Weathering With You: Tenki No Ko (Anime Recommendation)


Art by @_natyjs on twitter

“Everything has its price, and the Weather-Miko awaits a tragic destiny.” 

When rain falls, nature blossoms after. What we might find “annoying” or “inconvenient” is just the nature of the weather.

Such is the setting of the movie “Tenki no Ko” or “Weathering With You”, made by Makoto Shinkai whose works have increased in popularity especially after “Kimi no Nawa” or in english “Your Name”.

We have covered many anime, movies and games on our blog, so this time we will look into the anime movie ‘Weathering With You” as a recommendation with almost no spoilers so you can still enjoy it afterwards. Mind you, there will be some talk about the premise of the movie and the characters so if you wish for a completely blind experience, watch the movie first!

First, let us look at some base facts before delving deeper, shall we?

‘Weathering With You’ was published first in Japan by CoMix Wave Films on July 19th in 2019, which makes it a pretty recent work. On the day of the premiere, over 1.1 million tickets were sold and it was crowned first place in the opening week. 

The excitement for the movie was great as the director Makoto Shinkai was the name behind, you guessed it: “Your Name”. Not only that, but other works such as “Garden of Words”, “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” and “5 centimeters per second” were made by Shinkai, which made him a renowned name in the industry.

If you’ve watched “Your Name” or any of the other mentioned works, you will find that one of the most brilliant aspects of the movies next to the animations are the wondrous worlds that are described. In each of the movies, we see teenagers jump into a new world or new situation that opens their eyes to new possibilities. 

Such a new situation arrived for our protagonist Morishima Hodaka.

Without giving too much away, Hodaka is a young man of sixteen years who desperately needs to find a job so he can support himself in the big city of Tokyo. He meets all sorts of people and learns more on what it means to be an adult and reaps the consequences of his own actions, and while doing so encounters the wondrous Amano Hina. Hina has her own problems to work through and together with her little brother and Hodaka they venture through their own little world.

The feeling of these children existing in the cruel and cold world that we know is our reality, is a very interesting concept and makes us see the world through the lense of the young Hodaka.

Fates intertwine as the rain in Tokyo pours and pours, they both find a way to work together and put a smile on people’s faces. But beware: as we mentioned before all powers come with a price to pay.

So we find ourselves with a movie that centers around two teens similar to “Your Name”, which shows us the handprints of the director Shinkai.

It still begs the question…

Why watch it?

If you’ve already watched any of Makoto Shinkai’s works, you might be interested in checking out this movie anyways, but if you haven’t, here are some reasons for you to check this movie out.

There is no other way to say this, but the animation of ‘Weathering With You” is absolutely gorgeous. The urban setting of Japan shines in a different light as the change of weather is a focal point of the story and therefore gives many opportunities to show the environment. 

It has similar undertones to popular movies from studio Ghibli, especially when it comes to the incorporation of nature and its significance to modern settings.

Be it rain pouring down or the sun cracking through the clouds, every second of the anime delivers a sight that leaves the viewer in awe. Despite the sometimes quick camera movement which displays a dynamic, as if the viewer is in the middle of the action himself, the animation captures the heart of Tokyo in only 113 minutes.

There are scenes where droplets of rain cascade into a myriad of colours and the sun shining on the splits even in the last puddle in the background. Especially the bodies of water, have a playful feel to them that make the weather have a whole new meaning. The attention to detail is astounding and even if we take away the story in itself, the movie is worth a watch for the art alone.

Next to the animation, comes another bright light that shines on the movie which is the OST and sound design.

The soundtrack is made by RADWIMPS, a J-rock band who have also created the soundtrack for ‘Your Name’ which if you listen closely have a lot of similarities but still both tracks have their own charm. The songs blend well into the background of the movie, and emerge with a fuller sound in dramatic moments.

Another very interesting fact is the use of other sounds in the movie. The downpour of rain, the sound of people crossing the street or even the roaring of a motorcycle, every sound is distinct and makes a soothing experience in every scene. The blend of the soundtrack, the voices and the natural sounds that are used make the feeling of immersion even more evident.

Speaking of voices, except for Kaji Yuki who plays a minor role in this movie, the two protagonists’ voices have been chosen by conducting a national casting from which the young actors Nana Mori (Hina) and Kotaro Daigo (Hodaka) have been chosen. Both are very refreshing voices especially as the characters are young themselves and embody a sort of youth that is not often seen.

There might even be some cameos from other works of Makoto Shinkai, so keep your eyes open!

With all of these aspects combined, and a story that encapsulates the modern feel of Tokyo with a little romance and sci-fi elements, the entire package is a movie that will hopefully speak to your heart! 

If you have watched the movie already, please leave your opinions in the comments. I would love to see what you think!

Until then, I hope it doesn’t rain too much!


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