Jujutsu Kaisen – First Impressions (spoiler free!)

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Oftentimes if we want to start a new anime, the first thing we do is search it up online. 

The arch nemesis of merely wanting some casual information awaits you around every corner, because if there is one thing you will have everywhere it is spoilers!

Makii has already made a tremendous job introducing to us her “Breakfast Anime” series, where she shows us the best parts and interesting background information to anime you can casually and calmly watch while you sit at breakfast with no spoilers. Please make sure to check out those posts on Horimiya, Hataraku Saibou!! and Kai Byoui Ramune. 

As Jujutsu Kaisen is a rather dark anime, it is not as fitting into that genre, but we shall delve into it as well in a similar manner and without major spoilers to see what kind of anime Jujutsu Kaisen actually is with my first impressions of it as well.

Akutami Gege is the author of the manga Jujutsu Kiasen, which was published in 2018 under Shueisha. Interestingly enough, Akutami Gege is merely a pen name, and the real name and gender of the author is not yet known to the public. The manga got popular very quickly and then got its designated place in the weekly shounen jump among other very popular shounen manga.

Merely two years after, Jujutsu Kaisen got its anime adaptation, which was sought out by studio MAPPA, also known for carrying the final season of Attack on Titan, Dororo and Kakegurui. The studio is known for its excellent animation and has published many other anime series.

Premise and Atmosphere:

Without telling too much so you can still enjoy the anime after this, Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime with the main genre of fighting-shounen, and the side genres dark fantasy and magic. 

It starts off with Itadori Yuuji, our primary protagonist who is of peak physical health and sought out by many people for his physical abilities at school. Yuuji is very carefree and a general sunshine boy, but as he loses something quite dear to him he is roped into a world that we weren’t quite aware of before. The genre of shounen is perfectly fitting, as there are fighting scenes everywhere and the general setting may be dark but it lets comedy and magic slowly bleed through while other characters get introduced and blended into the storyline.

While I personally have recommended this anime because of its top-tier animation it is also the building of suspense that comes close very popular anime like Boku no Hero Academia, Demon Slayer or Haikyuu!!.

The typical power levels that are displayed with the characters has a nostalgic feeling to it, giving us moments and parallels to very iconic fighting styles such as Naruto or Dragon Ball, although such a comparison would take away fromeach of those animes individual strength.

Jujutsu Kaisen has a huge originality and individuality to present itself with, and so far is truly something very unique and special.


Yuuji Itadori:

As mentioned before, Yuuji Itadori is our typical sunshine boy who loves to help others and save people from any harm. He has a huge heart and functions a lot in the comedic relief aspect which strikes as very comforting in the events of this anime. Contrary to that he also has a strong sense of justice as he doesn’t liek others to get hurt, but knows very well when a fight is over. We can see that Itadori is a very observant and noble person, making sure that if someone dies that person does so in a dignified way. With his head in the cloud but a natural affinity to almost everything he is molded into a beautiful character that you will learn to love.

Megumi Fushiguro:

Also quickly established is our polar opposite to Yuuji, Megumi is the rather more brooding and quiet type. As a very stoic and calm character he makes sure to follow the rules and implement his own ideologies into his craft. He listens intently and shows a strong will to help others as well while trying to juggle what is right and wrong. Megumi seems to be different than others, and has an interesting way of carrying himself, which is a huge part of his character. Next to Yuuji he looks almost invisible, but shines in other ways.

Nobara Kugisaki:

Nobara fills an important role as a very interesting female character in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is extremely outspoken and brash while still having a girly side that comes to the forefront here and there. In the words of Jujutsu Kaisen she is adamant on showing that she is no commodity, fighting herself through all obstacles with a sound mind and very strong ideals. Compared to the other two boys she is the most determined and close to her iedals, but would rather not show her feelings as quickly as others.

Gojo Satoru:

It is no secret that a lot of people start watching Jujutsu Kaisen or hear from it first after seeing the widely popular Gojo Satoru. The extremely charismatic character bewitched most watchers quickly, and without telling too much gives us reason to compare him to other very iconic anime characters such as Kakashi from Naruto for example. Another comedic relief that can switch up on an instant with jokes and a striking personality, Gojo makes sure to keep the story afloat and interesting. Even though he is not the main protagonist he definitely carries other characters and provides a lot of stability in the story.

There are many other characters who would have been nice to mention here, but again we are aiming to give you  valuable experience watching Jujutsu IKaisen yourself. Over the course of the story the diversity of characters are easy to see and the concepts as well as personalities are full of interesting events.


Like mentioned before, animation is a crucial part of why Jujutsu Kaisen is so popular, and the anime doesn’t disappoint in my opinion. The atmosphere is very drka but studio MAPPA offers us very dark frames and additionally colourful pictures that often glow in their movements.

The camerawork feels like eye-candy and can definitely show itself next to life-action movies with its varying perspectives and swiftly moving frames. The backgrounds and landscapes have beautiful and tarak reflections and show us the beauty of Tokyo in a new way. Jujutsu Kaisen is very dark and has no shame in accentuating the splatter and horror aspect, the very realistic fight scenes are also accompanied with very realistic anatomy and injuries.

Comparable to the beauty of Kimetsu no Yaiba which also has a beautiful framework and prides itself in glowing and natural flowing attack types, Jujutsu Kaisen has no moment in which the animation isn’t beautiful. Even when huge fight scenes occur, the animation tends to stay up to par and doesn’t let you down. Going up and down and in between characters, circling around them only to surprise even the watcher with attacks from behind, it is truly mesmerizing.

Animation isn’t everything,and definitely shouldn’t deter you from watching an anime, but in this case functions as a great additional factor.


Jujutsu Kaisen has brought a very interesting cast into its voice acting with widely popular seiyuus blessing us with their voices. It starts with the broadly known voice of Satoru Gojo, who is spoken by Yuuichi Nakamura also known for harboring the voices of Kuroo from Haikyuu!! or Hawks from BNHA

Even Itadori Yuuji’s voice has nostalgic and pure impact on us as he is also spoken by Junya Enoki who has taken on the voice of Takaishi a.k.a T.K in Digimon Tri. A later incoming character, Toge Inumaki was lended the voice of Uchiyama Kouki who we all know for voicing Tsukishima from Haikyuu!! and Shigaraki Tomura from BNHA. And the beautiful female voice for Nobara is another Haikyuu!! classic as she is spoken by Asami Seto who voices Yui Michimiya.

A huge range of voices that only implement the diversity we love to see with matching voices and bone-chilling voice-acting.

To conclude our ride through the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, I would implore you to at least try the first episode and see for yourself if the anime is something for you! 

If you enjoy something that has a bit of nostalgia elements but melded with new creative characters and world-building Jujutsu Kaisen is definitely something for you! 

Already watched it? Please let me know how you felt about it in the comments, and make sure to indicate spoilers for the ones who haven’t watched it yet! 

Until then, I’ll see you in the next tea time~

Nissa, (evaporates into thin air)

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