Scent. a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.20

art by @Ruttika_Shin on Twitter

I really wanted to be cautious with him.

Nobody told me that guy was such a good conversationalist.

Normally I was used to get rejected because most of my friends were introverts at the moment, but what can you do when both people can’t stop talking?

What a world to live in.

My fingers were numb the night before, and I just quickly saw the green dot next to my contacts.

Even Asami was asleep at this point. No one to talk to.

Why did I even have his contact?

Oh right. 


Something in me told me to just go to sleep and not think about it, my mind was already filled to the brim with everything that happened after anatomy class.

Sleep was no option.

The green icon next to his name drilled its way into my retinas, and the curiosity of why he was still awake gnawed at me.

Is he also thinking about today?

Ugh, I’m so confused.

A couple of seconds of wait felt like hours, until I quickly punched in a message.

[Still awake? :3] seen.

[unfortunately yeah, haha] seen.

We texted for two hours.

I never did something like that before, and I knew there was nothing weird happening, but it was still at night.

[you’re actually super nice] seen.

[that so? same goes to you] seen.

Night talk.

At night.

We were just geeking out over biology, after a couple of small talk sentences we explained to each other how gene mutation worked and what our favorite bio subjects were until it was already 5 am.

I remembered how I almost dozed off twice before the loud vibration of his text brought me back to the world of the living.

Whatever it was, the other person always felt like they had to reply. It never felt forced, there was just a natural flow of the conversation.

Is that what it’s supposed to be like?

Instead of feeling like I had to carry the whole session, there were pointers coming from both sides constantly and whenever one of us said there were sleepy there were suddenly five other things to talk about.

Still, the morning came quicker than anticipated.

Now I have huge eyebags and a hot coffee in my hand.

I really want to curse my past self.

“Caramel girl!”

My tired eyes shot open and I looked behind me to follow the now familiar voice.

“Have ya oh-”

He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw me and his mouth shaped the form of an ‘oh’ before he started grinning.

“Long night?”

I felt my blood already starting to boil.

For some reason, Atsumu always found the perfect moment to appear when I was especially strung up.

“No”, and I hoped my cold attitude wasn’t too deterring.

Or did I?

“Oh, so you’re still in denial hm? It’s fine I won’t judge you if you guys shan-”

“Can you stop?”, I stood still next to him, the blood rushing to my face and I couldn’t quite point out if it was out of anger, embarrasment or a little bit of both.

My stomach churned at all of these events unfolding, I hate how he just assumes what he wants to without letting me finish.

I really don’t like this.

His demeanor didn’t change a bit, even at my angry tone, it was almost as if it fueled him even more. His head dropped to the side and he grinned at me, and as I looked back at him I realised how big our height difference was.

Alpha’s really are scary.

I took a long inhale and tipped my head back as Atsumu just snickered, and I was sure this wouldn’t resolve itself. I have to do something.

“You know what?”


My lecture would start in fifteen minutes normally, but I already took the notes and read the literature. I feel like that professor just read his own scripts aloud anyway so maybe…


“Do you have any classes now?”

For a second I saw something sliver in the Alpha’s eyes, I couldn’t quite catch what it was, as it faded as quickly as it appeared.

“Just came out of one cause Samu said I have to go. I’m done until the later afternoon. Why? Wanna finally spend time with me?”, he smugly smiled and I shook my head.

“I really want to clear all of this up, so I’m going to skip this-”

Wah?! Yer gonna skip for little ol me?”, in playful shock he raised his eyebrows and smiled widely, “aren’t ya like an honours students or somthin?”

Honours student?

“Uhm, no. But I already have the notes for this lecture anyway, and I don’t like stuff like this hanging in the air”

Can’t focus on anything else if things like these ghosts around in my mind. If someone didn’t like me because of a definite reason I couldn’t care less, but I hate misunderstandings, especially when the person talking doesn’t let me finish my own point. 

Makes me want to scream.

Or disappear.

One of those.

“So you’ll let me say my side and we can finally get this over with, okay?”, I asked firmly, and for some reason there was no complaint from the man.

“Well, alright! I’m getting quite invested here. Where do you want to go?”

Right. He’s still new here.

“Let’s just go sit somewhere. I’m still drinking my coffee”, I lamely replied.

