Tsukasa Yugi – Playful chaos [Character Talk]

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As we discussed in this week’s breakfast anime about Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, let’s keep the streak and introduce our new section Character Talk with one of the cast: Tsukasa Yugi!

Usually our breakfast anime reviews are spoiler-free, so if you don’t know much about the anime or search for something to watch check them out first, as this post contains spoilers for the anime.

With that said, let’s not waste anymore time on the living side of things and get started with our first guest of our new series!


As Tsukasa Yugi arrives almost towards the middle of the series, starting his appearance in episode 5, he is one of the few indicators that show us the vulnerable and human side of the “Hanako” we had known to a certain point.

We get to know that “Hanako” whose real name used to be Amane Yugi is actually the older twin brother of Tsukasa and was the cause why Tsukasa has died, also becoming a supernatural just like his brother.

In the series Tsukasa was first introduced secretly, as he pretended to be “Hanako” due to their stark resemblance considering the fact that they are twins. Unlike “Hanako”, Tsukasa has a seal on the opposite side of his face in black color instead of white and unlike in his first-reveal he usually wears a white shirt, black Kimono and a grey Hakama, but the same hat as “Hanako”.

He also has two fang-shaped teeth that make him more distinguishable from his identical brother.

Unlike “Hanako” he doesn’t possess a knife or a weapon, but has other abilities as a supernatural, which we will discuss later. 

He is affiliated with the Broadcasting club where he usually resides.

Compared to other supernaturals his behaviour is not explainable, he is not directly involved with the school wonders like “Hanako” and seeks something much more different.

The character

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Just as child-like and cheerful Tsukasa can be there is always a quick switch between his childish antics and a disturbingly aggressive side, one can call it even psychopathic.

Everything he likes and that concerns him revolves around one person: Amane.

Therefore he doesn’t particularly care if things go the wrong way, people get hurt or die, as long as he gets to play with Amane again that is the best outcome for him.

In order to make things less boring he always searches for new things he could play with and entertain his brother as well. We also see that Amane who is the supposed murder of Tsukasa, is only swayed when it comes to Tsukasa, yet Tsukasa’s demeanor shows no regrets nor remorse over his own death and even tells his brother that he loved the look on his face when he killed him.

Sakura mentions that he is very clingy, to a point where she questions his sense for personal space as he is always touching her, hugging her or even licking her ear in one of the scenes, making her imagine him more like a pet than an apparition despite her having a contract with him just like Nene does with Hanako.

Yet without a weapon, despite the curiosity, cheerfulness and no fear of anything we see Tsukasa’s strength in many cases of the anime: one of it being altering Mitsuba’s wish. 

He shows his overwhelming physical capability in No.3 Domain in which he squashed Mystery No.3’s head with his bare hands, even though the domain is the place where the representative of the mystery is the most powerful. It shows that Tsukasa’s real strength is yet unknown if he can exhibit such strengths in other domains.

In the same arc we get to see that he is able to put at least humans to sleep, as he did with Yashiro sharing the same ability as his brother, but we don’t know if the ability limits to humans only or goes far beyond that.

Like “Hanako’s” Haku-joudai, Tsukasa also possesses two Koku-Joudai who can perform several tasks for him and even alternate forms as seen when one transformed into a paper crane.

Underlying his chaotic and psychopathic behaviour we can see him drawing with bugs’ blood on a wall which is allegedly one of the things he likes to do next to Katanuki which he used to do as a child. Here the contrast between the two faces of Tsukasa’s dual personality collide again as the former is the aggressive and cold-blooded side of his, while the other represents his child-like nature that is still heavily curious and playful.

Core role as a character

Tsukasa himself stated that he acts as an archenemy to Amane and is the polar opposite.

If Amane is the one seeking balance among the school wonders, supernaturals and living beings then Tsukasa’s goal involves that everyone should do as they please even if it means that the world would go haywire in the progress. He despises the World’s design and that everyone has to play by some rules, just to seek balance.

Therefore in the series he often interferes with Sakura’s help through the broadcasting club in order to cause discord between the supernaturals and humans.

Even between the supernaturals he doesn’t shy away to disrupt bonds and rules, as we see that he manipulated someone weak like Mitsuba in order to make him strong and satisfy his own curiosity.

Tsukasa represents the pure chaos and child-like discoveries that go further than usual and simple pranks or nosiness, but exhibit his own selfishness for the things he finds interesting as he is ready to sacrifice everything beside his own brother to fulfill his own needs.

Importance in series

Like mentioned before Tsukasa, next to Tsuchigomori is the only tie to Amane’s past that we get to see in the anime.

Tsukasa brings out the side of Amane that acts on justice, but is also more emotional, considerate and humane compared to other supernaturals in general.

As he acts as the polar opposite we get to see the importance of balance that Amane is trying to hold and also the consequences if that balance is disrupted.

Through his manipulation of Mitsuba it was possible to see that appartitions also have hearts, feelings and wishes, making a new-start after death kind of possible since Mitsuba was able to become friends with Kou after his death.

The system of how mysteries can change positions and overtake the next one as seen with No.3 being replaced by another Mitsuba who consumed the heart (forced by Tsukasa) was also only explainable due to Tsukasa interfering with the natural flow of the school wonders.

There is an important message behind the rumors as well that we could implement into our society: if a rumor changes and people believe what they hear, that is the next “truth”. It shows us the simple and primitive side of believing everything that is heard without proof and alternating the real truth by mere speculations as seen with many examples throughout the series.

But also his characteristics that contradict each other and his immense love towards his brother despite Amane murdering Tsukasa when they were alive, shows us how complex human emotions can be and that love and actions cannot be explained in reasonable ways sometimes.

What makes the character so interesting?

Weirdly enough despite the fact that we do not see a single good-natured thing about Tsukasa in the anime only when it comes to his brother (but even then he is not fully good towards him), one cannot hate this character for no apparent reason.

Acting as the chaos and meddling into several relationships, even destroying them just to satisfy his own curiosity and also not caring about the slightest thing while he goes along with his whims, Tsukasa is the perfect depiction of a child that does not know where the limits are.

Whether it is due to him dying at a young age or just his personality in general, but a manipulative, psychopathic yet cute and adorable character makes Tsukasa in a way unique, even popular.

In the fandom despite the many theories considering Tsukasa and Amane’s past, doesn’t leave the character being hated, on the contrary it is not explainable why he is not hated.

Still the love towards his brother which seems in a way disturbing yet  shows us that there are no bonds between those too is also an impressive asset, as usually in other series characters like Tsukasa who show such characteristics always have a certain motive connected to their regrets or vengeance.

Which again makes Tsukasa to what he purely is – a playful chaos among the supernaturals.


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