SCENT. – A Haikyuu!! FanFIction pt.26


Art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr

“I’m telling you she asked me if I was an athlete and I’m like, HELLO?! Have you seen me?”

Laughter erupted in the locker room and I grinned widely at the other teammates.

“What did she say then?”, Atsumu asked and I realised that I didn’t even remember.


“Yer terrible at telling stories Bo”

I was appalled, how dare he?

“Tsum-Tsum! You’re horrible!”, I whined and got another laugh from him.

“Guys please change quickly, the next teams will need the locker rooms!”

“Yes coach!”, we all bellowed after him and I quickly threw my sweat drenched shirt over my head. I could shower later, I had no classes so no one would notice anyway.


But Akaashi might scold me again.

Trotting towards the showers, I glanced around to maybe see anyone else lurking around, but there were just two shower cubicles occupied.

I shrugged to myself and stepped into a shower, dialing down the temperature as the weather was getting more and more hot. I felt relaxed under the stream.

Now with a fresh body and an even head I could finally relax a little more.

I grabbed my towel from the rack and dried off my hair, which now looked tousled as I took a glance in the mirror.


As I was done I started to change into my clean clothes while everyone was holding their own conversations, and I felt left out.

Time to barge in.

“Tsumu!”, the blonde whipped his head towards me and smiled.

“Whats up?”

“Oh nothing, I’m bored, but hey I just realised something! You’re going to be starting for the next big matches right?”

I noticed the setter stood a little more upright before he tilted his head and put both hands on his hips.

“Hell yeah man! Excited to get my tosses?”

I nodded fiercely, “Yup! I also can’t wait to play against those other teams. With a team as good as ours, this time we’ll win!”

“Ah well, I don’t know what the competitions’ like yet, are they any good?”

“Not better than me!”, I laughed back and I felt a sudden impact on my back that made me tumble forwards.

“Ouch, who- oh Iwa!”

The spiker looked at me with a disapproving look and I pouted.

“You guys should consider yourselves lucky to play against the best. B-team players are going to be benched for the good ones, but hey maybe you will end our losing streak against the seasons favorites”

“We will win!”

“Of course, they can’t be that good right Bo?”

I nodded and grinned.

“Don’t underestimate your opponents, we haven’t had a win against them and Oikawa was pretty frustrated about it last time. Me too. Give your best!”

“Yessir!”, I saluted out of fun and Iwaizumi smiled while shaking his head.

“They’re probably gonna lose”, Sakusa mumbled as he walked past us.

“Hey!”, I shouted after him but he was already gone.

“Tsum Tsum is gonna show them!”, I turned back around to look at him directly, “Just toss to me alright?”

“Sure thing Bokuto, I’ll show em! And you make sure to actually get em all okay?”

I nodded quickly and grinned while packing my stuff. No time to fold mystuff so I just pushed them all inside my bag in a manner that maybe should bother me?

Shrugging to myself I caught Atsumu’s gaze focused on his own stuff, but I sensed something weird.

“Yo, you good?”

He snapped his head up and nodded abstinently, “just goin over some ideas for a play, nothin’ serious”

“Right, right of course man! Always a step ahead”, I laughed and slung my bag over my shoulder.

“I heard ya hav’t be at this school. I gave everything to get here. M’not stoppin until I’m at the top”

Big words. Especially for a newbie like him.

I mean he was definitely good. Anyone who got into our team was good. 

Still, I was one of the best in high school nationally and won’t be intimidated by such a small fry.

Something in me longed to just go back to the court again and play, a deep feeling that I should go back to the court that made my hands twitch.

I can’t wait for the season to finally start!

“Cocky huh? I like your attitude! You can be happy we’re in the same team or I would crush you!”, I snickered and got a huff from the other alpha back.

“Right! M’not all talk Bokuto, we can talk bout crushin at next practice kay? We’ll see then!”

I couldn’t help but laugh again from the depths of my belly, “You’re great! I hope you don’t let the other teams swallow you whole!”


I caught a moment of hesitation in Atumu’s body language, and his scent stuttered to a halt for a moment.

“Check the other teams out quick, I mean you already know we have a practice match again the vipies-”


“Yeah those! But we have won against them every time now in league games so they’re no bother!”

Our footsteps intermingled with the countless others that strayed through the halls now, as I strolled in the general direction of my dorm room. Atsumu looked at the long windows on our right side as we walked.

“Can ya tell me more about that one team? The one ya couldn’t beat yet?”