“Oh yeah you do like your coffee don’t you?”, his tone was teasing, and I was way too tired to look into the hidden meaning of that.

Did he mean Oikawa again? Or is he just messing with me?

Oh man.

Finally arriving at a semi-comfortable bench, I relaxed against it and let my legs kick back and forth until Atsumu sat down next to me with a little distance.

Hm, at least he’s a little respectful.

“So? Tell me all about the romance”

God, this guy!

“Okay”, I sighed.

And so I did.

He already knew about the incident so I really didn’t go into detail, but I explained why there might be some misconceptions, the fact that Oikawa and I were in similar classes and one of them being a bit more… handsy?

The fact that he just caught us at a very time twice, my reasoning for behaving so casually around him. Even though I wouldn’t call it too casual, but hey. And came to a close with another long sigh.

Somehow I had hoped getting all of that out would feel relieving, but it just made me think more. 

Were there more people that thought like Atsumu?

“Wow, that’s the whole story there”, he mused to himself and I could smell his scents wafting off of him steadily.

That’s a first, I couldn’t even detect it so much last time.

“Yes. Like I said, you’re misunderstanding”

“Hmh, I guess so”, he retorted and relaxed and moved his shoulders in a circular motion, “it was really misleading though. With all the rumours and such”.

“Do people really say stuff about me and Oikawa?”

Adjusting my position so I would face him more, he looked at me and wiggled his head from side to side.

“Well, I heard most things about that Oikawa guy. Firstly, most athletes are huge players, and he’s an Alpha, so I kinda rhymed my own stuff there”.

Oikawa did have a whole troupe of fangirls though. I saw them encircling him after a lecture.

“You shouldn’t make assumptions though”, I replied back and he just shrugged.

“People make assumptions about me all the time, and then most annoying part is that they don’t tell ya and play nice. I think being upfront with my thoughts is nicer than playing a hypocrite”


“You mean you would rather think what you think and say it instead of talking behind people’s back or lying about what you think of them?”

“I guess. Like when ya meet new people and they’re nice but you turn around and they start whisperin’ I just say what I think out loud. No surprises”.

That’s actually almost considerate.

Maybe I made my own assumption about Atsumu’s character as well, without intending to do so. He also sounded kind of sad as he said that. Maybe he had people talk about him badly as well?

Why do I suddenly feel for him?

“I think I get it, rather be honest and just say it than lie. I think the same, if I don’t like someone I will probably tell them or avoid them, but you really did provoke us. Especially Oikawa.

Now the thoughtful gaze of his turned into a huge grin again, “But isn’t that fun? Riling someone up just to see how they react? Admit it, you probably do that with your friends to an extent, right?”


It is fun to tease my friends, sure.

“Yeah, but we aren’t really friends so aren’t you making it hard for yourself to have acquaintances if you brush them off with your provoking nature?”

I looked at the floor as I was thinking and then turned to the blue sky filled with small little white clouds.

“I mean you’re new, don’t you want to make new friends instead of playing around and cutting bridges everywhere?”

He didn’t reply in an angry way, there was just silence so I didn’t feel the need to stop in my musings.

“The way you’re talking I don’t really think you’re a bad guy, but you’re deliberately sabotaging your chances to be with people. Still, I believe you’re actually just trying to befriend people in your own way, I think you have good in you”, with a smile I looked back at him only to find that he looked away for a moment.


He turned around again with that big grin and closed his eyes.


I’ve seen that one before.

“You’re really something else aren’t you?”, he crossed his arms behind his head and looked ahead. 

I followed his lead.


“Nothing, nothing. I guess I’ll have to stop pestering you”, he chuckled with a low rumble in his chest, “at least with that Oikawa thing”


“That sounds like you have something weird planned”, I pursed my lips and looked at him with squinted eyes.

He laughed lightly and my pout turned into a smile.

“Well, I do tease my friends as well so”

“Oho? Is it my turn now?”, he asked.

“Your scent is way too strong. It hurts my nose”, I retorted.

His laugh after that had a semblance to light bells chiming, and I couldn’t stop my own giggle at the sound. His eyes shot closed and the wrinkles around his eyes looked like small crescent moons. 

He is actually just a big child.

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