Top 13 anime that start airing this July! [2021]

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The summer season has already started and so does another wave of new anime rush into the new season. While June has been an interesting month that is slowly coming to an end, July starts off with some new freshly cooked adaptations and continuation of anime.

From Isekai to Detectives, July is the month of mystery and variations!

Are you ready to know what this month is holding for you?

Here are the top 13 anime that start airing in July!

July 1st

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Sotsu

July starts with the crying of cicadas and so does our first title that opens the path for July and can be translated as When the cicadas cry: Graduation.

It’s Sequel of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou and well known fourth season of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni franchise.

While the previous seasons have already bestowed us with many answers to the mysteries of killing and the many tries to recover a perfect world in which the characters can live in.

This season and especially the first arc act as an answer arc to the Onidamashi-hen and revolves around Satoko Hojo’s attempt to stop Rika Furude from leaving Hinamizawa.

Currently stated there will be 15 Episodes in this season.

What will await us in the continuation that will reveal yet many cruel truths?


July 2nd

Otome Hametsu 2nd Season

As we covered the first season in our breakfast anime and already announced the second season’s arrival, Otome Hametsu also finally is airing it’s continuation.

While our Protagonist Catarina Claes may have successfully avoided all her Doom Flags up until now and even after avoiding her bad endings, reaching farther than the actual storyline in the game what will await her when she doesn’t know which doom flags should be avoided next – without a plan at all like in her previous path up until now?

With a close circle of friends and excited for the upcoming school festival as her first year in school comes to an end, will Catarina finally be able to live a comfortable life?

As the anime will start with the first incident of Catarina’s kidnapping, it seems like the supposed doom flags are not to be avoided that easily!


Vanitas no Carte

The Case Study of Vanitas takes place in the nineteenth century in french, an ambience resembling almost one of a certain phantom thief anime. 

A story and place in which humans and vampires currently coexist, while a young vampire Noé is travelling Paris in search of a book called Vanitas which according to rumors can unleash a curse upon all vampires.

But as he is on his way on an airship to Paris, a certain black-haired man crashes into it holding that very book he was looking for in his hands.

The eccentric man who introduces himself as Vanitas, one who was given the same name as the book he was holding and also supposedly inherited it from the vampire of the blue moon.

He ends off his introduction by the statement that he is a mere human, but wishes to save the vampires with no care in the world about what others may think about it.

How will the journey of the eccentric human and young vampire who won’t attack them play out?

And what will await, extinction or salvation?


July 3rd

Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki

Now in most Isekai anime in which the protagonist suddenly wakes up in a new world Kazuya Souma also happens to be transported into another world, but unlike other characters his image of heroic behavior doesn’t match into that category.

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom, when the protagonist rebuilds the Kingdom with modern technology instead of adapting into the image of an expected hero that people imagined him to be.

Engaged to the princess and immediately taking the leadership in his hands, he needs to gather his support system of skilled people to help the country prosper again.

No like the normal adventurer we see in other series – but through an own economic system befitting his ways of administration that he knows from his former world!


July 4th

Shinigami Bocchan To Kuro Maid

Cursed at the age of 5, the young duke and protagonist of our story is a walking bringer of death since everything he touches dies immediately whether it’s a living being or a plant.

He lives alone in a big mansion far away from people to avoid hurting anyone and also being shunned by those around him.

Only a maid dressed in black is the only companion he has in the depths of loneliness of the big mansion, Alice the one existence that causes him worry more than anything else.

Since she is the only one who is not scared of him, quite on the contrary Alice is keen on harassing the young duke and tries to seduce him every day in order to get a certain reaction out of him.

How will it play out for those two when the young duke despite his romantic feelings is not able to touch the one he loves?


Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru

The detective is already dead! and with that the story starts without its hero.

In the present day our male-lead Kimihiko Kimizuka tries to return to an ordinary life again as a High school student. 

After four years of being an Assistant of a detective called Siesta, who also was his former boss, his adventurous and dangerous everyday life turned back how it used to be before with Siesta’s death.

