelligently mused to himself and I sighed.

“Nevermind, you take what ya want anyways. Make sure to wash it later, I gotta head to the library”, I left the bag with the supplies on my bed and instead fished out a list with the literature I had to get.

“Alright, see ya”

“See ya”, I retorted and headed back outside.

I grabbed the list in my hands and tried to check which building I had to go to.

“Why are there multiple libraries?”


Human sciences?

Okay I definitely don’t have to go to the law department.

With at least twenty minutes of running around campus I finally went up to someone outside and asked for help.

“Oh yeah that’s pretty confusing I guess, uh so you need to search for building 4, the library should be the glass building right next to it!”

Nodding and bowing with a slight smile I made my way to the mentioned building.

The way over there was very pretty, the pathways went under huge trees and the ambiance felt really good, but I had no time to walk around exploring.

Finally, I looked at the beautiful building in front of me.

Still belonging to the campus, but it was obvious that it was either newly built or otherwise rebranded. The walls showed a tinted version of the life inside, the higher stories dimly shining in a warm light.

I approached the entrance and two huge doors slid open when I wanted to step inside.

Murmuring was to be heard everywhere, and for the fact that it was a library I was a little shocked at the rumbling noise.

As if I was entering a mall, tall metal gates that I had to go through demanded my student ID. I saw other students move swiftly between the poles and swish their ID quickly at a screen and I tried to emulate the gesture, completely overwhelmed with all of the technology.

With I beep the gates opened and I stood still to admire the interior of the building.

Standing in the middle, and elevator right in front of me lead to the different levels of the library. When I looked to the right I saw a reception and an information center, and to the left the toilets and another gate leading to a cafeteria where to be found.

Stepping into the elevator I looked at the signs that signalled me which level I had to go to and I pressed the button.

Floor 7 out of 12.

This crap is huge!

More and more students entered and left the elevator again, stopping at every floor to change its inhabitants.

After some minor bumps in the road, I finally got to my desired floor.

When the metal doors opened, I finally felt the silence.

Shelves and more shelves of book were to be seen, students rummaging through them to find what they were looking for.
Maybe it was the fact that the library was so huge, but i didn’t see too many people here.

Looking up at a sign that read “Arts and human sciences” I knew I was at the right place.

Walking inside I started to look for my books.

Big mistake.

The labels on the books were highly confusing, and I had no idea where to look.

I peered at my list again.

Introduction into Culinary Arts vol.1 – [1998-TR-CA-54]


What about the good old alphabetization?

I had no idea what those codes meant, and after only finding books on history and other weird subjects, I had to check for help.

I went back to the entrance of the library and followed the arrow sign that said ‘reception’ until I found a desk with a young woman sitting behind it.

She was focused on her laptop, quickly typing away as I approached her.

“Hi”, I whispered and she shot up in her seat.

“Oh, sorry, uhm can you help me find these books please?”, I whispered again as she visibly relaxed and smiled lightly.

“Yeah, sorry I’m a bit jumpy today. What books are you looking for? Wanna read them here or rent them?”, she asked in a hushed voice and I realised I didn’t have to whisper all too much.

“Rent please, but I have no idea where to find these. The codes are really weird”.

She stood up from her stool and walked around the desk towards me.

“Are you new here? The codes are confusing at first but you’ll get used to it”.

I nodded and handed her my list, and she concentrated on that for a moment
before showing me something.

“See that code? It’s made so you can narrow your search. [1998-TR-CA-54] means you look for the shelf number 54, then for CA which stands for culinary arts, then the authors initials which are ‘Tatum Rebecca’ and then the release year 1998”, her fingers pointed on each letter combination and then to the shelves around us.

Puzzled, I still looked at the myriad of shelves in front of me and she must’ve caught my expression because she stifled a laugh and took a step towards the shelves.

“Want me to help you?”

I nodded and she replied with a hum as she started walking.

