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As the second season already finished airing early this year on April 1st of 2021, it’s now time to go a bit back and look at the first season that went on in 2018.

Yuru Camp, also known with the english title Laid-back camp is just what you would expect, or maybe a bit more.

From a loud daycare to school ghosts, we already got some topics covered but this time it’s all about girls, camping and of course to enjoy life to its fullest,

Are you ready to discover nature’s beauty and all the fancies about camping?

Then let’s set up our tents and get started on today’s blogpost!

Also, our breakfast anime series is always spoiler-free for you to enjoy, so no need to hesitate and worry.


With 12 Episodes each filled with wonderful sceneries, Yuru Camp’s story is still not dense in that context given the fact that it’s a Slice of Life anime.

Yet the story begins with Rin Shima who goes on a camping trip close to Mount Fuji around late fall or winter time, when she sees a girl sleeping on the bench at her arrival at the site.

Even after many hours of setting up her tent, getting firewood and looking around the campsite Rin finds the girl still sleeping where she left her. When the girl who turns out to be Nadeshiko, the main character of the series, wakes up and finds herself in the darkness of the camping site she follows Rin in distress.

After seeing the beautiful sight of Mount Fuji at night, Nadeshiko tells Rin that she moved to this town and came to the camping site to see this very sight even though she overslept. From thereon through many coincidences Nadeshiko meets Rin and even sees that they go to the same High School.

Seeing the beautiful Mount Fuji and how wonderful camping could be, she decides to join the Outdoor Activities Club in order to experience even more beautiful places like the one that she saw with Rin.

What will await Nadeshiko and Outdoor Activities Club?


Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Energetic and always cheerful, Nadeshiko is seen as the happiest while eating. 

As she is a little scatterbrain and clumsy, making her get help from others most of the time.

When she encountered Rin at the campsite and saw the beauty of nature that day, she decided that she wanted to continue with camping as well.

Therefore she immediately joined the Outdoor Activities Club in order to get her hands on the basics and be able to go out as much as she can.

But the girl with a black hole stomach soon has to discover that the club consists of only two members.

As persistent as she is and with her charming nature, Nadeshiko decides to ask Rin to join the club as well and go out on another camping trip together.

Rin Shima

Solo camping specialist and fond of camping, so much that she even goes her ways in the cold seasons to live out her hobby.

While looking cute and delicate from the outside, Rin shows a particularly cold attitude towards strangers and especially people who want to meddle in her solo camping experience.

Yet she seems very curious whenever she meets Nadeshiko despite that she avoids her when seeing her again in High School and rejecting her offer to go camping together, even more when she asks her to go with Outdoor Activities Club.

Still it seems she cannot escape Nadeshiko’s persistence that easily… 

Aoi Inuyama

One of the two members of the club before Nadeshiko joins them.

She is the calm and composed one among Nadeshiko and Chiaki, and has to be the sound mind when it comes to their discussions that lead to mostly nonsense if not for Aoi.

Gentle but also straightforward when it comes to the truth Aoi is more of the big sister or Mum figure in the group.

Always carrying a new magazine to the clubroom, she inspires the club for new fresh ideas on what equipment they could get.

Nonetheless she also can get carried away in Chiaki’s and Nadeshiko’s antics.

Chiaki Oogaki

More or less the leader of the club, even with Aoi around.

She is mostly the one who pushes the group to take action, if not sometimes too recklessly or trying to go head-first into situations if it wasn’t for Aoi.

Usually seen as an idiot, Chiaki is actually very knowledgeable when it comes down to it which earns her the admiration of Nadeshiko.

Yet she is also very loud and overconfident leading her to fall into her own traps at times.

Ena Saitou

Rin’s close friend who likes to make funny sculptures with her hair.

She is the one who likes to push Rin a little and make her befriend others.

As someone who is very warm and easy-going, Ena befriends the Outdoor Activities Club easily despite her lacking interest in camping like Nadeshiko or Rin.

Most of the time she is seen to live her life a bit more on the cozy side, but still doesn’t fear meddling into Rin’s life by acting behind her back in order to open new opportunities for her.


As mentioned Yuru Camp shows a lot of beautiful landscaped due to the topic being mostly all around camping. Not only that but a lot of tips and tricks are shown almost like an easy to follow tutorial whether it’s about food recipes or how to set up a tent, it almost feels like it’s supposed to motivate and teach the viewer a bit about camping.

The character designs are very unique and they vary from each one, for example Nadeshiko’s cute and bubbly colors that represent her personality very well to Aoi who is warm but very mature as seen in her color palette that was used.

The opening is very cheerful with a lot of colors and very dynamic while the ending is more on the soothing side giving off a very melancholic and nostalgic vibe, showing sceneries and also sitting at the campsite while it’s night.

From the falling leaves and beauty of the fall season to the beginning of spring and the burst in colors of it. Yuru Camp captured atmospheres and the gorgeous nature very well, not forgetting the most important part: Mount Fuji in many forms and colors.


Let’s start with Rin Shima who’s cute and calm voice that shows her ice princess demeanor is lent by none other than Nao Touyama, known for her voices Yui (Seishun Love), Lacia (Beatless) and Ichinose (Classroom of the Elite).

Nadeshiko Kagamihara on the other hand is voiced by Yumiri Hanamori who is known for a variety of voices for example the cool and composed Hayasaka (Love is War), the loyal and quiet Hinaki (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and the humble Lean (KonoSuba).

Aki Toyosaki voiced the gentle and caring Aoi Inuyama who shares her voice with characters like Uihara(Railgun), Mei (Pokémon) and Justine and Caroline (Persona 5).

The cast also consists of Rie Takahashi who voices Ena Saitou. She is known for her roles as Emilia(Re:Zero), Megumin(KonoSuba) and a lot more popular ones.

Last but not least Marina Inoue who despite her small role as Nadeshiko’s sister did a flawless job on her nonchalant and strict attitude. Her name is also known in the industry for voicing characters such as Touka(Date A Live), Yaoyoruzu (My Hero Academia) and Armin( Attack on Titan).


For a change of pace Yuru Camp is very nice to escape the hustle of life and be reminded that there is more to the world around us than our workplace or stressful daily lives.

With the focus on camping as hobby close to nature even as someone who was never interested in camping in the first place, Yuru Camp successfully made me think about trying it out at least once and also reawakened a certain awareness for nature’s beauty that tends to get forgotten with all the things that are going on in the world.

The characters who are all very charming and adorable in their own way, as well as being individual, can put a smile on the face with their humor. For example Nadeshiko’s pure happiness while eating already managed to get one reaction or another.

Yet there is not much story going on in this series, it’s more something that should be watched when you want to lie back and have something calmer to enjoy or even watch it next to doing something else, but it sure calms down and unwinds when watching unlike other series who need much focus.

As camping is mostly seen as something done in late spring or summer, the perspective of camping in fall or winter was also a nice change and an interesting fact as truly nature can be enjoyed in each season having unique beauty in each and every one of them.

If you want to lie back a bit and be reminded of how beautiful nature can be and also maybe looking for a new hobby, then this fall you should try for Yuru Camp and find the little camper inside of you.

With that said, let me set up a campfire for tea,

  • Makii

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