Toilet Bound Hanako-kun – Have you heard about No. 7? [Breakfast Anime]

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In this week’s Breakfast Anime post I want to present you a series that might have reached the ears of some of you as it came out in 2020, but still is unknown to others.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun or also known by the english title: Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, a story based on the old ghost-story that is quite popular in japan very similar in name.

As we covered Kai Byoui Ramune that goes more in the mystery direction and Horimiya which took us to the romantic side of anime, Toiletbound Hanako-kun is a mix that takes us to both directions while still being very unique in its own way.

Many manga-readers might be emotionally overwhelmed and unstable due to the last chapters, but let’s go a step back and focus on the anime itself , again spoiler-free!

Haven’t heard of our No. 7 yet?

Then let me introduce you to our most charming school ghost in today’s blogpost and his little radish girl!


The plot starts when Yashiro Nene, a first-year Highschool girl hears about the rumours of the ghost Hanako-san. The ghost is supposed to fulfill a wish if you manage to summon her in the third stall of the girls’ bathroom on the third floor of the school. In exchange Hanako will take something precious from the one making the wish, yet Yashiro still goes her way to summon the ghost who is supposed to take something special from her in order to make her crush like her back.

Yashiro knocks three times at the stall and utters the words, “Hanako-san, Hanako-san, are you there?”, which is the start of a much more complicated relationship between her and the seventh of the seven school wonders. 

As the young apparition seemingly tries to help her out to fulfill her wish Yashiro’s journey to uncover the truth about the seven school wonders and the sudden change that causes them to go out of their supposed positions begins.

Will Yashiro get her wish fulfilled?

And what is the truth behind the seventh mystery: Hanako of the girls’ bathroom.


Yashiro Nene

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Our female-lead Yashiro Nene is someone who gives everything if it’s for love. Her falling for her senpai Minamoto Teru despite not even knowing his full name only because he helped her out once, shows her nature of easily having a misconception of what love really is.

Therefore her only wish is for her feelings to be returned.

Nene seems to like cute yet scary-looking things. has a variety of hobbies and talents that she possesses and shows her diligent nature when it comes to work on herself for the person she likes. 

She is gullible and believes every word that is said, which makes her a target for Hanako’s regular teases and jokes.

Despite seeing Hanako’s scary sides as well and still being unsure if he is someone she can trust, she wants to know more about him and goes ways and lengths to do so.


@taren.lena on insta

When we hear of the typical story about Hanako that goes around in Japan we usually have the image of a young girl with a bob cut and a red dress.

But this Hanako here is a full-fledged boy who varies heavily from the origin of the story and despite him appearing before Yashiro in the Girls Bathroom there is still more to him as he is also known as the Mystery No. 7 of the school.

He also oversees the seven mysteries and acts as a supervisor.

While he seems very cheerful and harmless cracking a joke more often than needed, he is also a very serious and cunning being, not holding back when it comes to people going against the rules of the school or his own personal gain.

Despite his cute demeanor he is actually very perverted and tactless, which we see in his interactions with Yashiro and Kou.

Since meeting Yashiro he follows her around most of the time and brings her into weird situations since not everyone can perceive him.

Whether he is someone good or bad is still unknown since there is much more about him to uncover than the surface shows.

Minamoto Teru

Yashiro’s crush and as she claims, the right person she chose this time to fall in love with.

He helped her when she dropped her pencil-case, but doesn’t seem to have noticed her at all. 

Minamoto Teru is well-liked by everyone and always wears a smile on his face. Being one year older makes him a second-year Highschool student and he is also part of the student council, more specifically he is the student council president.

While people tend to compliment Teru for his handsome looks and also being smart, he himself seems not arrogant about those things as he apologizes or is even surprised when for example people like Yashiro give him more attention than needed.

He is the older brother of Kou and part of the renown Minamoto Clan.

Minamoto Kou

art by @_natyjs on twitter

Kou is still in the middle-school division and also known for his pierced ear where he attaches a traffic safety amulet for no apparent reason. 

At first sight he looks like a delinquent which makes him unpopular in comparison to his “prince-like” brother but he doesn’t seem to care much about that, he also is far away from his rude first impression. Being considerate and overly-eager makes him rush into things head-on which some people misunderstand about him.

He is easily flustered when he realizes he rushed into things too quickly and also respects Yashiro, calling her senpai and being very gentle when talking to her.

Yet as part of the Minamoto Clan, a renowned family of exorcists, Kou directly targets Hanako to bring peace to the school and the bad supernaturals that have been lurking around.


There are many more characters in the show that are appearing in the later episodes, each of them having an important role.

Due to spoiler reasons I will keep it as vague as possible, but the characters range from normal students to other much more dangerous supernaturals.

Also the mysteries will each play a big role next to some other characters, who all have unique personalities and ties to something much deeper.


One thing about Toilet Bound Hanako-kun that stands out at first sight is the art-style that differs much from the usual Shounen anime.

The color palettes are often bright, a mixed use consisting of darker shades of purple and brown when depicting more “darker things” and a lot of red is seen in the anime, but also pastels .The art stays cute despite the anime showing us a world of supernaturals.

Animation and Manga are very close to each other, in comparison to style and colors, the cute goth vibe matches the light-hearted yet action-filled stories about apparitions and normal living beings.

Opening and Ending each have a whole different ambience, while the opening is much more action-filled, hectic and even changes the more the story progresses with bursting colors and quick-moving pictures the ending is on the much calmer side remembering one of a picture book story.


Many familiar voices appear yet again in Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, where we start with Megumi Ogata the voice actress who voices our main-lead Hanako-kun, she also lend her voice to characters who we know from the Danganronpa series as Naegi Makoto and Nagito Komaeda, Yukito from Cardcaptor Sakura and Mutou/Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Her voice perfectly matches the slightly twisted personality of Hanako as she can go from a very cute boyish voice to a deeper intimidating one when needed.

Yashiro Nene’s voice is also the one we heard in Demon Slayer as she shares the same voice as Nezuko Kamado spoken by Akari Kitou.

Yuuma Uchida who we also remember from one of our breakfast anime posts, voicing Ramune from Kai Byou Ramune and also Souma Kyou from Fruits Basket, is voicing Minamoto Teru this time a different role than his usual characters but they all share a bit of a change in attitude from time to time.

Kenjirou Tsuda (Chisaki Kai from BNHA) and more roles also lend their voices for the variety of characters we see as the story progresses.


Unlike the first impressions of the anime, this is not a romance-focussed anime as the story progresses. While Nene’s main goal is to let her crush reciprocate her feelings by summoning Hanako, the story takes a much more different turn as she is sucked into the world between human beings and supernaturals.

The variety of characters, the art-style, the interesting variation of what is about happen between the seven school mysteries, the exorcist Minamoto Kou and Hanako will let one watch to know about the notorious No.7.

What will the fateful encounter entail and reveal?

And who is Hanako-kun really?

A story that will enchant you and always ask while watching: Have you already heard the rumour of-

With that I hope you will enjoy the mysteries of Kamome Academy and its mysterious beings.

Until then, let me harvest some fresh daikon,


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