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Having more relaxed or isekai anime lately such as Yuru Camp and Otome Hametsu, it is time to go back to Shoujo romance again in which we will meet the spring love of a certain not-by-the-standard male lead.

The anime Ore Monogatari!! also known by the english title My Love Story!! is in a way unique and breaks most stereotypes with it’s way of depicting the usual story of rom coms.

Despite the anime having been aired in 2015, it is still one of a kind and definitely worth a watch even six years later.

With insecurities and a different kind of male lead, let’s see how spring enters the life of young Takeo Gouda who proves that love comes for everyone!

Of course spoiler-free!!


First-year high schooler Takeo Gouda is different from your average highschool boy, with a muscular build and a face which scares men and women alike he never had the opportunity to find love. Worse than that, every time he falls in love with a girl who seems to show interest in him, it ends up that the girl is actually interested in his charismatic and good-looking childhood friend Makoto Sunakawa.

While Takeo slowly starts to give up hope that a girl could ever fall in love with him with his handsome childhood friend by his side, it happens that Takeo saves a girl in the train and protects her from a groper, Sunakawa close by his side.

The girl, Rinko Yamato who seems very interested in him takes a liking to one person who saved her.

As Takeo again gets his hopes up and thinks rationally this time, that it couldn’t be possible that she fell for him he takes the initiative to set her up with Sunakawa immediately ignoring the possibility of his own chances.

But all of a sudden it turns out that Rinko indeed fell in love with the person who is called Gorilla by everyone else, Takeo himself.

Now that Takeo received his first love chance, what will happen with the two of them and how will their love blossom?


Takeo Gouda

Our male lead and childhood friends with the handsome and smart Makoto. Unlike other guys his age, Takeo is built much larger and muscular, having a distinct face that scares many women at first sight, while he gets unwanted attention from guys due to his strength and gorilla-like appearance.

He is very simple and does things as he thinks they are right, being just and caring towards others and even strangers. Helping out whenever he can and being considerate is also the reason he met Rinko and why she fell in love with him.

Makoto always tells him that he is always making him laugh despite that he doesn’t mean to, making him a natural funny guy without trying by his own attitude.

Even though Takeo is considerate, altruistic and kind he is oddly dense when it comes to common things outside of helping others.

Makoto Sunakawa

The handsome and mysterious childhood friend who is simply quiet because he doesn’t care about others or interacting with them besides Takeo.

Despite his looks, Sunakawa cares a lot about his childhood friend and is unlike his outward appearance, very humble.

He is the common sense and intelligence that Takeo lacks in some aspects and also a mediator in one way or another.

Straightforward and bold without caring what the other person might think of him, he easily rejects people around him he doesn’t feel attached to.

For Takeo though he easily sacrifices things and also always watches him silently, wondering what he is up to next.

Takeo is also the only one who can make him laugh.

Rinko Yamato

A petite and delicate girl who is very feminine on the outside. The cute and friendly, but also shy Rinko Yamato was the girl saved by Takeo as someone tried to grope her on the train.

While she is just as dense as Takeo she still falls in love with him and tries her best to convey that message to him.

But after Takeo tried to set her up with Sunakawa she is deeply frustrated and feels rejected. 

Still she won’t back away in order to tell Takeo how she truly feels.


With the trio as the main cast there are several interesting characters that will add to the plot. From siblings, parents, classmates to rivals and more which keep the story interesting and reveal a lot of new information about each character.


Typical for Shoujo anime, the colours are very bright and rosy. 

Perfectly depicting the story of a first love and all it entails.

The opening is very dynamic and cutely arranged with cakes and sweets representing also a bit of Rinko’s sides as well as the characters who appear in them.

Much like in every anime the ending is a bit more melancholic and nostalgic, on the calmer side of things with more blue tones and showing us landscapes as well as the main lead wandering through several phases.

Most of the character designs are pretty and bright, Sunkawa for example having the typical handsome prince design despite that his personality is much different. Rinko is the cute and shy girl who is seen with girly accessories.

The only one who really stands out is Takeo with his much different built and design, almost as if one snatched him from a shounen anime instead, but his personality is unlike his appearance, very kind and mellow which suits to represent a certain go against stereotypical Shoujo lead vibes.


Eguchi Takuya who despite voicing the more gentle-hearted Takeo Gouda is also known for characters such as Hanma (Tokyo Revengers), Julius (Re:Zero) and Hachiman(SNAFU).

Sunakawa Makoto who is much more the opposite of the loud and outgoing Takeo hides behind Shimazaki Nobunaga, sharing similarities to characters he voiced in other anime among them Haruka (Free!!), Eugeo (SAO) and Yuno (Black Clover).

Gentle and cute Rinko Yamato’s voice was lent by none other than Han Megumi, who may seem to have a more shy and soft voice when it comes to Rinko but also voices characters who are more than loud and on the go. Main characters like Gon (Hunter x Hunter), Akko (Little Witch Academia) and the young version of Obito (Naruto Shippuden).

Enoki Junya(Itadori Yuji), Namikawa Daisuke (Oikawa Tooru),Inoue Kikuko(Macrophage) and many more will join the cast later on when several other characters appear throughout the series, each giving their character the matching flair.


My Love Story!! was a series that was on the long-awaited need to watch this list, but with prejudices that it might be just another Shoujo anime it got shoved off for a long time.

After finally watching it, it proved quite the opposite: Just as it had typical Shoujo elements it was far from the usual scenes you see especially because Takeo is different and does not mainly think only about love or how to reach it but is an interesting character all along the series.

It’s interesting to see the love between Rinko and Takeo unfold, as well as the many insecurities both of them have despite that Rinko is well-liked by guys and girls alike and actually doesn’t seem like a person who should worry about a thing in Takeo’s eyes. As well as Rinko thinks much more of Takeo than he sees in himself, weirdly enough only Sunakawa who seems like the supposed love rival is the one who watches Takeo the most and knows his good qualities.

A story that seems like the usual Shoujo with a love triangle, it’s not My Love Story!! That’s for sure because the focus is more on how relationships develop by looking much deeper into a person’s personality and also finding balance between friendship and love is the main focus of this story. 

For those who think this story is based merely on a cutesy first-love, it’s much more because the story also has many unexpected turns and sad parts that brings out the one tear or another, and also makes us think of how we approach people by looks or come to conclusions.

Because Takeo is not your good-looking prince with the smarts, it makes the story much more unpredictable and also refers to topics of how others perceive a relationship that might seem weird for others.

Questions like: Why would she fall for someone like him? 

And many others will pop up, but it’s more worthwhile to see such a story unfold.

If you are looking for a different kind of romance, with heartwarming moments and not stereotypical characters, then you should give this anime a try and see for yourself how spring of love may reach each and every one of us.


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