Wedding Deal – Chapter 01 [Iwaizumi x reader]

header art: @kkumri on instagram

“This is the story of how I traded freedom by becoming his fake wife”

– Y/N

Tip: If you are using Chrome there is a little add-on called InteractiveFics with that the story is much more vivid since Y/N will be replaced with the name you type in. Give it a try you won’t regret it~

Chapter 01:

If there was one thing I hated the most, it was those banquets they held and princesses of each province having to attend. Even the ones that weren’t supposed to become heirs or weren’t of any importance like me.

I am the 3rd daughter and therefore I wasn’t necessarily needed at this event, yet the only comfort I had were one girl to my left and other to my right as both of them unlike me who was watched by my mother strictly, stretched out their legs in a very unlady-like way while one of them chewed curiously on one cupcake that seemed to be from another province.

“Do you guys get privileged food like that, oh wow I never saw something like that!”, the one almost two years older than me said while taking another bite and leaning back before stretching straight and being reminded that this was an official meeting as she nudged her cousin to do the same.

“Hiyori, sit straight, and don’t glare, you know our family will scold us if they take any photos!”, Chiaki said while adjusting her dress that slipped away a bit on her chest and legs.

“So what? I don’t care. We are not even royals or nobles unlike Y/N whose mother is going to devour her if she doesn’t sit like a jerk- ”, she was cut off.

“No cussing!”, Chiaki shoved the weird cupcake into Hiyori’s mouth and adjusted her dress in her stead.

I sighed deeply, “how many times do I have to tell you guys, I am just a princess by name, I am not important. Also Chiaki sometimes you behave more like a princess than I do, don’t talk yourself down”, and I regretted immediately saying that as she had that smile on her face while her eyes wanted to wring my neck.

“Ah must be nice to be a royal saying such things huh? Unlike us pebbles who were invited by your generosity”, some men were staring at us and I felt uncomfortable.

“Yeah, nice to be a rich kid, huh. If I were you I would have bought all these shoes, girl and left them in debt. Wait you are a pebble, I am not one”, Hiyori wiped her face and stared at her shoes, “I gotta get some new ones though.”

“You got some this week”, her cousin still smiled and even the men probably felt her annoyed vein popping from that mischievous grin.

“And?”, was the cue that pulled the last string before I caught Chiaki in my arms in order to avoid her from choking her own cousin.

“Y/N let go”, she muttered and despite that I sometimes feared her, this time it felt like I was holding a child, thank goodness I was sitting in the midst.

“Okay, Timeout prince number five just entered. Guess he is late”, Hiyori pointed at a man with spiky hair, clothes in a navy blue suit with gold accents, black gloves and shoes as his gaze swept around the room before I felt Chiaki shift in my arms making herself comfy on me instead of backing off as she and her cousin analysed the guy.

“Who is he?”, the one in my arms asked and Hiyori was much quicker than me answering.

“He is from the province of Aoba Johsai, 2nd Prince Iwaizumi Hajime. Despite that he hates events like this everyone needs to attend them. I heard the first prince already arrived too. But Johsai is really far away. Heard he came to find a suitor on his mother’s behalf but shoved off marrying for years now”, both of us stared at her and she shrugged.

“Okay I am the rich kid but how-“

“I got my ressources girl”, she winked and stuck out her tongue as Chiaki shoved in a snack for her to eat casually.

“Our parents will kill us”, Chiaki muttered and I nodded as Hiyori shrugged.

“I already had to attend the other event so I can roam around”, but the freedom didn’t last long before a tall and well-built guy blocked our guy with a stoic face and olive-colored hair he stretched out his hand like it was taught in etiquette class and asked Hiyori for a dance.

Chiaki immediately sat up like she was supposed to and we saw how Hiyori ignored the man at first.

“Lady, I may have not asked in a proper way but I want to take your next dance”, the already deep voice of prince Ushijima had a slightly rough and strained undertone.

“Fine”, she said after letting him stand for some minutes and took his hand as she whispered, “he thinks I am a lady pfft guess he doesn’t know I am a commoner girl, let me teach that rich boy a lesson.”

“And there she goes”, Chiaki muttered and sighed worried about her cousin, “I guess she will be the one who gets a lesson, she got Ushijima of all people.”

“What are you gonna do if they find out you are not royalty?”, I asked not having thought this through when I invited them, my mother doesn’t know that  I befriended commoners yet she didn’t ask for their rank this time.

“I guess I will ditch Hiyori and scram. The food is weird anyways and the people are super stiff, like look at that brunette guy he looks like he would kill someone in this room any time soon”, she laughed.

“So you are a commoner”, another deep voice let my heart drop to my feet and my guts twist as I held my breath, I didn’t look up but a shadow was looming over us before I saw black shoes in front of me.

As my gaze wandered from the navy blue suit to a pair of olive-eyes my hands started sweating and I couldn’t bring out a word as I saw the 2nd prince of Aoba Johsai  leaning down right in front of me.

“W-Who?”, I could only bring out and look away.

“Not you, I know you from other events, Princess Y/N but”, his eyes wandered to the girl next to me as he fixed her and she smiled widely, if anyone else looked at her you would think she was not having a single problem.

“Me?”, she asked in a friendly tone, one leg over the other.

“Yes. The one who called the first prince stiff and a murder”, his gaze turned into a slight glare before I acted out of fear standing up and taking his arm as he looked at me surprised.

“M-May I dance with you Prince Hajime?”, I stuttered my face red yet I feared if Chiaki was caught being a commoner and badmouthing the first prince that she wouldn’t be simply lectured, no, worse….

“W-Wait, but-” as we turned around she was gone and the last thing I saw was that someone followed her into the crowd and I wanted to do the same before I felt a strong grip on my hand.

“Didn’t you want to dance?”, the man with a rough voice and the olive-eyes fixed on me didn’t let go.


“Or did you want to trick me into one to shield your friend?”, he tilted his head with slight disappointment on his face.

Okay Y/N… you have to keep calm, one dance it takes one dance and a bit of social distraction for him to let it go…

I tried to smile a bit concerned and nodded.

“I wanted to dance with you, yet I was afraid you would deny my wish since I asked you… it’s against etiquette rules to ask the man to dance so-“, he scratched his head with his other hand while not letting go of me.

“Well, if you wanted to dance, I don’t see a problem nor would I tell anyone about something as strict as etiquette rules. I ever wondered if women actually liked to get asked out for a dance…”, he muttered a slight shade of rose on his cheek while he stared intently.

I was also flustered by his honest answer.

“I-uh… I guess it is nice sometimes…but it feels also… unfair…”, my gaze wandered to my mother who glared at me and signed for me to grasp myself and not slouch which I did.

“Even you”, his eyes followed mine to my mother,”I guess we should make this a good one, and enjoy it while we can”, he understood immediately and as he looked back there was a slight grin on his face.

“Just to tell you I am not much of a dancer unlike what rumors say about Hajime Iwaizumi”, he muttered.

I laughed a bit and positioned myself as he held out his hand, “I guess it makes it much easier for me to easen up then.”

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