“Ugh, those are the Sparrows. They’re our rivaling school a couple of towns away. Always in first place”, I scrunched my face, “they won’t stay up there though, I can’t wait to play against them! Then I’ll be number one!”

I punched the setter’s shoulder and he tumbled a bit to the side, “And now with the A-team being equipped with the best ace and your new sets we’ll be unstoppable!”

Atsumu caught his balance and lightly shoved me back with a laugh.

“Unstoppable we are! Those sparrows or whatever won’t know what hit em”.

Again, big words. I just hoped for the sake of him and our team he could keep that up.

“Yeah! Sparrows begone!”

“Have t’be honest the team names are really somethin’”, the setter mumbled and I nodded.

“But at least we got a cool name! Guardians… sounds like we’re unstoppable!”

“Cuz we are!”, Atsumu simpered as the hall stretched towards us.

My senses sharpened suddenly as I detected an incredibly familiar scent in the mix of all the others around us. One that I could never not notice as my body immediately urged to get closer to it.

My heart thrummed with happiness as I grinned and started to rush down the hallway.

“Bokuto?”, Atsumu’s voice sounded farther and farther away as I didn’t think of slowing down for him.

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!

The scent grew stronger, and with it my instinct to hold it close and dear to me to protect the person exuding it, a steady waft of beautiful caramel filled my nose.

“Bo! Why are you running?”, a seemingly out of breath Atsumu grunted but I payed him no mind until I found a small figure turning around swiftly to face me.


The nickname brought a whole wave of good feelings with it and my arms opened as I crouched down a bit to smother her in a crushing hug.

“Ooof-”, I grunted out as she hugged me back just as tight and I stood up to turn her around while still holding onto her back.

“Miiikoootooooo!!!”, I yelled as I turned and turned again even though my mind screamed at me to stop while I got dizzier and dizzier.

“Nooo, don’t pick me up, let me go!”, she slurred in the midst of what was supposed to be my hug and I realized I was probably suffocating her.

But then another realization struck me and I guess by her pouty face she just got that too.

“You’re calling me Mikoto now hm?”, she drew her lip out and scrunched her eyebrows together.

My stomach dropped immediately.

Protect. Protect. Protect.

“Naw, I’m sorry! It just slipped out”, I hugged her again and rubbed my face against hers as she giggled, “Nana-chan, Nana-chan, Nanaaaaaa”

Every single one of her giggles brought joy to me and when I finally let her go and she looked at me I realised just how much I had missed her in the last year.

“Ah, you’re just done with practice?”, she held out her hands to grab my gym bag and pulled it towards herself, “it probably stinks, Kou-chan I told you to learn how to pack your bag! Want me to tell Akaashi?”


Before I could answer to save myself, Atsumu’s confused stare brought me out of my misery.

“Yer mated?”, his index finger pointed at me and drew to Mikoto who was still holding my gym bag.

A couple of silent seconds drew on as the geras turned in our heads.



Mikoto and I started to explain at the same time.

“We’re imprinted! Nothing happening here, just imprinted”, Mikoto explained with a strained look on her face and I nodded quickly.

“Also, childhood friends! Known each other since, uh, diapers!”

Atsumu’s shoulders relaxed from theri tense position and I took in his nervousness carefully. Why is he so rigid about it?

“Ah so yer not romantically involved? Well ya gotta say it looked pretty uh, domestic”

“Oh no, no, Kou is just a mess and I’m always after him because of that”, Mikoto slung the bag over her shoulder and rested her arm on top of it with a distant smile.

Why is she so rigid now too?

Everyone is always so stiff.

“So yer not mated, generally? Unmated?”

Why is he asking that?

“Why the question Tsum-Tsum?”

“Oh just interest”, he craned his head back a bit as if he were to stretch his neck, “first omega to ever see so”

Ah right, small town boy.

“Alright, Imma head out”

Mikoto smiled a bit and took a step next to me and then I got slapped on the back by the setter as he turned and walked away.

“Bye Tsumu”; I yelled back and he merely held his hand up to wave without looking at me.

“Isn’t he funny?”, I asked as he walked away.

“Can’t read him, sometimes he’s all jokes and then he gets super serious suddenly.

Weird atmosphere.

The distant look in her eye made me more and more uneasy, and I don’t know if it was the biology in me that told me I didn’t like it.

But I didn’t like it.

Time to intervene.

“Wanna go ask Akaashi and Asami to get boba?”

And there it was, the dazzling smile that made everything okay again as her caramel scent engulfed her frame.

“I’ll scent mark Akaashi”

I roared out a laugh as we started to make our way to the beta lounge.

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