Scent. a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.33


Art by @ocaxoka

I knew the day would come.

I mean if we’re being honest here, I had been thinking of how this day would play out since the last time I was in this room.

Not once.

Not twice.

The thought process behind this entire ordeal had been more than extensive, and now that it was actually time for it to happen… I felt more than lost.

It wasn’t helpful that I felt extremely aware of myself and my body today, every single scent I exuded ranged from cold to excited and traveled all the way back to anxious. I wasn’t really good at detecting scents myself, but with Sugawara’s help and a little more mindfulness I could even check the burnt sugar scent wafting off of me.

There was another huge deal today.

I had been reminded of it since this morning every time I felt a tingling sensation on my back, where I could feel the constricting fabric of my bra cutting into me. 

I may have blushed more than usual today, but I played it off well and no one suspected anything since the weather was scorching hot anyways. 

Mikoto is blushing? Nothing new here!

Grumbling as I thought of who was responsible for me wearing such underwear today, I cursed Atsumu’s name in my head as I realised that more than just one person will see me like this today.


I kept my face as still as possible as the mental breakdown rained down on me and I shifted on the all too familiar stool wearing only a white blouse as I had already taken off my skirt.

Before this day could roll in, I had talked with Shiro and Asami about it who were both of almost no help in this situation.

“Oho! That’s sexy oh my god! I still don’t like anyone touching my cousin though”, Shiro had stated and Asami only grinned while looking at me.

“Make sure to tell them if you’re uncomfortable, and if anyone does I’ll gut them like a fish”, she squinted and pressed her lips into a weird smile, “and feel free to send pics”.

Both of them had endured a pillow to the face from me.

Entirely unhelpful.

And then came another person.

When Atsumu always approached me first I felt really happy, although his teasing nature was annoying it was refreshing to have a new acquaintance and it never got boring with him. Bokuto had told me that he was a little bummed out after the fumbled game against the sparrows, so I was glad I could help cheer him up. 

It was still a bit weird that he suddenly came very close to me, but he never gave me the impression that he wanted anything more than a casual friendship, so I was happy to converse with him. No matter how nice that started off, I did feel he sometimes came a little too close, but it all came to a big conclusion when he found out about this dreaded day.

“Well, yer wearing a matching set right?”

“What?!”, I immediately took a step back and was left speechless to which he only chuckled.

“No offense, but I mean everyone’s gonna see ya anyways. So ya should make a good impression”.

So here I sat.

On a stool in the middle of students and a tutor would soon see more than they should, and me in a pink lace matching set.

It wasn’t even the fact that everyone could see me, I was aware that this class was very discreet and there were other girls who had to do the same, but it was the young man who was crouched right before me about to examine my whole body that made me break into a nervous sweat.

I took off my blouse and placed it on the table next to me and closed my eyes for a brief moment. The blood was rushing through my veins and pumping into my heart that thrummed so loudly in my ears I could barely hear anything. As I opened my eyes again, all I could see was the intense stare of two caramel coloured eyes ready to drill right into me.

Startled, I immediately looked down but as the tutor told him to start, I had to at least watch his hands slowly move towards me.

He was extremely close to me.

Even just crouching next to me left him huge around me, his chest almost touching my side as he held his hands out to start touching my neck.

My blush worsened, and I couldn’t help a tiny squeal as his calloused fingers brushed over my shoulders.

His hands didn’t retract at my reaction, but he reached for my eyes and leaned forwards a little to whisper something in my ears.

“I’ll be quick about it”

His voice was incredibly husky, and my face flushed even more as I nodded as his fingers trailed over my collarbones, which made me twitch.

“I didn’t press that hard?”, he questioned me and shook my head.

“Ah, I- I uh got injured there so it’s weird”, I stammered out.

Wow. Mikoto come on! Where is your pride?

Apparently, out of the damn window, because he placed his entire palm directly over my chest to continue the palpations and the scent of coffee flared up immediately, intermingling with mine.

His scent didn’t smell stressed though…

Oikawa had moved his hand away from my chest, but for a millisecond his fingers grazed over the lace on the top of the cup and I gasped.

His hand hovered over it, twitching once before he took a very long breath in and out.

“Can you move your arm a little?”, he asked with nothing more than a faint whisper and I complied quickly, the focus in his gaze resembling the one he held when he was taking notes or talking about important exercises in the lab.

It should’ve made me feel more comfortable, at least he’s not being a pervert, but the fact that he is so focused made me more aware that I was actually half-naked in front of him. 

Goosebumps covered my entire body as he touched my solar plexus, which in turn made him clear his throat.

There was something so incredibly calm yet still nerve wracking about this. 

To the average student watching, this was merely an omega who was a little anxious and an alpha who took his time, but nothing serious.

Me on the other hand, I could feel more than just a routine checkup.

His fingers all over my body. his body warmth radiating from him that I had already felt when I examined him, strands of his hair tickling me as he moved around me, the faint yet hoarse whisper of his voice as he alerted me or instructed me to move around.

It was all too much for my frail heart, I felt like I was about to faint.

When his fingers stopped touching me, a sigh of relief escaped me finally. As much as this situation seemed to stretch endlessly, my erratically beating heart slowed down a little. My eyes found the floor and stayed there as I waited for Misaki’s cue to stop.

“Alright then! That was very well done Oikawa”

Yes. Well done, now stop touching me!

“As we learned there are different tissues and textures to check in the human body right? We had mentioned lymph nodes last time, what else?”