Back to how things should have originally been, Kimizuka tries his best to adapt back, but simply cannot forget the four years of events that he had lived alongside the detective.

All of that seems like a story that came to an end- which is far from true since the now back to Highschool boy meets a girl who looks extremely like his former boss.

A story that was supposed to end, is just about to start…


July 5th

Uramichi Oniisan

When we enter the world of adulthood and society starts to see us in a different light after graduation, there are always many faces one holds.

But one reality always sticks despite the many faces: being an adult sucks.

And so does the “big brother” Uramichi teach his children in the show “Life lessons with Uramichi” not only physical exercise but also depict the big difference between adults and children, sometimes letting comments slip that are supposed to stay hidden…

Alongside mascots and two others, the colorful children’s show on the surface has the bitter taste of suffering adults in the shadows.


July 6th

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd season

The Slimey adventure goes on this July!

After founding a nation, Rimuru our protagonist and his followers started to build an economy with neighboring countries, as they approached trade and agreements to do so and achieve a nation where monsters and humans can coexist peacefully alongside each other.

Despite that Rimuru used to be a human once and therefore the natural inclination to sympathize with humans still doesn’t let him waver when he senses the unfair treatment towards monsters.

As things slowly begin to change, Rimuru is standing before a choice in order to decide what he wants to protect!


July 9th

Meikyuu Black Company

A NEET when he used to be in his old world and suddenly Kinji finds himself in another.

Instead of expecting the treatment and welcome of a hero and wanting to live on as a NEET in another world as well, he is shoved into a horrible job in a blink of an eye.

Instead of being a hero, Kinji lost all freedom and is now enslaved to work at an evil mining company where he is supposed to learn what true work is like.

No recompensation for injuries and being a bait is the usual deal down there.

Watch a NEET become a hard-working miner in a fantasy world instead of a hero, of course under unreasonable work conditions that is!


Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

When a retiring star travels to Okinawa her life takes a sudden change.

Deciding that her new ambitions would be to save an aquarium from shutting down, as she helps them and starts a new life.

Fuka Miyazawa’s dreams were lost and died when her career didn’t make it through no matter how much effort she put in.

Telling her mother she won’t be back home with other intentions in her mind she stumbles upon Gama Gama Aquarium where she meets Kukuru Misakino, a 18-year old highschool student who also works at her family’s aquarium.

Kukuru’s dream is to take care of the aquarium and keep it alive, therefore she works hard and several jobs over summer break in order to keep it from shutting down.

When the two girls meet, both decide to share the same dream of protecting the aquarium with the summer being their last chance.


July 11th

Love Live Superstar!!

How must it feel to be one of the first students to enter a brand new High School full of worries and excitement?

With no seniors, nor graduates, Yuigaoka Girls Highschool welcomes their first batch of students that have no rumors or history to rely on.

Facing the uncertainty and possibilities of their new school lives, the story shows us five girls and their life approaching a change.

Kanon Shibuya, one of the five girls who encounters several stars, decides that she also wants to become one along with the thing she loves: singing.

Now it is time for another one to grow, following the story of those five girls!


July 15th

Sonny Boy

August 16, the start of a story that brings 36 girls and boys together but not in a world they used to be rather – an alternate dimension.

As Middle-school student Nagara, a mysterious transfer-student and other classmates find themselves not being in the seemingly endless summer vacation in which they saw themselves some moments ago, the only way out, the only way to survive it through the supernatural powers that had awakened along with their transfer into another dimension!


July 31st

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Gaiden 2nd Season

This series will continue straight where it left off in season 1, with the girls shocking news that they were meant to be witches all along.

As some of the girls have learned how to reverse the transformation of becoming a witch through Kyubey’s fears though things won’t go as easy as they thought it would and many side effects will occur due to that.

Much more is not revealed yet about the upcoming second season, but stay tuned since it’s at the end of July there will probably be some news coming and PVs added.


And with that let’s dive into the action-filled July full of variety!

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