Scent. – a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.30

Art by @Ruttika_Shin on twitter

“If I die, tell Shiro she still owes me that one bubble tea”, she whispered into her cellphone as she quickly strode in the direction of the center building of the campus.

“Stop being so overdramatic, isn’t it your job to take care of people as a beta?”

Asami groaned and pressed her lips together for a moment before continuing.

“Yes it is! And I love being part of the counselor team, but normally Akaashi takes on the alphas and this student is a little more”,she stopped to think of a way to say it without spilling too much information,” unconventional? I was kind of roped into it instead and it’s like-”

She groaned again, it felt uncomfortable that she couldn’t even tell her best friend that it was Atsumu she was going to meet up with.

“Do I even know that person?”

She sucked in a breath and heard a chuckle over the phone.

“I’m joking, don’t tell me anything it’s confidential right?”


“Asami, stop being a wuss, you got this. Need me to praise you or what?”

A snort tumbled out of the betas throat and she denied.

“Good, go on then and call me afterwards!”

Asami replied with a weird sound and a quick bye-bye before hanging up and shoving her phone into her pocket. For some reason she felt as if this was going to be a lot harder than any other student session before. Generally, she made it a personal rule not to do sessions with friends and close ones, because there was always an emotional tie to such a discussion, and she wanted to provide help that wasn’t clouded by any bias.

I basically forced myself down on this didn’t I?

Even though the twins were not really close circle, since they have helped her out before with her car and Osamu has been great at the library, there was some sort of innate inclination to want to help.

Granted, the sight of Atsumu Miya crumpled on his bed smelling like absolute garbage was not only a huge wake-up call, but also the reason she couldn’t let all of this go.

Still, she was afraid of how the alpha might react to her prodding questions about his health. In the end she couldn’t deny the question parading her brain now:

Why did I do this?

The beta lounge was closed now, provided that Atsumu was already there, it was only mere moments before she couldn’t run from this situation any longer.

The door to the lounge room was closed, as she had reserved it for this hour for privacy reasons of course, but to her surprise there was no one waiting there for her.

Am I early?

A quick look at her watch told her it was exactly 4 pm, the designated time for their scheduled appointment, but before she could check her text messages for maybe any indication that he might not be coming, she heard quick steps approach her.

Black sweatpants and sage green coloured hoodie paired with the same dirty sneakers she saw him wear the last time they interacted. A black cap hid his face, but as he approached she could immediately notice sunken eyes and dark circles.

Trouble sleeping, her mind noted.

He sniffed once and held his hand up in a greeting, as if too tired for even a hello.

With a quick breath she collected herself, although her pals already started to sweat and a cold shiver ran down her back.

He looked horrible to say the least.

They had called yesterday, without much fuss the beta had realized that a quick ‘are you okay’ wouldn’t cut it. She scheduled the first open session that she had for him. Still, he sounded a lot better and even though he hadn’t spoken yet even his attitude wasn’t as bad as it was now.

“Hello Atsumu, would you like to come in?”

Stupid question, she had already pulled out her keys and started to unlock the door before his nod came. 

The door creaked open and the familiar scent of the lounge infiltrated both of their noses, and both of them had different reactions.

The beta felt something calm wash over her, reminding herself that she was here to help someone and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Reminding herself what Akaashi taught her and how this lounge was her safe space, and the safe space for so many other people.

The alpha on the other hand tensed, and could only instinctively soak in the remains of the scents other people had left here before. All of them meddling together and bringing an even worse headache that only provided the icing to the cake.

With a quick gesture she ushered him to a side room that was a lot smaller and close to the tiny kitchen, with a sleek desk and shelves full of binders. Before sitting down herself, she let Atsumu trail his gaze all over the room before settling on the chairs that were assembled there.

Asami was glad she had pulled those out this morning, as they were her favorite and most effective technique to get the students to relax.

“You can choose where you want to sit”, her hand gestured to the options and Atsumu examined them for a moment.

There was a chair behind the desk, but compared to the three seating options in the middle of the room, it felt a little more comfy to stay in the middle.

There was a huge blue bean bag, similar to the ones in the lounge. A tiny flat cushion, a wooden stool and a funky looking one made of plastic.

It looked like it could spin.

With big eyes and more patience than the alpha expected, Asami stood there and smiled until he sighed and flopped down onto the bean bag.

It swallowed him a little, and for a short moment as he sunk into it there was a playful glint in his eyes that was quickly diminished afterwards.

“Okay! Thanks for meeting up with me Atsumu”, she grabbed the weird looking chair and sat inside it and as he expected it the chair pivoted a little as she settled into it.

“Let’s get this over with”, his first sentence roday which was already a bit of progress, but his voice sounded immensely stariend and the ebta merely nodded before starting with her questions.

“Do you want me to ask you how you’re doing? Will that get us somewhere or should I just start asking invasive questions?”

Her heart skipped a beat, hoping that this was a possibility to get him to open up instead of going the normal route and making him freeze. There was already one thing bothering her, from what she saw before Atsumu was extremely carefree. Someone who always joked about everything. SHe expected him to use humor as a way to distract her. Instead, this Atsumu is just incredibly quiet.

“M’fine, ask ya questions”

The harsh tone was enough to overthink this entire operation, but again, this seemed to be more severe than she had initially thought.

“Do you have trouble sleeping?”

He nodded.

Quite another surprise: cooperation.

Then again, maybe he really wanted to get this over with.

“Since when?”


“So sudden?”

Again, merely a nod.

“Is there anything else you’re experiencing? Any symptoms that worry you?”

A long sigh escaped him, his face was now tipped back into the bean bag.

“Ma nose hurts from all the scents. I hate everythin’. Can’t sleep. And you saw ma weird ‘episode’”

She did.

It was something that could relate to a lot of issues, most of them being mental ones, but it also reminded her of post-cycle drops after heat or rut. 

She had to ask.

“Any chance it’s your cycle?”

He scoffed as if any though like that was out of the question, “M’not horny”.


There was definitely no filter between his brain and mouth, but the beta didn’t like how leisurely that came out next to his other very serious claims. It seemed like he was dazed and not quite here in the present.

Also, it felt weird to hear that from him.

“Uhm, ye-yeah”, she swallowed, “if it’s not your cycle can I ask you if you have any history of mental health issues?”

“God no!”, he barked back and immediately flopped back into his seat.

“Okay, okay! Sorry for asking, I was just making sure”, Asami sighed.

“All of this, did it maybe have any catalyst? An event of why it happened?”

Confusion displayed on Atsumu’s features, but he thought of the moment where everything seemed fine before he crashed into this state.

“It was after practice the day ya saw me. I saw Bokuto and that omega girl all close canoodlin”.


Asami raked her brain for any information that should explain something like this. Jealousy? That made no sense, how can such a bodily reaction come from jealousy? No that’s not possible.

Maybe he had separation anxiety or something? The sight of Mikoto being so close to Bokuto must’ve set something off then.

“Atsumu, are you mated?”

He shook his head.


He shook his head again, “She’s the first omega I’ve ever seen. I never imprinted and I don’t have no mate either”.

Think Asami think!

He had no tie to either Bokuto or Mikoto, he is unmated and hasn’t imprinted so he’s not going through long distance depression or something like that.

There must be something that was set off here, I mean if Astumu has never been mated and suddenly he pukes and falls into a depressive episode, what else could it be?

“You said you’re sensitive to smells?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

Well, it’s not like can imprint on someone after they’ve already been imprin-

Oh my God.

I knew it felt familiar. 

His whole state was too close to an alpha who was too far away from his mate or imprinted one.

“Faux Imprinting”

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