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As any other normally functioning human being, she knew she should’ve done her laundry a long time ago.

Like a reasonable human being.

On laundry day.


Not at 3 am.

On a Wednesday.

But the laundry needed to be done, as her last fresh pair of underwear was used up and she definitely needed that white blouse for tomorrow. And that blazer. And the pants.

Luckily, there were also dryers situated in the dormitory laundry room, and it would only take about an hour to wash and dry everything. Piece of cake!

With no regard to how she looked, her hair in a messy half-updo, her white stained shirt and grey joggers she heaved up her basket and started to take the hallway to the right. After the occasional awkward greeting to other students she took a quick turn to the left and opened the door to one of the dorm’s common rooms.

At an hour like this, the open lounge with the small kitchen was empty, and she quickly walked through another door into the laundry room.

The consistent sound of running washing machines had something soothing to it, but it also meant that someone was probably in there. She sighed and walked into a corner so she could stay away from unnecessary conversation.

There were two benches situated between the rows of washing machines and dryers, and through her peripheral vision she caught someone sitting there with a phone out and a hood on.

With a clank, she opened up a washing machine and sorted her dirty laundry before throwing it in.

“One for colors, one for the dark ones”, she murmured to herself as she set up a second machine to speed up the process, humming and mumbling to herself as she measured her detergent and plopped it into the machine.

Pushing the appropriate buttons for the different washing loads, she counted the minutes that she would have to wait and closed both machines to start them.

“Why did ya sort em like that?”

The detergent cap flew out of her hands and clicked multiple times onto the floor as she suddenly heard the hooded figure talking to her.

I forgot someone was even here!

“uh, what? I’m sorry?”, she turned around and eyed the man in front of her who was leisurely sitting on the bench with a washing basket next to him.

“Ah you’re the jittery beta!”, he took off his hood and she remembered his name the second she saw his toned blonde hair.

Miya Astumu.

“Jittery? Uh yeah, uhm anyways can I help you?”

“Yeah, why did ya sort the laundry by colour?”

Sort by colour?

“So uhm, they don’t stain? You’re supposed to seperate the dark and light colours and the brights?”, she gulped and took in his confused glance.

To her, his overwhelming smokey scent was a little more subdued than normal, but it still wafted off of him in waves.

“S’that important? The stains?”

“Well, uh depends? You shouldn’t put colourful stuff with whites for example”, she responded with her gaze plastered onto the turning washing machine behind her.

“Uh, I just put tha black and white stuff together?”


“Oh it’s probably fine, the whites might get a little grey? But I think you should sort them next time”, she retorted awkwardly and felt a lump in her throat as the alpha stood up to peer into his machine.

With a smile and a thumbs up he turned towards her again, “seems ta be all good so far!”.

His playful nature made him seem a lot more harmless, and she remembered the day he had helped her get the car out of the parking spot.

Stop being such a wuss, she thought to herself. He even calls you jittery.

“That’s great! make sure to sort them next time, you don’t want them changing colour”

“That happens?!”

The beta laughed and felt the urge to sit down.

With a content sigh, knowing she had time to kill anyways she sat down onto the bench next to him, with a little distance.

“So you’re caramel girl’s friend?”

She nodded, “what’s with the nicknames?”

Atsumu shrugged, “I’m bad with names, and it’s funny don’t ya think?”

“I get that. I think nicknames are cute”, her thoughts trailed off for a moment, and she didn’t quite know how to continue the conversation.

Atsumu just kept talking.

“Right? I think they’re fun ta make. An I always have first impression engrained when I meet a person so”, he gestured towards her, “Jittery”

Shaking her head, he reacted by tilting his to the side as he looked at her.

“Don’t like it?”

“Nah, it’s fine. I am pretty jittery I guess. Do you have a nickname?”

“My brother calls me Tsumu. That’s exclusive for friends though”, confidence radiated off of him and the beta felt a little irritated by his scent.

She hummed and turned away a little.

With that reaction, Atsumu scooted a little closer and she flinched for a second.

“kay, if you don’t give me a better one I’ll keep calling you jittery”.

“Mhm”, she stood up and walked to check on her laundry.

“Jittery like really suits ya”


“Cuz yer terribly anxious for nothing”

“Okay I get it!”, she scoffed and turned to him again, only to see a huge grin plastered on his face.

“You should be more decisive if ya don’t like somethin”

Unbelievable, she thought as she couldn’t hold a sudden smile.

“You’re horrible”

“I know. Hear it all the time”

Her weariness increased again, as she reminded herself that Mikoto already told her about him extensively.

‘He’s actually not that bad I think, he’s one of those ego driven guys’, she had told the beta.

Still, from what she got today, he loved to tease and took no shame in digging into personal information. He likes to provoke, and Asami was intrigued but not ready to be attacked openly.

With a huff and hope that Atsumu just wouldn’t keep talking she hoped her laundry would be done soon.

While waiting, she kept walking towards her machine and crouching in front of it to desperately make time flow faster, but it still all felt like it stretched slowly like an old gum under your shoe.

Both with an absent mind, stayed in each others presence without saying another word except for the alpha changing his position almost constantly,

At one moment he was lying on his back dangling his feet on the side of the bend, or hunching over with head between his knees, at times he would put on his headphones and move his head rhythmically to the beat.

A high tone resonated through the room for a moment, and a little too startled but very much relieved Asami walked towards her washing machine and opened it to fill her basket with the freshly washed clothes.

The scent was overwhelming yet beautiful, adn her mind trailed off of Atsumu’s scent pattern for a moment

Even though it was a steady flow that rippled through the room, she didn’t know if it was him being tired or just very calm but the scent was almost too tame for an alpha.

Shaking her head to hopefully leave these thoughts outside, the beta decided to hand her clothes up to dry in her room instead of drying them here.

“Leavin’ already?”

She freezed in her movement and looked at Atsumu’s smug face.

She nodded and forced a smile, some sort of a weird feeling creeping up in her stomach.

“Hm,ya should stay a little”, his tone sounded darker than would’ve been necessary, and all alarms started to blare inside of the beta’s head.

“I have classes tomorrow”, she shot out and slowly kept walking.

“No, why? It’s late, we could keep each other company ya know”,and with that he stood up and his scent abruptly changed from mellow to very distinctively strong.

“No, no I’m going to leave, sorry!”, panicked, she stumbled over her own feet and fell down and may have let out a curse word under her breath.

Atsumu was definitely still behind her, and from what his scent told her he was way too close.

“I have tranquilizers with me!”, and before she could make an escape the alphas roaring laughter filled the washing room.

“Yer horribly anxious alright, my god m’not doin anything but you’re so easy to scare!”. he doubled over in laughter and quickly his scent dissipated into the former mellow flowy scent.

In shock, and with rising anger in her system she stared at the still laughing man.

She didn’t know if she should cry or be angry, but something told her that Atsumu was not someone she wanted to be friends with.


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