Wedding Deal – Chapter 03 [Iwaizumi x reader]

header art by @miu_akatsuki on instagram

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Chapter 03:

He followed that gaze and gave me a glare.

“I heard your mother is looking for a suitor, at least many people in our province and the neighboring one were talking about the 3rd Princess finally being able to marry”, I couldn’t help it but my jaw dropped open as I heard for the first time that my mother was looking for a suitor.

He blinked several times as he leaned down and asked me quietly, “didn’t you know?”

I was still dazed not able to reply, what should I have told him in the first place?

That I enjoyed hanging out with my commoner friends that people looked down on while I felt the happiest among them?

That I still wanted to play with my younger siblings and show them our garden when the apple trees grew in some years?

That I actually was afraid of marrying a complete stranger just for diplomacy?

I feel… so angry or is it disappointment?

I didn’t realize that tears dwelled in my eyes before I held them back and took a deep breath ignoring those lingering feelings or rather shoving them off until I was all alone at night.

“I didn’t”, I said with a straight face and I saw that he still looked at me a mix of surprise and impressed without saying a single word and not backing off.

All he did was look at my mother for a long while as he took my hand for another dance and I understood somehow that it was his way of keeping me away from her sight as he led me into the crowd and kept me close to talk.

“Well, as you might have heard I am also looking for someone…”, he started out of nowhere.

“You also don’t look as happy to be looking for a wife, aren’t you”, I muttered my feelings still in the pits as I didn’t realize that my tone towards him changed a bit.

“…”, he didn’t say a word but only silently stared down at me, it kind of made me anxious when he did that as I couldn’t fathom what he was thinking.

“Is it that obvious?”, he rather asked himself before I answered him.

“Well compared to others who are eagerly choosing one woman after another to see if there is the perfect wife among them. And you simply danced half of the evening with someone like me who asked you out of a dire situation. Also there has been the talk that you were shoving marriage off… due to…your mother’s wish you couldn’t deny to marry at this point”, I suddenly stopped and stuttered an apology for my long talk that seemed like I was scolding him.

He just shook his head and nodded his head implying I should dance on which I did with hesitation.

“There is no need to apologize, you weren’t wrong… beside one thing but that is not important at the moment”, he looked around, “I am wondering if that crappy prince was actually searching for a wife but he is gone, did he trick me?”, he grumbled and I furrowed my eyebrows.

I also looked around to see every prince present beside one….

The first prince of Aoba Johsai… Oikawa Tooru is not around, did he mean him with crappy prince?

Then I remembered Chiaki calling him stiff and about to kill and somehow I held my breath as if it probably was him if she was right about that.

“Crappy… prince?”, I asked, wanting to make sure that my friend didn’t insult someone who could probably mean danger.

“Ah forget what I said”, he also stuttered and avoided my gaze while looking around, obviously not finding him.

As I also looked around as well he changed the topic and cleared his throat again.

“So…”, he started and somehow dodged my gaze, “what are you going to do about your mother searching for a suitor behind your back?”

That question caught me off-guard, usually beside Hiyori or Chiaki nobody really asked for my opinion and I almost tripped at the sudden inquiry before he caught me in his arms and stabilized me again, arm around my waist and holding me close while he pretended it was part of the dance.

“That was dangerous, look where you are going, okay?”, he said with a rougher voice and a glare while he blushed a bit, it went just as fast as I could apologize ten times in a row.

“I-It’s fine, you are the one who almost fell, not me…”

“So?”, he inquired again.

Ah… my suitor problem

“There is nothing to do, Sir. If my Mother wants me to marry it’s not a question of what I want . I will simply marry the person she chooses for me”, with a smile I tried to hide the unfairness of it all while I thought how it could make her happy, this little chance that my mother may be satisfied with me at some point at the cost of something much more valuable.

There was nothing I could do in the first place, from clothes to manners all has been decided from the start

He was silently watching me and I felt his grasp becoming tighter around my waist, the beat of my heart becoming slightly irregular for some seconds before I realized he was a bit angered.

“Will you give up that easily?”, he looked more than angry.

“Sir-“, he cut me off.

“Hajime is enough.”

“H-H-Ha- Sir”, I could only bring out and the anger was replaced by irritation.

“Ha-ji-me”, he spelled it for me as if I was a child.

“I-I know, but I just cannot call you that, Sir…”, my mother would kill me.

“Because your mother is watching?”, I looked at him fixing me as I widened my eyes at his response.

“So I was right, your mother is in control of everything you do. Not that I am not a free bird as you mentioned I am here to find a wife on my mother’s behalf as well”, this time he let go of me and nodded signing it was the end of our dance which confused me with it’s sudden change from warm to cold.

“But the thing you were wrong about was dancing with you. It may have been sudden but I wasn’t unhappy about this dance and-“, he looked over to my mother.

“I might have found a solution that would not benefit only my mother”, he looked out of the corner of his eyes as my confused expression seemed to make him smile a bit.

“Do you want to live a free life, Princess Y/N?”

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