Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.22


Art by @ocaxoka on Twitter

Stay calm.

Stay absolutely calm.

That was the mantra I kept repeating in my head, but I could definitely feel the rush of blood through my ears. My heart thrummed in my chest as I speed walked through the halls and opened the huge glass doors to run outside.

My chest rising and falling as I tried to assess the situation in front of me.

There was blood everywhere.

What in the world?

My mind started to reel into all sorts of side tracks, how did all of this even-



I started to run towards the first two students I could see that walked almost normally, with no sign of leg injury.

“Hey, hey! You guys, blue shirt and white jacket! Are you injured?”, just to make sure even though I asked I quickly evaluated both of them, but had no time to check thoroughly.

If they look fine and respond, don’t waste your time.

Keep going.

I nodded to myself.

“Uh, yeah we’re fine”, the guy in the blue shirt stammered back.

“Okay, can you guys wait here and call the ambulance? I will send you others that are just mildly injured so I can take care of the others okay?”

Both nodding profusely, I kept running towards the gardens right in front of the campus.

I could see some other students confused or slightly hurt and send them back to the front, sweat forming on my forehead as I searched between the benches and under the tables for other victims.

Panting, but still trying to keep my composure I turned to the left only to find someone on the ground crouching and holding their leg.


“Iwa?”, I scrambled to the floor next to him and winced as I saw the gaping wound on his leg.

Focus, focus. What to do?

“Okay, look at me?”Iwaizumi looked up with a scrunched face and I nodded after checking his reactions, “I’ll apply a makeshift tourniquet, and you keep holding that pressure yeah? I’ll come back for you”

I started to apply the tourniquet and he groaned as I held it tight.

“I’ll be back”

“Damn it, I’m fine, go!”

I stood up as quickly as I could and continued to scout the region.

There was a pile of minor injuries at the front where I set up the camp at the front of the doorway, and Iwa had a major injury on his leg that I should tend to befor-

My eyes feel on a figure right next to a huge tree, close to some bushes on the side.

Oh my god.

As quickly as I could, I threw myself at the lying girl who looked at me with locked but terrified eyes.


She stayed immoblie, her eyes merely darting from the left to the right, her mouth rigid.

“Can you hear me?”, I asked, a little more panic than I wanted to show.

No response.

I checked quickly for any injuries outside, but couldn’t find anything.

How do I check for reflexes again?


I grasped her hand quickly, holding it against mine.

“Can you hear me? Press if you can”, I nodded at the light pressure on my palm.

“Okay, great. Can you move your legs?”

No press.

Might be some sort of trauma?

“Alright, you’re okay. We’ll have help here soon”, I pulled a sharpie from my pocket andrew a line on her forehead.

In the second where that happened, she suddenly got up and smiled with a relieved sigh escaping me.

This was almost too real.

A crowd behind me started to clap and Mikoto did so herself, as I held out my hand to help her stand up.

“Well done Oikawa! You passed the triage test! You evacuated the slightly injured, placed a tourniquet and even found a probably lethal head trauma! You passed!”

Another wave of applause as I saw Iwaizumi walking towards us with obviously no gaping wound on his leg, and Mikoto just lightly bounced up and down as if she had recovered from a brain injury in seconds.

That’s great acting for ya.

It was so good that for a second I forgot myself. It was all just a scenario for my finals.

The applause ebbed into small murmurs and I felt a tenseness in my shoulder as the examiner came towards me with a clipboard. 

I hadn’t even noticed him watching me throughout the simulation, but I knew for sure he had to watch in some way. Pressing my lips together in anticipation I nodded at him as he squinted his eyes at me and then the papers in his hands.

Most of the students that were walking around now either left or went to their respective classes, as their part of playing the injured was over.

“Well, well”, the examiner that spoke was an older man who I have never seen before, and I remembered Takeda-sensei telling us that it was intentionally a person we had no emotional tie to so they could examine us properly.

At this point the uncertainty of it all and the fact that I couldn’t read him made me even more nervous than I should be.

I did everything right didn’t I?

Before I could start to run a mental list of all the things I might’ve forgotten, the examiner cleared his throat after tapping his clipboard one too many times.

“You’ve managed to enter the field quickly and calmly, your first reaction to the less injured was calculated well”, his eyes trailed down on his list and my heartrate picked up as I awaited the bad points now, “placed a tourniquet in a timely manner and found a potentially disastrous brain injury”

Did I pass?

Oh my god, did I pass?

My brain felt as it was about to implode, the examiner still looking stiffly at his notes.

I mean what he said sounded right but I had no idea how important all of that was to the grading process. I wasn’t even sure if it was graded in the first place:

As long as I pass it’s fine, I can probably take some extra classes to alleviate the bad grad-

“Congratulations Oikawa, you passed with a full score”.

I couldn’t even quite view the professor’s smile correctly as I felt like my whole world did a backflip, and I only realised what was happening when I felt a strike against my back that made me topple forwards a bit and a blooming grin started to form on my face.

The impact still stung a little bit, but Iwaizumi’s genuine smile made it all worthwhile.

“I told you, dumbass”, he played angry but his voice pitched a little too cheerful to be convincing, “you worried for nothing”.

For a short moment I relaxed my shoulders and let my defenses go, “wow, again with the dumbass? This was a huge test so of course I was worried!”

“You made it!”, a cheerful voice chirped and I tilted my head down a bit to find Mikoto rubbing a wipe on her forehead where I used my pen, “you metaphorically saved my life”.

And her giggle made my chest swell a little with pride.

“But really, this pen is harder to get off than I thought. Is it permanent?”, she kept rubbing harder and left her forehead in wrinkles and she scowled a little.

Iwaizumi stepped towards her and I watched as he took away the disinfectant wipe and cleared her face with one swift motion.

“You were rubbing on the wrong spot”, he mumbled and I tried to hold my laughter at his sheepish reply.

Before I could taunt him myself, a slight cough made me turn around to the examiner again.

I raised my face quickly and faced him, confused as to why he was still standing here.

Maybe I get a certificate or I have to sign something?

“As you may or may not know, I am actually also part of the board of medicine and we take in all of the students who apply for medical school every year”.

His tone sounded very serious and had an imposing nature, and just now I realised that the examiner was probably an alpha as well. His scent ironically smelled like some sort of metal and I asked myself if there were mostly alpha’s at med school as well. Or would it be just as diverse as it was on this campus?

All I knew of the medical school campus was that it was affiliated with this university but was farther away from here. I guessed about an hour of a train ride until one reached it from here, which also meant moving.

“So I’ve seen your report cards and credit scores already, and I must say you are one of the most promising candidates so far”.

“Thank you sir”, I ushered at his words and was awestruck.

I knew my grades were good, but I would have never thought that I was on some list for a placement in med school. Again, I swallowed down a lump of giddiness before he continued.

“If you just pass the last of the classes, which I don’t doubt you will, and do your routine ride in an ambulance once you will be set for a bright future!”, he extended a warm hand and I took it with a smile.

“I will see you hopefully next year when you apply!”

And suddenly my hand felt cold as the examiner let it go and turned around after he nodded to me a last time.

Is it already happening next year?

Has it already been two years?

My mind was reeling as I thought of taking my MCATs next year. 

Is this really happening?

I’m becoming a doctor?

As if I’ve never realised that before, I felt a twinge in my chest.

What about volleyball?

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