Top 5 anime that start airing this September! [2021]

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After a turbulent summer full of different and interesting anime for us to watch, we are now officially rolling into the new fall season with another list of fresh anime adaptations that you can get excited for! Welcome to the movies and series you can look forward to in the next month of September!

If you haven’t caught up yet, make sure to check out Makii’s ‘Top 13 anime of July’ post first!

With the summer having brought us numerous exciting titles, and the winter months ready to do the same, the list for this month might look a little more scarce, but it doesn’t take away from some highly anticipated anime to come out.

Let’s review together and see what is coming up for September 2021!

Shika no Ou: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi (Formerly September 10th)

Our first anime will be a movie which has brought us a nostalgic yet refreshing atmosphere through the Trailer, with the name Shika no Ou a.k.a the Deer King.

With the mesmerizing animation that reminds of the classic ghibli movie “Mononoke Hime” and an outstanding soundtrack, Shika no Ou tells the story of a seemingly beautiful friendship between a little girl and a veteran soldier who has seen the horrors of war.

With aspects of calming nature but also action filled scenes from the trailer, we can assume that a variety of interesting plot points will be unraveled bit by bit! The young girl named Yuna has a very cheerful nature and is a complete contrast to the gigantic and stoic Van who seems to be playing the role of the hero in this movie.

The movie is an adaptation of the fantasy novel with the same name written by Naoko Uehashi, and will be produced by the popular studio Production I.G, who have also brought us works such as Haikyu!!, Psycho Pass and Kuroko no Basket.

The original release date was scheduled for August, and has been pushed to the 10th of September which due to COVID-19 might be pushed further, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will air soon!

The Ancient Magus’ Bride: (September 10th)

Chise Hatori has nowhere else to go, so in her desperate attempt to find a new home she puts herself up for auction to bring herself into a hopefully better situation.

Based on the manga, the anime ‘the ancient Magus’ bride’ will now be continued with a three part OVA series that takes on the story of the 16th, 17th and 18th volume of the manga and thereby continues the popular slice-of-life romance drama between a young girl and the humanoid with a skull that has been anticipated by many fans of the show.

The OVA specifically is called “The Boy From the West and the Knight of the Mountain Haze” and deals with a new threat called the “wild hunt”. New characters get introduced next to the original cast and we find ourselves roped into a compelling new storyline concerning a young boy who wants to run from his problems.

What will Chise do to fend off this new evil?

Free! The Final Stroke (September 17th)

Here we are again! After three seasons, multiple recap movies and prequels, in splashes another continuation of Haruka Nanase’s story to swim to the top!

After the events of season three, this will show us Haru and his rivals at a whole new stage. At the international stage, the drive, the pressure and the competitions are harder than ever before. With the past trials and tribulations hanging in the back of his mind, Haru promises himself to become worthy of standing on the top.

This movie will be split into two parts, the first being released in September while the second one is due to be shown in April 2022.

The trailer shows us the typical beautiful animation that is even more refined now, and it already promises a lot of dramatical elements, characters we know and love who will make a comeback and new ones that have that international flair.

It’s an accumulation of all experiences and characters we have seen so far in Free! and this movie seems to want to tie it all together with a final stroke!

Princess Principal: Crown Handler 2 (September 23rd) 

You always found history class a little more interesting than others?

Well then, Princess Principal should tickle your fancy!

As the fictional country Albion, modeled by Great Britain and its old name, is torn apart by a gigantic revolution, it is a sly act of espionage that sets the ball rolling in this anime. With a lot of action and steampunk elements this anime tells the story of a princess that works against her own royal blood to become queen.

After the anime with 12 episodes, now comes a six part film adaptation with the first movie already out since February, the sequel comes now!

The tone that this trailer sets is extremely promising, and the oddball group of girls that work together is a part of it that shows diversity and fun in a very original setting.

Hanma Baki – Son of Ogre

Punching his way through a third season, Netflix has announced the release of the next adventure of Hanma Baki.

Hanma Baki trains to become a fighter just like father, starting off with conventional training supported by his mother which he grows out of pretty quickly. 

With the urge to become better and better, he finds new opponents and fights them in a no-limits combat style. With the very rough yet detailed animation style, Netflix renewed the already existing anime series that was based on the manga and brings the fateful encounter between father and son.

The feud that has been gnawing between the two will now be shown as far as the trailer is concerned, with lots of the typical bizarre fights and techniques we have already seen before.

The release was promised in September 2021, but Netflix has yet to disclose a proper date, which will hopefully be very soon for all the fans of this franchise!

Here we are at the end of the list, make sure to check out these new titles when they come out and feel free to leave a comment on your first impressions right here!

Let’s see each other again soon for another tea time~


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    • I haven’t watched the anime yet so I was pleasently surprised by the huge fanbase behind that series! I’m glad you liked that announcement and I hope you have a splendid time watching when it comes out! :33 Thank you for reading!


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