Haikyuu Quote Time: part 13


Art by @nanaboodraws on twitter

When you’re hungry, and you eat a small mouthful of something…it makes you even hungrier.”

Miya Osamu

Every person develops from the moment they step foot into this world until they leave one day their own special way to interact with the world. 

With experience, our personality thrives bit by bit as we explore the things we love or hate, the people we adore and can’t live without or the ones we would rather never see again. That exploration leaves us with our own special do’s and don’ts, a mark that we can leave on the world or an image that protrudes when others think of us.

In Haikyuu!! season four, we are first introduced to the Miya twins when coach Ukai shows Karasuno what kind of team they will be playing against. In that instance we learn about the idolized setter Miya Atsumu and his twin brother Osamu who were one of the biggest threats they were going to face.

Along the lines of the season, we learned bit by bit more about the characters displayed and therefore also more and more interaction between the twins. While they seem very calm and collected from the outside, they show a familiarity that is uncanny.

In this post we will look at Osamu’s words to Atsumu as he watches Hinata exhibit something he calls hunger, but does he really just mean the natural instinct when we need sustenance?

As mentioned before, Atsumu and Osamu are constantly in a close relationship to one another, one that is simply very representative of how siblings interact. They constantly bicker and throw mean comments at each other’s heads, as Osamu doesn’t hesitate to call Atsumu out on his high and mighty behaviour, while Atsumu doesn’t relent on pushing his brother to the utmost limit.

Osamu even mentions that he doesn’t really trust his brother, as he lies and steals his stuff without asking and never listens to reason. They’ve also had their fights and fair share of dark moments, but what does not stop is the gravitation pulls them together again, showing their extremely well written sibling relationship.

Siblings just sometimes communicate in a weird way, and from the outside it might look completely freaky, but it simply seems to work as at the end of day they just have that shared thought process.

So when Osamu sees Hinata gleefully look at his team and cheer them up after his great receive, Osamu compares it to eating rice.

This time even his twin is confused, as to why his brother is thinking of rice all the time but Osamu explains quickly, that it is just something you will never get bored of. Your appetite brings you to want to eat, and even though you might get satisfied for a moment you “start feeling hungry again straight after”.

While the elaborate explanation of what makes you hungry and how rice is a seemingly unshakable food item one can’t go without, might be strange even to Atsumu. Osamu continues to show the similarities of Hinata and relentless hunger.

It’s his own special way to equate that feeling of getting hungry to playing volleyball, because that is just Osamu’s way to see life around him. It’s an instinctive reaction, something that stems from his own experience of loving food and the way it makes him feel just as happy and satisfied every single time.

He looks at Hinata who doesn’t care if the team just got blocked or lost a point, but only at the fact that he just received a great spike and would love to do it again and again until he is satisfied. This insatiable hunger for playing volleyball is all Osamu can see when he takes a glimpse of Hinata.

It might sound ridiculous to use a food metaphor in a high stakes volleyball game, but again like mentioned before, everybody sees the world in a different lense. We use comparisons and metaphors to make known of what we experience and how we explain it shows a lot about our character.

Atsumu listened to his brother’s musings and made a side comment on how content he looks whenever he eats anything, even if it is a cold meal. This not only shows us that Osamu loves the satisfaction food brings him, but also that his brother understands what he’s trying to say.

When you eat something, as in when you finally after all of your hard work get something just right, and you only eat a mouthful, you get hungrier.

If you’ve spent some time being hungry and you get the taste of something incredible, the sudden realization of what you have missed makes your craving for it even stronger.

The twins might not know about Hinata’s backstory and how he worked so terribly hard to get to where he is now, but we as an audience understand immediately what it meant for Hinata to land that perfect receive. 

It is a feeling that is contagious and unrelenting, an instinct for Hinata who only wants to stay on the court as long as possible. An insatiable hunger that he runs after day after day because to him it is like food: essential.

 A Source of happiness that might be simple but holds so much joy that he can’t help but want to go at it again, and again, and again.

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    • I do! I believe that instead of just seeing it as a generic volleyball anime there’s actually a lot more to it! It has also helped me in some dark times and I am enamored with the story! Thanks for reading! :D

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