Anime Quote Time pt.01


“I’ll leave you now. Congratulations on graduating”

 Miyamura Izumi (Horimiya)

Art by @potteto on deviantart

The anime Horimiya shows us the lives of a group of students that are close to graduating highschool, as it branches off into their secluded character arcs and shines light on every single one of them.

It is incredible to see how the story shows us realistic and sometimes also heart-wrenching stories that the characters exhibit for us. Making it an anime that shows a lot of nuance and diversity in character developments. No character is like the other, and their different personalities are exactly what makes the plot so interesting.

If you haven’t watched Horimiya but want a spoiler-free insight into it, please do me a favor and check out Makii’s Breakfast Anime post about Horimiya here! If not, I shall continue with a spoiler warning!

The title of the anime is a portmanteau of the names Hori and Miyamura, already indicating that those two are our main characters, even though it’s pretty obvious that every character gets a chance to show their story and belief, even if it is just a small scene.

Still, we see a focus laid on Miyamura’s character as well especially when it comes to the almost drastic development he goes through. 

His backstory is told throughout the anime in a cohesive way, and the timeline is explained chronologically as we see Miyamura talk about his past when it started with middle school. His gloomy attitude and introversion made other students reluctant to pair up with him or even strike up a conversation, as it was rumored that he was a gloomy and weird guy.

Admittedly, Miyamura was a very reserved and shy person, and that image stuck with him for a long time.

From then on, Miyamura adapted to the perception of others and started to live a very pessimistic life as well. After being bullied and picked on daily at school, he felt terribly alone and almost drowned in the dark atmosphere that he carried around him. This got to a point where he exclusively developed self-destructive tendencies to cope.

We see how his attitude changes  bit by bit after meeting Shindo, a sunny extrovert who stuck with him despite others picking on him and gave Miyamura part of the confidence he lost back. Through the beginning of high school, he now became less gloomy and more reserved, speaking up only when necessary and keeping to himself.

Why is that so?

Well, Miyamura believes himself that he is a gloomy person that always got picked on, so he now jumps to his own conclusions due to his dark past. As we can see it metaphorically by seeing a young Miyamura following the current around like a ghost, it is obvious that his past is still haunting him on a daily basis.

As the story progresses, with Hori at his side and new friends on the way, Miyamura realises that he needs to make new experiences and can’t let his dark lense cloud his judgement anymore. Instead of not believing that he can be accepted the way he is and finding a positive outlook on life, he still sometimes draws back to his old habits of pessimism.

But that doesn’t keep him from developing further and further as a young man and realising that he can leave his past behind. 

When graduation rolls in and he stands alone on the roof of the school, he sees his younger highschool self looking at him menacingly.

It is supposed to represent the stages that Miyamura has gone through to become the person he is now.

Bullied in middle school, secluded in the beginning of highschool, and finally accepted and happy at graduation.

When Miyamura smiles at his past self instead of letting it trigger him, when he accepts what happened to him and others in his previous days and when he looks into the future, we see a small version of him congratulating him.

“I’ll leave you now.”

Meaning that his days of being haunted by the past are over, because now he lives in the  present while looking at his relationship with his friends and of course Hori in the future.

“Congratulations on graduating.”

Because pride is what fills him now, he has overcome many obstacles and is now finally here. 

With Hori.


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    • It’s truly a very different and very good anime! I can only recommend it with my whole heart! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post Roki, it’s greatly appreciated! :D

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