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As with Uramichi Onii-san we covered the harsh world of adults last time, this time around the page turns with a more adorable yet still painful approach. Sweet-bitter hardships and responsibility that comes with being an adult despite being a child yourself.

A total count of 12 Episodes that show us the life of the Kashima brothers and their struggles in a new environment forced by the tragedy that befall them.

What will await the two brothers being forced to attend the daycare room?

Again: Breakfast Anime is a series that makes the reviews as short as possible and with no spoilers. It’s for you guys in order to enjoy reading and getting a gist of what the series is about yet not taking away anything from the actual plot.

Here it goes, babysitter school life on.


After losing his parents in a plane crash, Ryuichi Kashima who is not the only victim who lost someone in that accident, was invited by the Chairwoman of an elite academy at his parents funeral. Now being the only family and guardian of his kid brother Kotarou who is still a toddler, he was given the choice to get a roof over their head and an enrollment to that very elite academy, not having to worry about any costs and being cared for.

Yet there is one condition: In order to help the female teachers at the academy Ryuichi is given the task to become the only member of the Babysitter club, a club established to look after the children of the teachers who work there.

As he is still fighting with the sadness of losing his parents, the responsibilities of being the guardian of his brother and also getting used to his new environment, he now has to take care of five other children on top, each one being as lively and complicated as the other.

Will he be able to live a normal school life and also take care of the Babysitter club and his brother?

Or will the teenage boy struggle as he realizes he cannot live his life like others at his age?


Kashima Ryuichi 

Older brother of Kotarou and also his guardian after his parents passed away in an accident. The responsible young middle-school boy was seen by the Chairwoman who also lost her son and his wife in the accident and took both of them in.

He is now part of the Babysitter Club and spends most of the time outside of class in the daycare room, even at lunch in order to help Usaida and take care of both his brother and the children.

With a gentle and cheerful personality, being very caring towards both children and people his age, and someone who can understand others very well, he is well-liked by everyone around him.

Despite his deep understanding of others’ emotions, Ryuichi is very much dense when it comes to his own behaviour and especially how others perceive him. Yet boys and girls alike are always touched and moved by his earnest and genuine love, worry and compassion towards the children and his brother.

Kashima Kotarou

The younger kid brother of Ryuichi, the main character.

Unlike his brother, Kotarou is very reserved and especially in his new environment we see him not speaking much, as he gestures and stares in order to hint what he wants. Weirdly enough, while sometimes nobody understands what Kotarou is thinking or hinting at, Ryuichi always gets it spot-on being the one who understands his brother the most.

He is very clingy towards his brother and likes reading books.

It is seen that Kotarou shows the caring and soft features similar to his brother but being less expressive about them.

Kamitani Hayato

The first friend Ryuichi makes and meets due to him being the son of one of the female teachers, which makes him the brother of Kamitani Taka, one of the children in the daycare room.

He often drops by to bring his brother or fetch him to go home.

Cool and scary, as well as quiet he seems like the type that is hard to approach but also caring deep inside when he cannot overlook Ryuichi’s hard-work in order to make his brother feel very much comfortable.

He is often seen bickering with his younger brother and ever not so often gives him a good punch on the head, resulting in another fight or Taka crying while pretending to hate his brother.

Part of the baseball club and also in the same class as Ryuichi, while he is not part of the Babysitter club he still drops by often to help out.


An alumni who works as staff in the daycare room.

Often seen with Midori on his back or stomach, he is an easy-going guy and doesn’t take his job too seriously.

He often teases the children or makes fun of them yet cares deeply for them.

When Ryuichi is at his classes, he looks after them alone.

Still others are bothered that he naps while being on his shift and taking things too lightly.


Next to Kotarou and Taka who were mentioned earlier there are still four other children.

Midori is still a baby and cannot even talk, usually placed on Usaida’s back, stomach or crawls around in the room.

Then there are the twins Kazuma und Takuma who are both inseparable from each other, Kazuma being easily scared and crying all the time while Takuma is cheerful and energetic.

Last not but least, Kirin who is next to Midori, the only girl around the toddlers with a strong personality and also bickers a lot with Taka.

Each of the children have things they dream of and like, as well as many questions which they ask Ryuichi on a daily basis. They often plan things that bring many consequences if not being supervised and never get tired of another day in the daycare room.


Next to those characters up until now, many others will join the story from classmates to parents.

In order to keep this post spoiler-free, they will not be stated yet play important roles in realizations that will befall Ryuichi and also Hayato, as well as questions that come up that are also relatable to the viewer.


The colors are mostly pastel and very bright, fitting the show that is mostly about adorable children and the interaction with them.

Even the opening and ending are very similar in that, showing all the characters with either plushies, toys or the children are dancing a cute dance in costumes.

All in all the atmosphere is always held without forgetting what the show is mainly about, but the hints of Shoujo are also recognizable by the way characters are depicted in some situations and the overly –everything is bright despite some heavy topics-vibe.


Our main character Ryuichi Kashima has the voice of someone who might be familiar to some of you yet to the softness he lends Ryuichi may not have been recognized by some others, Koutarou Nishiyama. Also known for his voicing of Hisomu(Kiznaiver), Oka(Re-Main) and Narita(Haikyuu!!).

Hayato Kamitani with his harsh and deep voice spoken by Yuuichirou Umehara who gave his voice to none other than Rouen(Akagami no Shirayuki-hime), Souma (Fruits Basket) and Takajou(Idolmaster Side M).

We have Tomoaki Maeno voicing the laid-back Usaida who shares his voice with characters like Hakk(Akatsuki no Yona), Decim(Death Parade) and U-1146(Cells at Work).

Others voiced by Daisuke Ono, Satomi Akesaka, Satoshi Hino and more are also appearing later in the series


This anime is a perfect mix of the typical coming of age anime, but also showing the little wonderful but also painful side of being a child.

As the anime awakens the wish of being around children in some of the viewers it might seem bothersome for others as children are shown in their raw element in this anime as well.

Yes they are adorable, but they also need a lot of care and are a hassle as well especially if you have your own set of problems on top.

While Ryuichi is struggling with his own problems which are usual in his age and having to face the traumatic feelings of the death of his parents he has to take a strong stand and keep his brother as happy and safe as possible.

Something that is very heart-breaking and caused the one or other tear to drop yet with the feeling of worries and love towards his brother and being less lonely by the comfort Kotarou brings him, the show also depicts another feeling very well here: despite the hard-work children may be they also give back much more than you can imagine.

This anime is not a simple slice-of-life romance anime or some school boy going through a hard time, but the importance of showing how much you can win out of a devastating loss realizing how valuable the time is you spent with others and what you have left.

Ryuichi who only has his brother now is not feeling chained how others may perceive it but as the anime goes on we see the many emotions that come in this relationship and others that he builds up.

Definitely a must watch with the adorable overload and also the emotional ups and downs that make us overthink one thing or another we might need to change in our lives.

Not only inside the daycare room but maybe inside our hearts as well.



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