“The library gets a little confusing at first”, she mused as I walked next to her, “I think I might’ve seen you on a library tour before? Are you new?”

I nodded, “I just moved here, so everything is a little weird to me still”.

Her eyes crinkled shut as she stifled another laugh and suddenly looked a bit taken aback, she looked to the floor and back up at me but not fully, “Yeah I felt the same when I came here for my first semester”.

She turned around to face me and I looked down at her nameplate.

Asami. Beta Committee.

I pointed at the name plate with a cocked brow, “so you’re a beta?”

She stopped in her tracks and gave me a look.
“Uh yeah, I am”, she followed my gaze and suddenly started talking really fast, “Oh my god! I didn’t even introduce myself. You’re new you must be taking everything in still!”

“It’s fine, I mean I saw it on your nameplate. Is Asami okay?”, I inquired and she nodded lightly with a shy smile.

“I’m Osamu Miya, nice to meet you”, I slightly nodded my head as well and she beckoned me closer to follow her.

As she walked through the shelves and pathways she explained more about the library.

There were way too many faculties and abbreviations to remember, but luckily they hung up a lot of flyers that showed which abbreviations stood for which topic.

I only needed a couple of these, but after finding the first two books my head started to buzz with all the information.

“And here you have the department of culinary arts, its quite remote from the rest of the library but I guess you’ll have your peace and quiet here!”, Asami chimed happily, her voice raising a little bit as there were almost no students here.

It was actually quiet nice to have no background noise. It reminded me of home, when I walked to school and I left a sleeping Atsumu behind. The breeze catching my face as I made my way to school. I hummed and looked around to locate the last books on my list.

For my business and economics classes we had already found the book I needed, well Asami found them, but this time I tried to get the book on my own.

Walking towards the shelves before the beta could even move, I already found the correct number out of sheer luck and started to check for the right letter combinations.

I felt Asami roaming behind me, I could smell her rosey scent behind my form but she didn’t budge.
“Ah”, I exclaimed as I pulled out the book I needed with a little too much excitement.

She clapped quietly and nodded proudly.

“You caught on really quickly! We could use a bit of help from someone like you in the committee!”
“The beta committee?”, I asked with my index finger pointing to her name tag again.

“Yeah! We always have a place for new students, and you could even work here in the library”, she concluded and I smiled a little.

“Well I am flattered I guess, but I am not a beta”.
She staggered for a moment and looked at me confused, until I saw her nostrils flare up and she held her hand to mouth as she realized her mistake.

“Uh, uhm I- I’m sorry I-“, she started stuttering and I cut her off with a relaxed shake of my head.

“No worries, I actually get that a lot”.

“Ugh, no it’s not fine, I shouldn’t have assumed your secondary gender that so weird”, she slumped a little and took a step back, her eyes not even reaching my face anymore.

“It’s no big deal, I get this often even at home. People think my scent is a bit more subdued so”
She nodded but still looked away, a weird silence brooding between us now.

It’s really not that big of a deal though.

“Oi!”, hushed yell came from the door and we both looked towards it to find a lean man leaning onto it.

“The reception was empty, what are you doing?”

“Oh, no”, the beta mused and clasped her hands together anxiously before looking back at me, still more distant than at the beginning of our conversation.

“I’m sorry, that’s Akaashi I have to go back to the reception!”, and she turned around to meet the other guy before I could say anything.

She was so jittery all of a sudden.

“Uh, yeah”, I mumbled back as I watched her interact with said Akaashi, before I turned back to my list.

They both left soon after that, and I was left alone in the silence of the shelves trying to find the few books I had left.

After a couple of minutes and endless shuffling, I counted off my list and stopped with a satisfied huff when I realized I had everything I needed.

The books were actually quite bothersome to carry, so I snagged one of the book trolleys that were laid out to help with transporting the literature and leisurely pushed it next to me as I approached the reception again.

