Otome Hametsu/Hamefura – When all leads to doom![Breakfast Anime]

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As the latest promo-videos revealed that the second season is going to start at July 2nd of 2021 it’s highly about time to write a little breakfast anime review to get ready for some more scenes with our cast of Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta…

Also known as My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!(yes this is the whole title) or shortly Hamefura.

The series originally started with the Light Novel followed by a manga adaptation and a while after in 2020 the first anime adaption was released. In this post we will focus on the anime adaptation and see what the main character will have to face in order to get doomed!

Of course keeping it spoiler-free for you guys to also enjoy a binge-marathon until season two comes up!


Ever wondered how your life could suddenly change due to one event?

One single thing?

Maybe just falling over hitting your head and then suddenly you realize “Wait a second this body is not mine, and this life is also not mine”, memories of your old life filling your head as you see, yes definitely I must have landed in another world.

The same happens right at the beginning of the series when our female-lead regains her memory while lying injured on the ground realizing that the world and the name she is now clothing herself with is none other than from her favourite Otome game she used to play, Fortune Lover. But she did not become the girl that claims all the guys rather she is the Villainess herself – Catarina Claes.

After realizing that the world she is living in is based-off the very same otome game and her taking on the role of the rival she analyzes how her life is supposed to go on in the next years since the anime starts when Catarina is still a child. With the memories and mentality of a seventeen year-old highschool girl the now young female-lead plans out all her routes only to find out that she is either exiled or killed in each and every one of them.

Not wanting to face her doom so early after having died at the age of seventeen in her previous life, she now is determined to avoid each and every scenario that triggers her doom ending – which she personally calls doom flags.

How will her story lead on and who will she join forces with?

What doom will await her in the end?


Catarina Claes(now)

In this context we refer to our female-lead as Catarina Claes who differs strongly from the former figure of the Otome game in many aspects. The only trait that both of them have in common is their appearance and scary look.

As now things have changed heavily for the current Catarina Claes she is more than cautious how to interact with each character to not trigger her doom ending and occasionally has a meeting with her own little personas in her head of how she should avoid her own misery.

Despite that she is very reckless and careless in many senses as she takes on habits from her old life like climbing trees or rude mannerism which is uncommon for her current role as someone from a noble lineage. She also talks very loudly, has a big appetite for sweets, is carefree and not really bright when it comes to academics.

She also meddles into things a lot which shows that despite her being cautious she gets herself into trouble without thinking about the aftermath.

Like the rival in the game she also possesses little magic power which ultimately means that she has to meet the heroine of the game Maria Campbell and set her own deadline until that point.

Geordo is already engaged to her at the start of the anime which makes her a big target for some of the other endings.

Unlike other female characters in a harem anime she seems to have no real romantic interests, but only wants to survive, which lays her focus heavily on her plans and strategies.

Geordo Stuart

He is the first love interest that also appears right off the start of the anime. Based on the description of the game and her own experience Catarina labels him as the sadistic prince with a smile on his face, showing that he is actually very twisted despite his outside demeanor.

Known for being very responsible, hard-working and popular due to his charming looks while he also is officially a prince by status.

Even when angered, the smile on his face never disappears which makes Catarina very wary of him. In the good ending of the original game he exiles Catarina while in the bad ending he kills her and disappears due to the guilt.

He has a twin brother which he is not on good terms with.

Alan Stuart

Geordo’s twin brother who is described with tsundere traits as his mean outside comes with a kind and soft core. He is on bad terms with his brother due his jealousy that the former is much more talented despite them being twins

He is engaged to Mary Hunt and also gets to know Catarina through Mary.

Catarina mentions that the rival in his route is Mary and not herself since she shouldn’t appear in that one.

Keith Claes

He is the adoptive brother of Catarina who was a womanizer in the original game. Due to him being bullied by the former Catarina and growing up lonely he became the womanizer in the game who will find true love with the heroine and only focus his love on her from that point. In the good ending Keith exiles Catarina and in the bad ending out of rage kills her before he vanishes.

With that in mind Catarina tries to avoid that ending by doing the exact opposite of what happened in the game.

Nicol Ascart

As Catarina states he is a character she doesn’t know much about since she never played his route herself. It is only known that he is very handsome and also charms males and females alike with his smile that is not seen so very often

Despite his stoic and cold appearance, Nicol is very protective when it comes to his sister Sophia since she is labeled as cursed due to her looks.

Catarina also states that in his route Sophia is the main rival of the heroine due to his overprotective nature which makes her contemplate if there is a doom flag as well.


The style of the animation is rather simple but very beautiful since we see many sceneries that kind of reminds one of Ghibli movies or Violet Evergarden despite that the quality compared to Violet Evergarden is less detailed yet held more cute.

The characters also wear a lot of different clothes next to their default ones and we also see a lot of variety when it comes to fruits, food and sweets in the anime giving it a nice aesthetic.

Especially the ending is created in a more serious and darker vibe which reminds the viewer that there are possible bad endings with every character that enters the scene. 


Maaya Uchida who is known for voicing Norman from Yakusoku no Neverland, Fischl from Genshin Impact and also Hiyori from Noragami, lended her voice to our main character Catarina Claes.

And she is not the only familiar voice who perfectly captured the over-energetic nature of her character.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who voiced Inosuke from Demon Slayer, Kirito from SAO and many others impressed us with his more calm and collected voice when he spoke Nicole Ascart with his stoic demeanor, a stark contrast to some other roles which he managed perfectly.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki(Makoto from Free!!), Tetsuya Kakihara(Natsu from Fairy Tale), Inori Minase(Rem from Re:Zero) and many more that just present all characters with their voices completing the perfect nature of each and every single one of them.


Despite that the anime has the genre shoujo and isekai, the typical cliche of waking up in a new world and immediately having everyone love the perfect heroine is very distinct in this one.

With Catarina Claes being a very unique and not your usual female-lead she still is lovable as a character herself without any romantic relation to that. Her easy-going nature and ways of dealing with certain situations often bring out a laugh and make the anime so light-hearted that you just cannot stop to watch as one wants to see where her antics lead her next and if she really can avoid her doom ending.

Even the Shoujo aspect is more due to the setting rather than our main character since her only goal is not romance, quite the opposite due to her doom flags she stays away from it which makes it more and more interesting for the actual plot that is set out for her.

But there are also little dark moments, relatable topics and sad scenes where one could drop the one or another tear as the anime grows a bit darker at some points, yet never loses the essence of being light-hearted.

If you are looking for a nice change of Isekai anime where it is not the heroine but about the unfairness towards a Villainess who wants to survive- Otome Hametsu is definitely the next thing you should watch.

With that let’s await season 2 that is about to come in some weeks and watch the first one to recap!

Here is the trailer of season 1 :

See you next tea time- Catarina did you steal my Snack?!


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