Scent. a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.34


Art by @ocaxoka

“Right, right, no I mean you reacted very well to it so I know you feel better but-”

I was immediately cut off by Atsumu on the other line as he yelled something intelligible to who I would assume to be his brother. 

I flinched at the loud noise and sighed to myself while I held my phone a little farther from me than I should.

“Atsumu?”, I asked into the speaker and the clamoring in the background ceased for a moment.


_What do you mean “ya?” I was talking and you cut me off!!_

“Well, uhm like I said even though the exposure therapy is working I would like to review it with-”

A loud exasperated sigh came from the other side which made me stop and reevaluate everything I said in seconds. Working with Atsumu sometimes only fueled my raging authority issues. It was hard enough to talk to him, but when he was annoyed or inconvenienced? 

Lord help me. 

“So it works right? What do ya want then?”, his voice was distorted by static and I took a deep breath in to calm my frailed nerves.

I was already stressed enough as it is.

“Can we just quickly review? You had to get closer to Mikoto bit by bit while trying to unlearn what mentally *feels* like imprinting right?”

Please cooperate man.

“Yeah? I mean t’was hard in the beginnin n stuff but like I said when caramel girl danced out of that class being scent marked all over I didn’t even feel the need ta puke”

Ah, well that was more honest than expected.

“Okay, so you think you need more counseling? What is your plan for the next stages?”

“End stage is supposed ta be feeling no attachment right?”

I hummed an affirmative into the phone.

“I think we’re there then”.


I clasped my hand over my mouth and looked around to check if anyone heard me. 

“Ya heard me right? I mean I was just as affected as any alpha would be if an unmated omega paraded around reeking of an alpha. Ya get possessive sometimes, it happens”. 

I remembered where Mikoto was right now as he said that. 

“Right. Okay then, I’ll need you for a last review session tell me your schedule for the next few days”.

“Ah, wanna see me one last time huh? Can’t blame ya! I’ll send it to ya” 

This conversation started to move from draining to actually annoying. 

That’s nor fair to him, Asami. 

With the last energy I could muster I mumbled a goodbye and told him to take it easy until I saw him again. 

“Yes m’am!” 

He hung up. 

How easy it seemed for him to overcome this. I was happy that he got so far, but it still bugged me deep down how he talked so leisurely. Maybe it was just part of his huge athlete douchebag facade.

On that note, I fumbled my phone out of my pockets to check my messages. 

No new ones. 

I still opened the chat to see if maybe I could read more into what I’ve already seen, but to no avail. 

Asami: Are you still showering? It won’t get off anyways! 

Mikoto: Just came out, I wanna go back in though. 

Asami: Don’t you idiot, you’re gonna burn yourself. 

Mikoto: Yeah well still, I can smell it everywhere. 

Asami: Just hold out! It’ll be over soon! I mean I can get you a blocking mask? Maybe it’ll help? 

Mikoto: No, I’m going to take a nap. 

My last message was left on delivered. 

I couldn’t blame her at all. Having the scent of an alpha clinging to you after being touched all over and feeling not only exposed but also incredibly dirty? I couldn’t even imagine. 

I kept walking down the hall as I listened to the surrounding chit chat of the people. 

“Did you hear how alphas react to heat blockers?” 


“Oh my god yeah it’s supposed to be this amazing trip like-” 

As they turned the corner I couldn’t listen anymore, but that small exchange alone sent shivers down my back. Who would willingly take heat suppressants as an alpha? 

They really can afford to do anything. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar figure walking towards me, and as I took another look I realised it was Oikawa who had slowly started to strut in my direction. 

I looked around to check if I was actually the one he came to, and swallowed as he approached. 

“Hey Asami!”, he sang as he stopped in front of me and I nodded shortly. 

It has only been a day and you’re just waltzing around? 

After again causing her pain? 

“I heard Mikoto is on a sick leave?” 

Yeah. Sick. 

“Uhm, yea she is wenn she doesn’t feel too good”, it wasn’t a lie that I told, but I didn’t tell the whole truth either. 

Oikawa clocked his head to the side, as if he looked right through me and nodded to himself. 

“Hm, well you know she is sick so rarely, I was just checking to see if she’s okay, can I talk to her?” 

“No”, was my immediate and very cold response out of instinct followed by, “Oh, uh well uhm she’s just concerned you might get sick too! So! No visits please?” 

“Is she actually sick?”, his voice became slightly deeper and I hated that I immediately reacted to his alpha voice. 

I couldn’t take this. 

“It’s really rude to use that. She isn’t feeling well. That’s all”, I felt a lump forming in my throat. 

“Okay then, I just wanted to check in”, he slowly walked past me but kept talking, “It’s not like I had any bad intentions”. 

What was he hinting at?


I wiped around to look as he turned his back to me. 

“That is very easy for you to say, but respectfully, you have no idea what it feels for the small ones like us! Especially Mikoto as an omega has struggles you will never understand! Not as long as this entire system is built by alphas for alphas! You alphas know no consequences to your actions!”. 

It all tumbled out of me. Years and years of bit down comments all spilled out on one guy who happened to be standing in front of me. 

The first incident, all the reports on assault victims I had to fill out, all the fake prescriptions for heat suppressants that were taken by non-omegas, all of the snide comments, all of the alpha voices, everything. 

I could only think of Mikoto burning her delicate skin to rid herself of this guy’s pheromones. 

It made me sick. 

Oikawa’s gaze was indescribable. Unreadable. Was he angry? Was he understanding? I couldn’t feel anything from him. 

And then the Realisation kicked in. 

I just yelled at Oikawa.

With a yelp, I quickly turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

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