Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.17

art by @suncelia on twitter

“Listen, this is what you do-”


“It is though!”


“Oh my god”, an exacerbated sigh escaped her lips as she looked at him.

“You are unbelievable”, she buried her head into her hands as she tried to keep from getting too angry.

“Look”, she traced her palms over her face slowly until she formed them together to point at him.

“This is the fourth time this week, that you have called me-”

“It’s not”.

“I AM LOSING IT HERE! SAKUSA! YOU HAVE ENOUGH HOUSEPLANTS!”, she screamed out, but the beta in front of her only kept a menacing smile on his features, a mask hanging loosely around his ear.

“I already water these guys all the time when you have practice, I already care for them. I like house plants, I have some myself-”

“Most of which are dying”

Asami took a breather and turned around for a moment before looking back at her childhood friend.

“I can’t go get this plant for you now. Get it yourself”.

“I have practice”

“Then don’t get it?”, she grunted, her head spinning from all the yelling.

“I can’t ask anyone but you”, he retorted with a scowl on his face.


“Because you get the, just ugh”, his head flopped over and he pushed his mask back up again, wearing it over his face.

This led to Asami slumping her shoulders, knowing it was a way to show his discomfort.

With disdain on her features she kept looking at him until she sighed out loud again, which turned to Sakusa whipping his face towards her with his eyes crinkled.

“Are you smiling?”, she asked.

“No”, he retorted, but Asami wasn’t so sure if she should believe that.

“Send me the details, I’m leaving”.

Turning around on her heel as she made a dramatic scene out of it all, she barely heard the mumbled thank you, but definitely picked up the relaxing scent of her friend getting stronger with excitement.

With a side smile she brought out her phone, and with a quick dial she already had the omega on the other line.

“Yooo”, she lulled and Asami made some weird noises in retort.

“What’s poppin?”

“Nothing, nothing, I wanted to ask you if you wanna join me on some errands?”, the beta pressed her phone between her ear and her shoulder so she could rummage in her bag as Mikoto chimed affirmatively.

“Great! I’ll come over quick, plant dad sent me to get him another plant”.

While walking towards Mikoto’s dorm room, the beta picked up a scent that was extremely familiar yet still completely foreign.

Something about it was so similar to something she scented before. her nose twitching to make out who it acem from, but as she looked up to see the alpha corresponding to it, her eyes shot open in surprise as she locked eyes with Atsumu Miya.

How she knew?

Simple, as he was the spitting image of his twin Osamu who she had met at the library, and the scent having his brother’s familiar accent.

Checking why he was leaning at the door that was only three dorms away from her omega friend, she got a little closer until he looked up to see her approach him.

Okay, no abort mission!

With a sudden quickness to her step she zoomed right past him, only for a second taking in his musky and smokey scent before she turned left to her friends dorm.

Her heart rate picked up out of pure anxiety, and confusion bubbled inside her as she tried to think of a reason to be afraid of that guy.

He’s an alpha yeah, but what was it that commanded such fear from him?

Something instinctive?

As a beta she was used to picking up scents from afar and know her place when confronted with somebody else’s territories. It’s nothing new that her guts told her to lay off of somewhere or even someone because something felt weird.

The first time she had met Ushijima was a similar feat, as she didn’t know how to stand tall next to such a presence. The difference with Ushjijma though was that after a couple of times of meeting him you could get accustomed to his antics.

He was actually harmless right?

Asami slowed in her steps before getting to Mikoto’s dorm, shaking her head slightly.

No way, Alpha’s are still scary.

They’re unpredictable and you never know how they could react. 

The beta contemplated on what to do as she stood in front of her friend’s door. With a quick glance to the side she tried to get a last look at the alpha.

He was still leaning on the doorframe, his head tipped upwards as he waited for something. His hands were loosely hanging from his form, one of them in his hoodie pocket as the other held a phone.

His strong scent didn’t dissipate for a moment, wafting off of him slowly and steadily.

Every person has their own scent, their own scent pattern and the way is distributed is often tied to the person and therefore very individual. As a beta she knew to memorize the way scent gathered around her peers, either steadily flowing or stagnant pushing in slow rhythms.

“It’s similar to Osamu, yet very different”, she muttered to herself. Remembering the way Osamu’s sandalwood incense scent gathered around him very snugly and closely to himself.

It was playing second fiddle, tucking behind and only accessible to the people standing in a close vicinity to him. Meanwhile his brother was a lot more aggressive in his scent pattern, new waves of fresh musk scent clouding everyone around him.

Her eyes trailed back to the door in front of her, but ultimately drew back to the alpha. His face was tucked to the side as he peered into his own dorm room, the door now open as he talked to someone.

