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This still freshly started series with our first candidate being Tsukasa Yugi, continues now with none other than a man who may or may have not had enough attention in his own series.

As we already covered Jujutsu Kaisen’s relationship dynamics and a first impression on it, this time it’s all about this certain character : Todo Aoi.

Again unlike our breakfast anime series, this post contains major spoilers for the anime in order to thoroughly get to depth of him.

With this warning let’s get started with the man of the hour and his love for a certain celebrity.


With his first appearance in episode 8 almost towards half of the anime, we get to see the muscular and well-built man, strong alone when you look at him meeting Megumi the first time at practice for the Goodwill event.

He attends the sister school of the Tokyo Jujutsu High in Kyoto and is seen as a rival due to the history going back between the schools, also making them fight against each other at the Goodwill Event.

Known for his immense love for fighting and having the title of being the first Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer that came from a non-Jujutsu family and earned this title as a student which makes him a renowned figure among his peers next to Okkotsu from the Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Despite his looks he is still a third-year student and usually fights with his fists which suffices for example in the fight against Megumi. He is described to have superhuman strength which makes him quite akin to Itadori and also has strong Jujutsu powers such as his technique that let’s him switch places with an object or living being when he claps his hands. 

Supposedly he has an IQ over 530,000 as it can be seen in action when he fought against Hanami and determined the right path of attack within 0.1 seconds.

On top of that his natural cursed energy is great and he also is very well aware of its ways and how to use it, he also is able to use the black flash and explain things in a very detailed but easy to understand manner.

The Character

From the very first words Todo says with his debut there is one thing that is sure: he is an overly eccentric and extraordinary person.

By looks alone he seems strong but he is even stronger in person as the rumors about him being someone who defeated six curses, five being grade 1 and one being a special curse without his cursed technique.

His character is probably known for the specific question he asks everyone he meets for the first time, in order to determine if they are worth his valuable time and don’t lead him to boredom: Which type of Woman do you like? 

A line picked up by the one woman who asked him the same question and led him from his monotonous and boring life to the world of Jujutsu.

Depending on the answer he acts very differently towards his male Jujutsu sorcerer peers, making him beat Megumi to pulp because his answer was seemingly boring and becoming Itadori’s helping hand, even forging brotherhood with him as he only met him.

With his obsession about the celebrity Takada-chan, which appears every so often in most of his conversations and takes priority in most cases, he is seen as an oddball with this big statue of his but weaknesses for tall and kind girls like her.

The rough and scary look of this muscular man with a scar that covers his face and adds a certain flair to his image still makes most of the girls from Kyoto Jujutsu High irritated and frustrated as Todo takes his appearance seriously, being a well-groomed man who also smells nice all the time as others stated.

Yet even though he is seen as a simple-minded musclehead Todo shows many instances of high intellect and philosophical nature when interacting with Itadori, making the latter realize his own potential which resulted in Itadori being able to use Black Flash.

His way of explaining things is much more understandable than other characters in the series as he uses visuals and metaphors for the one he sees potential in to explain the coherence of cursed energy.

Even in dire situations, his confidence doesn’t lack and it seems that it’s quite the opposite, he is very assured about his own powers leading him to victory when others are shivering from fear.

Still it appears that many of his peers, Kyoto and Tokyo students alike, don’t like Todo pretty much as they show gloating behaviour when something bad happens to him.

Core role as a character

Firstly introduced as the role of an antagonist, Todo Aoi makes his appearance as a seemingly tyrannical person as seen when he interacted with Megumi. Being there for a slighter comedic relief and some intel in the beginning (f.e. about the upperclassman Yuta Okkotsu’s existence) he is the person who was the most dangerous for the Tokyo Jujutsu High as they also mentioned he is the one they should look out for the most.

Later on when meeting Itadori for the first time in the woods in episode 15 and focusing on him we can see his role slightly changing from the tyrannical tendency to a much more supporting and even nurturing role.