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Another voice piped up, but I couldn’t see who it was as my eyes were still glued to my dangling feet.

“Fluid in the lungs and lumps that could indicate masses in the body?”

“Well done Yachi! So, since we are on the subject of lumps, Oikawa please continue”.

“Right”, he cleared his throat and as if it was all in slowmotion, his hands moved towards my belly.


My heart resumed its previous unhealthy pace as I realised what was happening. In my panic, I looked to the side where Misaki focused thoroughly on Oikawa’s work and I caught the sight of my skirt neatly folded on the table.

Right, my skirt. I had to take it off.

How could I forget?!

Maybe it was due to my head getting all fuzzy because I had been touched all over, but how could I forget that he would do a *full* body exam?

My soul threatened to leave my body at once, while Oikawa had already crouched down completely, almost sitting on the floor as his head was level head with the stool I was sitting on. From this angle I could not see his face, especially as he looked down to my feet that still swayed in the air.

For a second, my breath caught in my throat. 

Normally, the examination would just continue from the solar plexus to the abdomen and cross the pelvis before moving to the legs. The confusion of his approach made me calm down for a second as it didn’t feel too weird when his hands prodded at my calves.

“Is that okay?”, his voice was gentle but resonated deeply in his chest and I was sure only I could hear it as he spoke extremely softly.

He checked for my well being as if I was his patient right?

My throat constricted so I just nodded, hoping he would see my answer and not demanding a verbal one. He craned his neck back to look at me quickly and I nodded again, only for him to nod to himself and get back to work.


My legs shook for a second and I bit down on my lip hard to not make any embarrassing noise. It didn’t matter if he started with my feet instead of my pelvis, for a second I was relieved by his approach but it didn’t matter.

A strange man is touching me at places I have never let anyone touch.

I didn’t mind physical contact at all. Actually, I often cling to people and hug them as well as they tend to gravitate towards ruffling my hair or pressing their leg against mine if they sat next to me. I was so used to having my cheeks squished that I barely felt the touch anymore, it’s nothing new to me.

But this?

I have never in my life felt something like this.

And of course it had to be Oikawa, I was sure that in his mind he felt the most smug for me behaving like this.

Time flew, and he traveled over my knees to my lower thighs and I had to admit to myself that at least he was very quick and considerate in how he touched me. 

Of course Mikoto, this is a medical procedure. Although it feels weird and intimate and private, it’s something that doctors do daily.

It’s something he will do daily.

Instinctively, I pressed my legs together as I thought about that for a moment.

That feels weird.


Hearing my name called from below me made me gasp in shock as I was dragged out of my thoughts to find myself staring at Oikawa who had a hand on my thighs that were fiercely pressed together.

“Can you open your legs please? I’ll be fast”

Please Lord. Take me to you now.

Maybe there would just suddenly be an alarm that the school is starting to burn down? Or Misaki would help me out of my misery because the period was over? Or what about a hole that could open up underneath me and just swallow me whole?

“Y-yes”, my voice was more than hoarse, it was basically the sound of a dog whistle as it came out of my throat. I clasped my hand over my mouth and felt a rush of cold fingers ghost over the top part of my thighs as I slowly opened them.

Mom, I am so sorry.

He was right though, before I could think too much about his finger touching dangerously close to my panties, he had already taken a step back and moved towards the table with my clothes to bring me my skirt.

Not uttering a word, I swiftly threw my blouse on and practically jumped inside my skirt to finally cover myself and rush to the chair that was empty next to the girl called Yachi.

“Wow Mikoto, you’re really b-brave!”, she mumbled and as I looked at her she was blushing so hard I was afraid her face would explode.

“Thanks”, I pushed out as I continued to bounce my leg hoping for Misak to just end this class without any more commentary.

I looked at the baby blue skirt covering my thighs.

Even with this on I felt naked.

The rest of the lesson luckily was just Misaki explaining more about the importance of self checking for lumps in your body, but I couldn’t quite focus anyway as much as I tried.

My eyes trailed around the room without really seeing anything until I heard the bell ring.

Salvation. Finally.

I stood up and started to move towards the exit of the auditorium, before anything else could happen, but before I could someone faintly touched my shoulder.

I turned around to look at Yachi smiling at me.

“So, how are you holding up?”, she anxiously smiled and somehow that comforted me. To talk to someone after all of this embarrassment felt a little relieving.

“I’m fine, a little nervous but fine, what about you?”, I asked her as we walked towards the exit.

“Well uh, uhm I’m good but that’s not what I meant”, she fumbled with her hair, “Uh I meant like what you’re going to do now?”

Huh? What does she mean?

“I’m sorry?”

At that moment, Oikawa walked past me and only kept his eyes on me for a moment before he looked at the door and squinted his eyes. I followed his gaze and found none other than Atsumu standing there with Asami both of their eyes comically enlarged as they looked at Oikawa and then me.


Asami darted towards me in an instant holding my shoulders and seemingly taking a whiff of my scent. Her face changed immediately, and then she started rubbing her wrists all over my shoulders and neck which just reminded me of what happened only moments ago. 

“Okay I get it you’re protective, now stop touching me you weirdo”, I laughed off my genuine discomfort as she looked at me with eyes that told more than words. 

“Mikoto this is not safe”, she merely grumbled and looked back to Oikawa as they exchanged a knowing look. 


“You entirely smell like he owns you”.


I looked up at Oikawa who only had a dark expression on his face, and then caught Atsumu who held the framing of the door as if his life depended on it. 


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