He was wearing a cream oversized t-shirt and some gym shorts that hung shortly above his knees, white sneakers that have definitely seen better days and lastly a black cap that pushed back his bright yellow hair.

“Need somethin’?”, a low rumbling voice made the beta snap up and as she looked up she realized she was caught staring, her hand immediately catching the door handle.

“Uh, n-no! Sorry, I havt-go!”, her speech slurred a little and she hurriedly opened the door and left a confused Atsumu at his doorstep.


“What was that Tsum?”, a voice bellowed from the inside of the dorm.

“Nothn’ just a jittery beta, I caught starin’”, he mused out as a grey haired head popped out of the room.

“Jittery? Must’ve been Asami”

“Asami? Never saw her before”, Atsumu thought out loud as he pushed himself off the wall with a slight grunt and turned around swiftly to look at his brother.

“Are ya ready yet?”, the older one spat out as he took a quick check on his brother’s outfit.

A loose black shirt and some basic blue jeans, but in his hand he has a dark blue flannel and a black bag.

“Good. I look better anyways”, he mumbled and dodged a hit that came swinging at him.

“Oi! Watch ya mouth!”, Osamu snarled and Atsumu cackled while walking ahead.

The voices of the two dissipated as Asami held her ear on the door from inside to listen.

“Are you eavesdropping?”

The chirp of Mikoto’s voice made the beta turn around in her tracks.

“Uh”, was the intelligent sound Asami made, before she distracted ehrself with her friends outfit.

“Oooh, wait you look cute!”, the beta giggled and fiddled on the white sleeves of Mikoto’s shirt. 

She was wearing a frilly white blouse and a short black dress underneath. Her hair was done up with a messy bun and a cute little bag hanging on her shoulder.

“Stop it”, she bickered and a slight blush crept up her cheeks.

“Alright, alright”, Asami propped her arm around the omega before pushing her out of the dorm, “Let’s go before Sakusa goes crazy”.

“Sakusa? Don’t tell me you have to get him a plant again?”

Asami sighed dramatically, and the omega knew she was right.

“Something about devil’s ivy?”, the beta brought out her phone and looked at the text Sakusa sent her, “Yeah that one”.

“The devil bro? What the heck”, Mikoto pushed herself a little closer to look at the picture he sent with it, and the plant looked actually quite nice.

Big leaves that pooled out of the pot and grew lavishly around it.

“So that’s your errand?”, the omega gave Asami a side eye, and the latter just kept staring ahead before humming and looking at her friend again.

She caught Mikoto looking a little longer before looking away, and the beta scrunched her nose in confusion, “What up? You don’t have to come with me if you don’t wanna”

“No, no! That’s not it, it’s just”, she paused for a moment collecting her thoughts before she continued, “you look preoccupied”.

Asami immediately thought of the incense smoke that had clouded her senses moments before meeting up with her friend, she couldn’t think of a reason why she shouldn’t tell her friend about her encounter with the alpha, so she buckled.

“So remember the Miya twins?”

How could Mikoto not?

The first time she encountered Atsumu, he had a thrilling aura about him and even stood strong next to Oikawa who she knew to be a bit peculiar as well. And Osamu, well from what she heard from Futakuchi, he was just a weird Alpha as well, but Asami took a liking to him because of his subdued nature.

So what was it about them?

“Yeah I do, what about them?”

“Did you know their dorm is like three doors next to yours?”

For a moment Mikoto stopped dead in her tracks and Asami’s arm around her shoulder fell off of her.

“Are you kidding me?”, she choked out slowly and Asami shook her head.

“No way, I saw Atsumu lounging there moments before I walked in your room. That’s why I was so… absent”, the beta hooked her arm around the omega’s again and pushed her forwards.

Now it was Mikoto’s time to be absent, as her gaze drifted away as she thought.

“He has a really weird scent. It’s extremely noticeable from afar even”, she shook her head again as if to shake away the memory, “I really think alphas are scary man”.

“All alphas?”, Mikoto snapped back pursed lips and earned herself a light hearted smack.



Pushing out a small laugh, Mikoto pushed the button for the door opener and the fresh air hit their faces.

“Now that I think about it”, and the beta turned her head at her friend’s musings, “I didn’t think Atsumu’s scent was all too pushy when I met him though”.

When the omega looked up at Asami, she only found her scowling at her.

“You really are dense sometimes”

“Why?!”, she knew the beta was probably right, but no way she would just admit that.

“Because as a beta I am more sensitive to the individual scent, but less drawn to it instinctively. You on the other hand as a n omega probably subconsciously took in his scent without really thinking of it.”

“Huh, you think so?”

“I think so”, Asami said while patting her company’s head.

The weather outside was delightful as they strolled towards the huge parking area where Asami had stashed away her small vehicle. She rarely used it, because conveniently everything was easy to reach by foot or bus, and her driving skills were easily influenced by her jitters, but the plant shop she had to go to would be thirty minutes away by bus.

