Uramichi Onii-san – when life gets harder[Breakfast Anime]

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Another season and even more breakfast anime are coming in, as our anime for today still is at an episode count of 6, we get a bit of fresh air with an on-going anime. 

As mentioned, Uramichi Onii-san which started airing on July 5th according to our July anime list, is an anime that is still on-going we thought it was still worth with 6 episodes alone to mention it as a breakfast anime. 

Again, our breakfast anime series does not contain spoilers, so you can enjoy the read and watch the anime if it piques your interest. 

With that said, let’s dive into an anime that shows the ups and downs of life, especially when it starts to become harder. 

Here comes the hard life of adults who give us life lessons with their fakest smile! 


“Hello kids, how are you?”, a question that starts the show with our main character in it called Together with Maman, yet there is another question that should have been asked, “How are you, Uramichi?”

When things in life start to change and the so-called dreams don’t always work out as one imagines them to be, Uramichi Omota as well as his co-workers show us the world of adults in which the transition from the happy-go-lucky life changes into the hard reality that will await sooner or later.

And so Uramichi Onii-san or also known with the english title, Life Lessons with Uramichi doesn’t simply tell us the story of life getting harder, but also coping mechanisms and little lessons in which our main character doesn’t give the advices to the children only but also himself and the viewers out there.

With song titles which are just too long to ridiculous segments with no meaning at all only to bring more stress to our main cast, the director is always prepared.

A bear and bunny that get bullied by their senpai Uramichi who needs stress relief, a schedule that seems to change every now and then with other characters being just as emotionally unstable by his side.

This is a show for the boys and girls who reached adulthood yet want to stay a child at heart.

What will Uramichi teach us today?

And how will he cope the next day?

All questions that are left for you to see in each episode!


Uramichi Omota

The 31 years old Uramichi Omota is the main character of today’s breakfast anime and plays the role of the Gymnast Onii-san in Together with Maman.

As a former professional gymnast he still shows with his well-trained body that he likes working out and doing sports, yet due to the bitter taste of becoming an adult and having to fit in society he became severely uneasy, worried and depressed which we can see in his side comments most of the time.

Yet he spends time with the kids in Together with Maman and despite his fake smile or the many faces he shows them he lives up to the anime’s title Life Lessons with Uramichi as he teaches the children that despite that they are happy and energized now, how they should not end up in the future.

Giving his advice to the children yet learning from them something as well, something that adults seem to forget easily he tries to find a purpose in his monotonous life again.

Iketeru Daga

He is the Singer Onii-san in Together with Maman.

With a handsome face and a strong mellifluous voice he is very popular among women.

As a former musical actor he still keeps many habits from his prior career, for example that he doesn’t knock on the door before entering a room or that he gets really invested when he plays a role (as he plays different ones in Together with Maman depending on the segment).

Iketeru loves low-quality and dirty jokes, with that Uramichi also tries to make him laugh very often to prevent him from doing his work properly.

He tends to daydream a lot and doesn’t listen when others are talking, he also has no tact and is dense which leads to advice and heartfelt comments from others often being overheard or not understood by him.

Currently he is the youngest from the cast with 27 years.

Utano Tadano

The only female cast among the many men, yet the oldest with 32 years.

She is also known as the Singer Onee-san in Together with Maman, and is often paired up with Iketeru and sometimes Uramichi.

Before her current occupation she used to be a washed idol, an enka singer and a jazz singer at a nightclub which makes her one of the one with the most varied experience in her field.

Her current concern is that she wants to get married and her comedian boyfriend, who has been in a relationship with her for 6 years now doesn’t seem to make a move at all. A reason why she riles up quickly when someone mentions marriage in front of her.

Unlike Iketeru she shares many similarities with Uramichi as she also has two or more sides despite her cheerful personality as an Onee-san.

Tobikichi “Usao” Usahara

One of Uramichi’s Kohaiis as he went to the same college and also the one who wears the costume “Usao ”.

He likes to make fun of Uramichi who is going through a hard phase of life but also enjoys his company along with Kumatani as he visits him from time to time.

Despite that he is the main target of Uramichi’s “bullying” which he mostly brings upon himself with his teasing and weird nicknames for him, Usahara enjoys his job, yet he fears Uramichi and is frustrated about Kumatani’s betrayals when he sides with Uramichi.

28 years old and still single, he often complains about wanting to be more funny and popular with girls as it is his current concern.

Mitsuo “Kumao” Kumatani

Just as old as Usahara and he also went to the same college, he plays the role of “Kumao” in Together with Maman, being Usahara’s partner.

Unlike Usahara he can read the mood very well and is very observant yet doesn’t use that ability of his as he mostly is on standby watching things unfold.