This time, there were a couple of students standing around the computer, and I curiously walked closer.

“No way, I can’t take Thursday. I have extracurriculars there!”, another male beta I assumed argued with Asami who was typing frantically on her computer.

“Well I don’t have any other slot for you, I’m sorry. It’s either Thursday for you or Akaashi, and Akaashi is already taking Friday this time”, she mumbled a bit more annoyed than I expected.

She really was different when calm.

I already released when she assumed I was a beta that she felt comfortable, but when she suddenly drew back I felt her environment must be very precise for her to relax.

Good thing Tsumu isn’t here.

“I can take both days”, Akaashi mumbled, and I took another step and cleared my throat to interrupt.

“Sorry, can I just check these out?”, I asked and Akaashi immediately nodded and typed up something into the computer even though Asami was still sitting in front of it.

As a result she retreated into herself with a squeal and grumbled when Akaashi slightly pushed away her swivel chair.

“Can you give me the books you wanna take with you?”, the aloof beta asked politely and I pushed the books towards him.

As he scanned every item on the list, I felt the eyes of the other male beta on me.

I wasn’t sure if I had seen him before somewhere, but he looked at me with slanted eyes before scrunching his nose and inhaling my scent.

He suddenly calmed down a lot and even smiled a little, as if his cause for concern was suddenly gone.

“You’re new here aren’t you? What’s your name hm?”, he tilted his head and leaned forward on the counter.

“Uh, yeah. I’m Osamu Miya, nice to meet you”, I prompted back and the beta nodded, like he was pleased with the answer.

“Any interest in joining the beta committee? It’s very-”

Asami nudged his arm and furiously shook her head to signal something and I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

Is it really that ambiguous?

“What Asami? I’m trying to recruit fresh meat here! We need the help!”

“Actually I am not a beta. I’m an alpha”, I retorted lamely, and I felt a twinge of surprise when Asami’s eyes shot up to me in fear.
“What is it?”, I asked and felt annoyance crumbling up slightly.

“Oh”, the beta I was talking to shot back with venom in his voice and Akaashi only sighed while typing in codes for the books,” and alpha are you?”

I nodded with scrunched eyebrows.

What is he getting at?

“Well, then you can leave”, she kissed his teeth and looked to the side as if disgusted.

“Futakuchi! You can’t say that! It’s borderline discrimination at this point!”, Asami pulled at the guys sweater and he broke away but kept looking at her as he spoke.

“No way! We have enough alpha’s strolling around terrorizing us! What about us hm?!”

“Don’t mind him. He’s very”, Akaashi looked at Futakuchi and then back at me with disdain written in his features, “passionate”.

“It’s about beta’s not getting the recognition they deserve! Beta supremacy!”, he whisper yelled at Asami who only sank her head into her hands.

Beta supremacy?

Somehow that didn’t feel right to me. Personally I didn’t take much care into being an alpha, the whole secondary gender thing wasn’t of much interest anyways. I generall talk to the people I wanna talk to, and when it comes to more serious relationships, I tend to not have a type.

Although most Alpha’s go for omegas and vice versa, and most beta’s tend to stay in their own bubble, I felt it was almost restricting to think about that when choosing somebody.

“Pay them no mind please”, Akaashi pushed the rented books towards me and I pulled them towards the small trolley with a nod.

“You can take that one to your dorm, but please bring it back as soon as you can”, the calm beta continued and I thanked him with another nod.

That Futakuchi guy still kept on glaring at me, while Asami swatted at his arm when she realised I stared too.

“Yeah I’ll bring it over later, thank you”, I looked at the beta girl until she finally looked back and thanked her as well.

She nodded and I turned around to get back to the dorm.

My phone buzzed before I could even start moving and I checked my text messages.

Tsumu: bring me pudding pls?

You’re insufferable…

Tsumu: thx o3o

With a sigh I pushed the phone back into my jeans pocket and left the library behind.

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