So she opted for the car.

It was the late afternoon as the sun started to slowly make its way to the bed of clouds. The sky tinted a light shade of lavender as the streetlight illuminated an already lit pavement. The warm wind picked up around the two as the frills of Mikoto’s dress caught in it which made both of them laugh.

“You’re gonna fly away!”, Asami laughed and held the omega close to her.

“Stooop, I’m not gonna fly away!”, she laughed back until her eyes caught her friends car in the distance.

“Hey Asami, do you know how to parallel park?”

“No I don’t, that’s why I always leave a spot in fron-”

The beta looked at her car, sandwiched with two other cars in front and in the back of her vehicle. The space between them was exceedingly smaller than how she left it, and all the colour drained from her face.

“Oh god”

“It’s fine don’t panic”

“I’m not panicking”, the beta pushed out with a grunt.

“You’re panicking. We can take the bus and wait for the other car to leave?”

Asami shook her head, a nail finding its way to her teeth before Mikoto could knock it off her teeth.

More than occasionally a drama queen, Asami was extremely bothered by small changes in her schedule. Still, as long as she found a way around it, there was no real problem, but driving was already overwhelming for her as she was pretty new to it, and this whole situation with Omi waiting for his plant made it more and more pressuring.

“No, the bus will take too long”

“Then we’ll just tell Sakusa we can get it later”, Mikoto’s voice was very firm and her scent felt extremely comforting to the beta, which was nothing out of the ordinary.

Still, Asami felt like she had to get this done today.

Standing in front of her car as she examined the spaces between the other cars and hers, a defeated sigh escaped her as she mumbled something intelligible.

“What’s going on in here”, a voice snapped both of their gazes up to find no other than the Miya twins walking towards them.

Osamu was holding his own car keys, closely examining behind his brother who was holding his hands on his hips.

“Oh, hello”, Mikoto chirped and they both replied with an ‘asazu’ as a greeting.

As Asami was still preoccupied, her gaze only quickly jumped up to Osamu who followed her gaze to the parked car.

“Are ya guys goin somewhere?”, Osamu inquired and walked a little closer, until they all stood close to the car.

“Well originally yes, but”, Mikoto slowly started.

“I can’t get the car out”, Asami blurted out in frustration and she turned away a little, hiding her embarrassment while anger bubbled up at the same time.

“It’s fine let’s go get the bus anyway”, Mikoto held out her hand and Asami looked at her with a sad pout.

“Wait, no way I can help ya”, Atsumu walked towards the beta and held out his hand for the keys.

With a stunned expression Asami looked at Mikoto, but she only rose her shoulders with a puzzled expression herself.

“I think he can actually get it out ya know”, Osamu chimed and his brother gave him a mean look.

“Course I can!”

“Uh, here”, the beta mumbled and let the keys fall into the alphas outstretched hand so she wouldn’t touch him.

Atsumu nodded and pushed the button of the key until a click was to be heard. With a swift motion he opened the door and dropped himself into the seat but made a weird noise as his knees hit the steering wheel.

“Can I change the seat thingies?”, he looked up with a question plastered on his features and the beta only lamely nodded.

His hand grappled underneath the seat to push on a lever and with a loud clanking sound the seat pushed back into a more comfortable position.

“ookay”, he mused to himself as he closed the door and opened up the window.

“Samu, there’s no sensors on this thing can ya lead me?”

“Alright, back up slowly”.

With a rumble he started the engine and slotted in the reverse.

“Back a little more”, Osamu roared against the loud engine and the car slowly backed up as Atsumu turned around in his seat, his arm dangling out of the window.

“Right, just a little more”, and the car rolled back almost too close until Osamu finished with a ,”Stop!”

Coming to a halt she shifted into first gear with a huff and turned the wheel to a full stop. AS the space was really small the twins repeated that action back and forth until with a triumphant sound Atsumu drove out of the space and pushed the brake to stop.

At this point, both of the twins were looking at the girls with a satisfied gaze, adn their scent intermingled with the smoke of the exhaust pipe as both the omega and the beta looked a little taken aback.

“There ya go”, Atsumu opened the door and jumped out with a satisfied grin and dropped the keys into Asami’s hand.

“Take care”, Osamu chimed with a raise of his hand as they both left while talking to each other.

“Bye caramel girl!”, Atsumu called with his back turned to the girls as they both left the parking lot.

“What just happened?”, Asami held her keys in front of her and looked at Mikoto who focused on Atsumu leaving.

“What’s wrong with that guy?”, she mumbled more to herself than anyone else as her mind trailed away.

“Caramel girl”, the beta repeated with a mocking undertone.

“Shut it”


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