Scent. a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.35

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Never have I felt like this.

A low thumping in my head continued throughout the day after I saw Asami leave with Atsumu and Mikoto yesterday. 

It hadn’t dissipated even after drinking copious amounts of water and trying to distract myself from it, but even through the night my head seemed to not want to cease its battle against me.

I was familiar with the push and pull one could feel with all the pheromones dangling in the air. I knew what it was like to be annoyed by all of the different scents clashing in a lecture hall, I also knew how it felt to feel a certain need when my cycle came.

Those were all things I could cope with, emotions I could handle even if sometimes they annoyed me more than they did any good. 

This is different.

Like a flash, memories from the last day came in unhinged and without mercy shuffling through my mind as if they were a slideshow designed to make me lose my mind.

“I’ll be quick about it”

I cringed at my own voice booming through my head, what was I thinking saying things like that?

Again, the unfiltered smell of fresh caramel burned through my nose as if it was actually there and I groaned aloud.

I remembered how it felt when her ankle twitched upwards as I held it to check for the joint that was attached to her foot. At the moment I wasn’t quite sure what compelled me to hold her heel firmly down to the floor, but how was it that it just kept replaying in my head again and again?!

My eyes twitched and I looked to the side to face my alarm clock.

7:39 AM

My alarm would ring in six minutes anyway.

With a huff I stood up a little too quickly which made my head hurt even more. I closed my eyes to make the room stop spinning and realised that the throbbing in my head wasn’t the only thing feeling uncomfortable.

My god. Seriously?!

An ice cold shower and a freshly brewed coffee later, I took a peek at my schedule for today, which just made me sigh again.

With what happened yesterday at the anatomy class and Asami’s lecture I already had enough on my mind. I always had enough on my mind.

“Can you open your legs please? I’ll be fast”

Is that what omega pheromones can do to you?!

I mean yeah, I probably shouldn’t have scent marked her all over, but seriously I was obviously out of it!

The first emotion I felt about the whole situation was anger. Doing what felt right in that class was the only thing I could do. I had no malicious intent, I wasn’t explicitly trying to scent mark her, and she scent marked me too.

“You alphas know no consequences to your actions!”

That had felt the most unfair. It simply wasn’t true.

How many times did I have to sit in a meeting with someone from the beta committee to report an incident again? How many times was it that that annoying head council drilled me for uncomfortable details?

I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder as I left my dorm room, leaving it opened since Iwa might still come back in from his morning jog.

What monster wakes up at 6 AM to go for a jog?

The more I walked in the direction of the center building where my next class would be, the more students and conversation could be heard in the background. Since it was close to 8:30 AM, most students would be awake now and crowd into the cafeteria.

My head still hurt, the more I thought of the events yesterday the more the thumping worsened.

Did I overreact?

The feeling of my palm pressed on her skin entered my brain.

This is the day I will die for sure.

“-it was amazing!”

I heard a man’s voice booming over the other murmurs as I entered the cafeteria.

“Aren’t those super hard to get?”

“Well, I have a guy who just started to give them out, and the price is okay for the effects”

“So, it works like regular drugs or something?”

I stopped for a moment to listen.

“Better! Since they’re heat suppressants they’re safe to take and the best thing is you get no withdrawals!”

“Right, right”, he had stopped for a moment to think, “but what about the omegas? Don’t they need that shit?”

“Who cares man, they’ll get raped anyway with or without them”.

Everything stopped for a moment, and my eyes shot open as I heard their cackling laughter echoing in my ears.


“Hey, someone’s staring, scram!”

As I took a second look to where the two guys stood I realised they were already gone, but the bubbling confusion in me was not to be removed.

“You alphas know no consequences to your actions!”

At that moment, the realisation that struck me came with a lot more than just the stunned feeling of being wrong. It came with all of those moments I sat in front of the beta committee or the students council.

Every single one of those times, there was an omega in their room, feeling this realisation.

Absolute helplessness.

Worse than that, Mikoto didn’t even complain yesterday. Maybe she didn’t even realise. It was Asami who had informed her of how unsafe it was, an unmated omega scent marked to the brim by an alpha. I was always told it was a bad thing to do, but I never knew why. 

I never thought of why that would be important.

What did I do to her?

My head almost exploded and I pressed my hand against my temple to push against it.

Should I talk to her, or should I leave it?

Ugh, my head hurts.

I turned left to get to my lecture, knowing I had to gnaw on this a little longer before I could find the right timing and talk to Mikoto or Asami.

With my head in the clouds, I steered towards the back of the hall, hoping for a quiet moment to focus. I spotted an empty chair next to someone with a very dull scent, which would be less distracting and more comfortable over all.

As I gestured to the seat, the other students nodded with a smile and I plopped down on it. 

Instinctively, I flared up my nostrils to take in the scent albeit it being dull, until I realised that there wasn’t any.



I opened my book and peered over to him with squinted eyes.

No scent.

“Are you confused as to why I smell like nothing?”, he piped up with a knowing smile and I nodded, curious as to know what was wrong with him.

Scent blockers?

But that would mean he’s an ome-

“Oh”, I mumbled.

“Got it?”, he grinned and extended a hand which I took, “I get that alot, the ‘he’s an omega?’ look. I would prefer my own name though instead. Sugawara Koshi”.

I smiled at his open attitude, “Oikawa Tooru, nice to meet you.”

“Oikawa? Oh, I heard that name before”, he stopped for a moment.

“Do you know a Mikoto?”

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