Like a walking wiki, Kumatani knows the most about each person and often fills people in on missing information about others f.e. Utano or Uramichi.

Children love his role as Kumao and he also seems to show traits of a bear due to his hobby of fishing.

He is mostly quiet but likes to take sides with Uramichi, exposing Usahara and revealing what he says about Uramichi behind his back.

While Uramichi seems to take his stress out on both, Kumatani is mostly not directly involved unlike Usahara who usually gets the beating.


Additionally there are still characters who will be introduced and a variety of many different ones.

The children who visit the shows in different groups are also very different and show the many sides of personalities that exist out there even among the kids.

There is also the director, producer and others who make Together with Maman more straining and exhausting for Uramichi and the others with their weird and extraordinary ideas.


The contrast of children and adults is also depicted very well in this anime.

At day when the kids show is at work things look more bright and colorful, the characters wear their usual costumes and have a more cheerful appearance.

On the other hand, as soon as it is the end of the work day, we see the atmosphere in general change as well as the perspective: Uramichi with the kids is mostly seen on eye-level, but alone we either see him a bit angled from below or behind (whether is is intentionally or not it’s still an interesting detail).

When Uramichi is faking his smile or cheerfulness it is clearly seen in a brighter background and slight details, yet when he becomes ‘scary’ as the children call it one sometimes gets the feeling the music as well as the animation is from a mystery or horror anime. A detail that shows the duality of the show, ups and downs in life.

Another aspect which is incorporated in the anime’s duality is the opening and ending. While the opening matches with the ABC exercise of Together with Maman, being more cheerful, bright and colorful, the ending is more on the melancholic and Afterwork atmosphere as we see the characters in more colder colors, looking away, staring or into the distance. It’s the time where we see them being more themselves, thoughtful and the moon in the ending represents as some people say the subconscious and deep emotions hidden underneath, which is usually not seen, the moon also represents reflection which we can see in the pose and stances of the character who may seem to reflect about the current selves in the ending.


Uramichi Onii-san bestowed us with another amazing cast, and with amazing it means that it’s hard to keep this section short this time with all the professional voices at hand.

Starting with our main face, Uramichi Omota who is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, a voice actor talented and mostly known for lending his voice to our favourite Heichou Levi (Attack on Titan) and Saiki Kusuo (Saiki Kusuo no Psi nan), giving Uramichi the perfect voice of a man who is fed up with his life yet cannot hold back a sly comment or two whether children or adults.

Next on is Iketeru Daga spoken by Mamoru Miyano who also sang the Ending “Dream on” of the series and Opening with his co-worker Nana Mizuki who voices Utano Tadano, matching the duo Utano and Iketeru who also tend to sing the songs together in the show.

Usahara and Kumatani also are voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki Sakata from Gintama) and Yuuichi Nakamura (Hawks from BNHA) respectively, making the main cast a voice actor ensemble of the elite.

And it doesn’t end with the main cast, many other voices didn’t appear yet but were announced such as Ryohei Kimura, Daisuke Ono, Suzumura Kenichi and more.


Uramichi Onii-san is an anime that is definitely underrated this season as it is a refresher from the typical comedy anime we see.

Another thing next to the comedic relief is the topic of depression and environmental changes causing anxiety, worries and uneasiness are clearly depicted and oddly enough well explained through examples and situations in this anime.

As there are many people who cope with depression by making jokes about it or trying to handle it when it’s not severe, Uramichi also shows us the ups and downs and not only him but his co-workers who all have their own share of problems considered mental health.

This anime may not be funny to younger audiences as they do not understand the situation of the main cast, who are reaching adulthood since the problems depicted are clearly targeted at an older audience, but of course the problems can’t be limited to adults only since everyone has different upbringings and problems.

Still the story mostly revolves around the harsh world dictated by society’s standards as we have Uramichi and Utano who are already at the beginning of their 30s and the rest of the cast going towards their end 20s.

The interesting contrast between the little children and the adults is well-depicted as also in real life one can see that children have a different perspective towards the world through their innocence and pureness unlike adults who already went through that stage, but Uramichi shows us that despite that he still can learn from the children as well and that the children he works with give him a sense in life.

Each character is individual with their own problems and yet so similar seeing the not so wonderful side of life just like the many faces Uramichi wears.

This anime makes one laugh but is also aware that those feelings are not something that one bears alone, the awareness of depression and other hardships as well as being able to laugh about the sad emotions that are depicted yet very familiar is what makes this anime so unique and amazing in its own way.

What is your thought about our Gymnast Onii-san and his friends?

And are you able to laugh as well when life gets hard, when seen on screen?

Here is the usual trailer!

Now gather around kids, it’s time for another tea time!

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