Despite that Gojo is supposedly Itadori’s mentor and showed him some basics in the beginning we can see that Todo was the one who truly taught him how to use and be aware of his own cursed energy, teaching him the black flash and also many other information he should have gained from his real mentor as he is a beginner in Jujutsu Sorcery.

Not only that but Todo also takes on the role of a sidekick and guard at times, making sure that Itadori is not hurt while he also gave him some wounds in order to make him understand the importance of the sorcery and testing his potential.

Without Todo Itadori as seen prior episode 15 wouldn’t have been able to use that awareness that Gojo barely explained in some instances and made him able to focus on what is important when fighting seeing the cursed energy around him and also his own in order to not deplete it as easily as before.

Importance in series

As mentioned before Todo was the one who introduced Yuta Okkotsu through minimal flashbacks and also per name in the series prior his actual debut, not only that but he is one of the much stronger Jujutsu Sorcerers in the series among the students which shows a huge power gap for the first time within the school as Yuta wasn’t shown who is supposedly even stronger.

Since Gojo also seemingly failed in properly mentoring Itadori, Todo took over this important role explaining much more how cursed energy works not only to Itadori but also the watchers who still may not have understood the meaning of it as it seemed a natural and important key point of the lore in the world of Jujutsu.

He also shows that next to all the other students who more or less come from families who have something to do with Jujutsu, he is one of the few who was a normal human before meeting the woman who introduced him into that world making him one of the few Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer with no tie to a family or clan. It Is valuable information since it gives hope to other people in that universe to work harder in order to master Jujutsu like Todo did.

Without him Itadori would also have faced many difficulties, the first one being surrounded by the Kyoto school members who all wanted to take him out if it hadn’t been for Todo taking a liking to him and protecting by threatening his peers. The second time was mentioned before with the mentor role. Another thing would have been due to his eccentric and over-confident behaviour that easened the situation due to the infiltration  at the Goodwill event, decreasing the rising panic and also being viewed as the only student who the others hoped for in their dire situation. The last situation was the fight against Hanami itself, as he due to his technique he was able to give Itadori an advantage but also show his own Jujutsu powers as he only used his superhuman strength before that sufficed up until that moment.

Last but not least, comedic relief.

Because in the end Todo made the series a tad more laughable and showed the human nature of preferring people for personal reasons. He didn’t judge anyone by status or clan, only by the way he thinks of them as boring and according to the answer to his question, which unlike other characters makes him the least biased character in the series.

What makes the character so interesting?

Todo is someone who has many different features as not only a character but also personality-wise.

He may be a supporting-role, yet towards the main cast he has many different roles that he plays which is not often seen, as stated above.

But also the way he seems to handle things that seems so simple-minded and rough, yet he has that high intellect which makes him a very good teacher, also someone who can quickly assess a situation in a split second and make a reasonable judgement in that short amount of time.

As the characters show their obvious dislike towards him he is oddly well liked in the fandom and ranked 8th in the first popularity poll of the manga, making his eccentric and loud nature something people might find charming in one way or another.

He also made a remark that makes one or more people curious about that certain student whom he loves to fight with and seems to regard highly, as Todo is someone who does not easily speak highly of people it makes one wonder how amazing that person most be, making Todo also someone who can lead to judgement before meeting certain characters.

Last but not least the whole character is an up and down of emotions and shows us that you cannot judge a book by its cover: his day-dreams and forged memories of Itadori that seem like they came straight out of a Shoujo Manga don’t match his rough appearance and lust for fight at all. His love and loyalty for Takada-san despite the possibility being low for her to marry him at all, he still insists on that dream of his. He also makes “Takada” up in his mind to answer certain questions he has and makes judgement for him, which he thanks her for despite that it was his own effort.

It’s a mix of so many contrary features that this character somehow made able to fit, and it made him probably one of the bestest friends Itadori could have (more or less when even forced).

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